Mom’s Cookie Cake

Hi folks. Just a quick post and recipe. Been pretty busy lately so haven’t been posting much. Will be making the transition over to barbecue recipes, cold salads, sandwiches and no bake desserts soon. Summer weather has hit Essex in a big bad way. Super muggy and hot right now. So the thought of turning on the oven does not appeal to me. Way too warm to do that. I’ll still bake on cool days or late at night occasionally. But expect a huge shift in the type of recipes that I will be posting over the next few months. We usually are scorching hot for about 3 months. I’m going to try to get up a brownie recipe I use  frequently as well as a pecan pie recipe before it gets any hotter. So check back for those.

I did an old favourite this weekend. My Mom used to make this for us kids. So I now make it for mine. I believe the recipe is right on the box of cookies and it may be on the Kraft Kitchen site as well. It’s super easy to make. Two ingredients and takes maybe 10 minutes to prep. It does take awhile to set though. So know that going in to it. This is something I usually make the night before so it has time to soften. I made it in the morning this time and it was not quite soft enough for my liking. Now today it should be perfect. The little that is left of it as we all love it. Kiana goes gaga over this one. So here it is. Credit should go out to the M Christie company since the recipe is probably theirs. Enjoy!

Mom’s Cookie Cake:


1 package of M Christie thin wafer chocolate cookies
2 packages of Cool Whip(you only need about 1 and 1/2)


Take cool whip and place a thin layer on bottom of plate so cookies have a base to set on as you stack everything.

Start by spreading cool whip on the cookies and sandwich it together like an oreo cookie. Do about 3 together then you can place the cookies on the plate. Then start spreading cool whip on each cookie and stacking it sideways on the plate. I do two rows but you could half this recipe and just do one. That is how my Mom used to do it. I find bigger better with two kids.

So keep spreading and pushing cookies into each other on the plate until it looks like below.

Then just add cool whip to top and sides and smooth with a knife. I made peaks on top of mine for fun this time but usually I just leave it simple.

Put in fridge overnight so the cool whip softens the cookie and it becomes like cake.

Cut and serve.

Enjoy a slice!

Like I said it’s super easy to make and it’s really yummy. Two ingredients, I mean how simple can you get. I hope you enjoy this and feel free to dress it up with sprinkles or food colouring or anything you like. Toodles.

Photos missing due to a G+ incident. They will be replace soon. 

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