Kiana’s Graduation and Dinner Out

Hey folks. So last night was a major milestone for the family. For a few reasons.1- My daughter Kiana has graduated from high school. Yup, she's all grown up now. Was a lovely but long service. And yes she wore a dress to make Mom happy. Odd that Mom did not wear a dress. I think she might have been a bit miffed about that. So she's working over the summer. She works at a local pizza joint. She also has her own equine massage therapy business. So hopefully she is super busy over the summer. In … [Read more...]

Hubby cooked last night *gasp* and Kiana’s Grad Tonight

Hi folks. This is just a quick post. We have my daughter's high school graduation tonight so I won't be cooking or posting anything later. Unless I decide to bake at midnight, which normally is entirely plausible. Not so much tonight since I have her friends coming tomorrow for her party and I am so NOT prepared. Think it's going to be a long few days. They are spending the night tomorrow then here all day friday. Should be fun but exhausting.So I am off to pick up shoes she never got but needs … [Read more...]

Simple Spaghetti Sauce

So I was not feeling well yesterday and as you know I did not feeling like cooking. This for me means not doing 12 different things and cutting back to 2. I made cookies which I already posted. Then I made a simple spaghetti sauce. It's all I could muster up. I was going to make fresh dough for the first time with my shiny new to me pasta attachment for my kitchen aid mixer. But let's be honest I felt like crud so it wasn't happening. I did not like the noodles. We have been buying fresh for a … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chewies

Okay so this is a quickie post. Suppose to making din-din. I get side tracked way too easy. I was going to make granita until I realized I needed a food processor which I do not have. Think I need to get one ASAP.  So many recipes that require one or are made easier by one. Anyhow back to the recipe. This was a quick one. I have a headache and allergy issues today so I am grumpy and not in the mood to cook. Which is rare for me. Yet how many people can say they don't feel like cooking but still … [Read more...]

BBQ Dinner and Roasted Garlic, Looks Gross but Oh So Good!

Well hello again folks. I just did a quick dinner tonight. Nothing too fancy. Was a bit complicated though as my daughter asked me to make onion rings but I was bbq-ing. So meant a bit of running in and out the door. Our house is not set up to bbq easily. We have a small deck off my daughter's room but I don't use it for the grilling. It's too small and I like it to be her space. Plus I'd be walking through her room and heating it up opening and shutting the door. Not good for her little … [Read more...]

Steak and Baby Bok Choy, Chard and Peppers- Fab Lunch!

I had some great veggies from the market I went to the other day. Needed to get the baby bok choy and coloured swiss chard used today. So I did a warm salad with it. Turned out great. This is something I would make again. Hope you enjoy and try making it. Steak with Baby Bok Choy, Chard and Peppers: Ingredients: 2 bunches of baby bok choy, washed and cut in half if large pieces 1 bunch coloured swiss chard, cut up 1/2 orange pepper, cut into strips 1/2 red pepper, cut into … [Read more...]

Honey and Almond Cake

Me oh my, this cake is really lovely. I am quite happy with this one. First time making it but will not be my last. I found this while flipping through my fave cookbook. I adore my "frame>by>frame baking" cookbook. It is the coolest one I've ever seen. They show the ingredients and all the instructions in pictures. So unique and for someone as visual as I am this is a genius idea. If you have not seen this cookbook you should check it out. Totally worth buying this one. Of course I got it … [Read more...]

Fried Chicken a la Kim

Howdy there readers. Hope everyone is doing great this weekend. It's a lovely weekend here in Ontario. Nice and cool but the sun was shining most of the day. I have my windows wide open with the breeze blowing in. Perfect weather for cooking and baking. It's really unusual to be this cool here in June. Trust me though, I'm not complaining. I figure I am going to enjoy every minute of it as I know it will come to a grinding halt soon enough. Our summers are usually humid as well as hot. So a … [Read more...]

Easiest Lunch Ever!!!

In a rush but thought I'd pop this on here. We wanted pastrami for lunch but did not want to do the usual sandwich. So I just changed up the bread and voila....yummilicious!We do ours super plain as mini-me is picky. So am I in fact. When it comes to pastrami or smoked meat I just like the meat and some mustard. I don't want veggies or sauces messing up the taste of the meat. So this is the easiest lunch sandwich you will ever make short of buying one.I used ciabatti buns we found at the market … [Read more...]

Quick post about how much I love remark farms!!!

I will post some recipes tonight. But I just got in after a day of errands, hair appointments, shopping for shoes for grad and hitting the mall with a 17 year old. I am whooped. So I still need to cook,  which means no recipes yet. Somehow I felt compelled to come on and tell you how happy the market in the city makes me. I live in a small town with two super crappy grocery stores. They do not sell anything special or out of the ordinary. It makes me so sad. So on our way to the mall we drove by … [Read more...]

Alert the Media!

Alert the media! Seriously! Kim did not cook or bake today. I know, I know, this is shocking. You are all worried beyond belief. But fear not dear followers I am alive and well. All in one piece. Not in a cuckoo nest anywhere, not off my rocker and certainly not in a padded cell anywhere. Just busy today. It happens. Not alot, but it happens.Will update you tomorrow on the tales of graduation dress shopping, my daughter going to a boys house (she is 17,eventually it was going to happen) and me … [Read more...]

Skillet Lasagna and Devil’s Food Red Velvet Cupcakes

Ah...another day, another cupcake recipe. Another red velvet cupcake recipe to boot. The search for the elusive perfect red velvet cupcake continues. The cupcake portion of this recipe I really liked but it fell short on the red colour I'm looking for once again. The taste was bang on though. Well except the frosting. I made the mistake of using cream cheese frosting and we're not huge fans. I forgot that until we all started sampling them and made that "blah" face. Bad Mommy award goes to the … [Read more...]

Stuffed Bell Peppers

It's late, I'm tired so shockingly (yes I know I can go on and on and on...) this will be short and sweet. Did stuffed peppers for the first time and who knew they were so good. I took some inspiration from "the joy of cooking" since I had no idea what to put in them. Then I, as per usual, deviated from the recipe a bit. Here's the result, they were delish! Stuffed Bell Peppers: Ingredients: 6 Bell Peppers 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef 1/2 Red Onion, diced 2 tablespoons beef … [Read more...]

Baguettes Abound! Simple Steak Sandwiches and Prosciutto Pizza

There is nothing my daughter loves more than a french baguette. I have to admit I cheat and buy them. I have not attempted to make them yet. I need a baguette pan. Honestly I need so many things for my kitchen. Lack of dough and hubby going back to school has tightened the budget so gadget buying was out of the question the last couple of years. Soon we will be able to start living a more normal life and I can walk into a cooking store or chef supply store and NOT end up in a ball crying because … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Dinner and Memories of Dad

So Father's Day has come and gone. Ours was the usual busy day. Our daughter had soccer this morning. She plays on a ladies league. After a 2 year absence due to a torn Achilles she's finally able to play again. Not competitively like she used to yet. My hubby usually works Sunday mornings but he was off this week so he actually took her . Which was nice for them since he loves soccer and they don't get much one on one time these days. The bonus for me was getting to go back to bed. Which sounds … [Read more...]

A little note for my followers

Hey guys and gals. I am trying to figure out how to work blogger and get my blog set up the way I really want it. I have been blogging for  a few months but was terrified to change or play around with it until now. My son was gracious enough to help me get started setting up tabs. So please ignore my insanity and empty posts until I get things sorted out. Should hopefully have things well in hand by tomorrow. Should be lots of fun stories and snippets of my life posting soon. Maybe even … [Read more...]

S’mores Brownies

Okay so this was inspired by all the s'mores posts I've seen. There are pancakes and ice cream posts that made me drool today. So I decided to try my own spin on s'mores. Hopefully you like it. I sure did. I have to admit it's messy to make. I think if I did it again I would use marshmallow fluff instead of actual marshmallows. I did not have fluff on hand though so I just went with an idea and rode it out until the end. The end result- yum! S'mores Brownies: Ingredients for crust: 1 … [Read more...]

BBQ Sausage, Garlicky Potatoes and Grilled Peppers

So I did BBQ yesterday, but if you noticed I did not post. I have a great excuse I promise you! I took photos and forgot to put the flash on. Yup, I am such a professional. Stellar prep and photo skills. I would like to blame the fact that I was really, really hungry. Yet it was the one day this week I ate lunch so there was really no excuse to be so hungry I forgot to set the camera up right. So let's blame the fact that I have insomnia and that just has to be the reason I didn't notice the … [Read more...]


I haven't cooked or baked in a couple days. I know, I know....this is shocking news for the likes of me. I promise to be back to my normal self tomorrow. Sometimes life gets busy. When the going gets tough, the tough order out. Stay tuned for more recipes. Coming soon to a blog near you.In other news I've gone from being a quiet blogger who kept to herself to a very active blogger who is reaching out to the food blog community. I have joined food buzz(awaiting final confirmation), the foodie … [Read more...]

Cherry Almond Macaroon Pie

Cherry Almond Macaroon Pie | This recipe is filled with flavour. The pie crust is filled with cherry pie filling, then topped with almonds and coconut. It's the perfect bite every time!

This recipe is filled with flavour. The pie crust is filled with cherry pie filling, then topped with almonds and coconut. It's the perfect bite every time!  This lovely recipe was the bomb. I mean this little pie rocked my world. It's easy to make, it's delish, and it has cherry and coconut in it, which in my book is like heaven. I had eyed this recipe awhile back. I stumbled upon it on a food site. So kudos and acknowledgement go to the Pillsbury site for their recipe for Almond … [Read more...]