Recipe 2 of 5 – Kimoreo Ice Creamy

Yes you heard that right, you too can make your own oreo ice cream. It’s so easy anyone can do it. So get to the store, buy these ingredients and let the happy times roll on.
Kimoreo Ice Creamy:Ingredients:

2 L container of vanilla ice cream (cheap is fine)
2 cups of whipped cream prepared (you can use dream whip, cool whip, make from scratch or out of a can)
24 oreos broken into bits
1 tsp vanilla


1. Let ice cream get soft. (but not dripping)

2. Whip up your whipped cream ( I used 2 packages of dream whip with white milk for this one so it’s light)

3. Throw the soft ice cream into the whipping cream bowl and continue mixing. ( I use a stand mixer but hand held works perfectly fine)

4. Add cookies and vanilla and continue mixing until well blended.

5. Pour into a large container and freeze. (I find a 4 L container works for this)

So easy peasy oreo squeezy that’ll you will never buy the actual stuff again. This is lighter and fluffier. You’ll love it. And so easy to make. Enjoy as always and smoochies. xx
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