Alert the Media!

Alert the media! Seriously! Kim did not cook or bake today. I know, I know, this is shocking. You are all worried beyond belief. But fear not dear followers I am alive and well. All in one piece. Not in a cuckoo nest anywhere, not off my rocker and certainly not in a padded cell anywhere. Just busy today. It happens. Not alot, but it happens.

Will update you tomorrow on the tales of graduation dress shopping, my daughter going to a boys house (she is 17,eventually it was going to happen) and me on the roller coaster ride that has been up and down and spinning all day long. So look for updates and hopefully some giggles tomorrow. I have a really important appointment in the morning though so you will have to be patient. I mean it is super important, cannot be put off, it is uber super duper  important. You know a lunatic must have nice hair to blog without pictures of herself. This is of the utmost importance. I have this overwhelming desire to say:

I am just a girl…..standing in front of my bloggers…..asking them to love me!

Okay so who does not love notting hill. I could not help myself.

So dear folks I am off for my whole 5 hours of sleep. Tomorrow will mark the last day of my daughter going to high school. She writes her last exam tomorrow, then she meets me to get her hair done (so we like nice hair here at the Bee household, who does not).  My last day of getting up and banging into walls trying to get her up. Ah, a summer of sleep ins, laziness and visiting the horse. Who am I kidding, it will be me getting up to get them all off to work starting at various times. Naps Kim, just keep thinking about your naps. This will get your through. Or I could just go to bed early. *falls down from laughing so hard*

Toodles and smoochies to all! xx

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  1. Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez says

    I am so happy for you getting the dress for graduation taken care of. Wish I could some along for the hair 😉

  2. Kim Bee says

    Thanks Rita. We got 2 dresses today. Tomorrow we get a camisole and shoes. Also our hair cut and mine coloured. Then grad is wednesday night. I do not know what I am wearing but she is

  3. Amy says

    Have a fun day, lady! I can't wait to see a pic of the new 'do! I always love coming back from the salon…but am always disappointed when I try to re-create the style on my own…or am too lazy to break out the flat iron.
    Gosh…I can't believe K is done with HS! Congrats to her :)

  4. Kim Bee says

    Hey Amy, unsure if I like the new do. I had her do darker lowlights and I think she did them a bit too dark. I also cut bangs and they are already sending me over the edge. I had to pin them to the side to see while I drove home. Rofl.I love my flat iron. I also love big loose curls lately, kind of a la housewives of beverly hills style.

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