Trip to Indigo Books scores 3 new cooking magazines for me, exciting recipes ahead for you!!!

So I am not cooking today. It’s the weekend for one reason. Also with the new kitty coming tomorrow I’ll be stuck home kittysitting for a week or two so I’ll be cooking alot I’m sure. We need to protect him from our current cats wraith. They will not be pleased with a newcomer and I fully expect all heck to break loose. It’ll give me time to experiment with some new recipes and make some old faves to share with you.

So we went out for the day and are actually heading back out to the barn. But after we hit a movie (Beastly-very good movie) we strolled over to the bookstore. I picked up 3 new cooking magazines. I have some faves I buy regularly. This time I picked up a new one as well. The food network one. It occurs to me it’s odd that I don’t actually watch the food network. I suppose I should since cooking is a love of mine. If anyone has any suggestions on which shows are good please fill me. Maybe I’ll start watching some. It can balance my love of trash tv. I  mean something has to neutralize all this kardashian/real housewives stuff seeping into my brain. If this helps you with suggestions I don’t care for Rachel Ray. I’ve seen her show once and seen her in interviews and for some reason she irritates the bejesus out of me. No idea why. I do like most of Paula Dean’s recipes but I’ve never actually seen a cooking segment or interview with her. I think she looks like a sweet old lady, Kiana sees her cookbook cover and says she looks scary. Again no idea why.

So things to come this week. How about some tried and true recipes. Momzie’s meatballs in honor of missing my Mom yesterday. Then I’ll give you a dinner roll recipe. I’m thinking pizza might be possible as well. And if I can get away long enough from hugging the new kitty every second of the day, maybe a beef roast. Some new ones I may try this week would be 2 new granola recipes, pulled pork (I rarely eat pork as it aggravates ibs but once in awhile I splurge) and 2 new pasta recipes that look like they’d be worth a go. I will also post my sister’s famous apple muffin recipe…you will fall on the floor when you try these. There looks like there’s some good winter fruit salad recipes in one mag that I may try as well. So stay tuned and keep checking in. Smoochies to all.

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  1. Amy says

    I love Good Eat's by Alton Brown on the Food Network. He's pretty goofy, and not only teaches you how to cook but he goes into the science of cooking.

  2. Kim Bee says

    I will check him out. If he's funny I am in. And I like the science bit. That would be very interesting since I like experimenting.

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