Baguettes Abound! Simple Steak Sandwiches and Prosciutto Pizza

There is nothing my daughter loves more than a french baguette. I have to admit I cheat and buy them. I have not attempted to make them yet. I need a baguette pan. Honestly I need so many things for my kitchen. Lack of dough and hubby going back to school has tightened the budget so gadget buying was out of the question the last couple of years. Soon we will be able to start living a more normal life and I can walk into a cooking store or chef supply store and NOT end up in a ball crying because I can’t buy anything. Ah, the long 2 years of hell are coming to an end. Praise the cooking gods. There’s a chef store about 20 minutes from here I have never been in and am just on pins and needles awaiting the day I have some money in my pocket to make a little dent in my list of wants. Okay, wait, what was I talking about? Oh…french baguettes. Sorry about that. Got lost in the moment daydreaming about the elusive shopping trip I am dying to make. *cries a little*

Okay so back to the bread. I buy this long yummy smelling wonders of the world often. I have a few recipes I do with them.
Yeppers…WAY too much food. I made the steak sandwiches for myself, my son and my hubby. Then I did pizza for my daughter since she doesn’t like the steak version. So since she won’t eat an entire plain baguette pizza by herself I also decided to make another version I’d been wanting to try. I had some prosciutto in the fridge so thought I’d experiment. May I just say OMG!!! This prosciutto version trumps everything else so far baguette pizza wise. So good and so easy.
Hope you enjoy these recipes. I sure had fun eating, er I mean, making them.
Simple Steak French Baguette Sandwich:
1 french baguette
Steak, one medium sized one should do it. Unless you want it really meaty. Then go big or go home!
Romaine lettuce
Barbecue sauce, I used Bulls Eye Guinness- this is to taste. Use a little, use alot. Whatever you prefer.
1 1/2 cups of Mozzarella cheese, grated – I used that new pizza version of this. SO good!
1/2 cup of Asiago cheese, grated
I had leftover steak from the previous night’s BBQ so I just cut it up,
Then I sauteed it in a little olive oil to heat it up. Set aside.
If you don’t have leftovers just cook up whatever cut of steak you like in a pan.
Cut your baguette in half. Lay on a rectangular cookie sheet.
Place lettuce on one side only.
Lay cooked steak over lettuce.
Pour barbecue sauce over steak.
Add mozzarella cheese.
Add asiago cheese.
Place top of baguette on.
Place it in a preheated 375 degree oven and cook for about 8 to 10 minutes.
Remove. Cut and serve.
 Simple, easy to make and will make you go back for seconds…thirds…sometimes fourths.
French Baguette Prosciutto Pizza:
1 french baguette
1 cup pizza sauce
1 cup Parmesan, either fresh grated or jar
1 1/2 cups mozzarella cheese, I used the new pizza version
8-10 slices of prosciutto
Cut baguette in half and lay on a cookie sheet cut side up.
Spoon on pizza sauce.
Generously sprinkle on Parmesan cheese.
Generously lay on mozzarella cheese.
Lay slices of prosciutto over top.
Place in a preheated 400-425 degree oven for 8-10 minutes.
Remove, cut and serve.
This is so easy to make and I am telling you it’s delicious beyond belief. I was so impressed with the prosciutto I am now hooked on these. I may need an intervention. I’m already craving it again.
I sure hope you try out these recipes. If you do stop by to let me know what you thought of them. Always happy to hear from readers. Have a great day and be sure to check back later. I’m craving cupcakes. MMM! Toodles! xx
Photos missing due to a G+ incident. They will be replace soon. 

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  1. claudia lamascolo says

    This is so tempting I just ate and now hungry again after looking at this perfect sandwich! love that baguette!

  2. elisabeth@foodandthriftfinds says

    I remember years ago when Stouffer's French bred pizza was so popular, everybody was stocking up on them in their freezer. I have made a quick pizza bread occasionally with the baguette…now you have given my new tips what to make with them. Love all the versions of them, especially the prosciutto and cheese…Yumm!
    Thanks for sharing:D

  3. Kim Bee says

    Thanks for stopping in Elisabeth. My daughter loves these so much. She is a picky eater so it's my go to food if I know I am doing a meat she won't eat. I just saw your eclair cake and almost passed out. My goodness that looks delish!

  4. Lizzy says

    Oh, man, how could one decide between these winners???? I think I'd have to start with the prosciutto pizza…it looks incredible!

  5. Amy says

    These look amazing! I definitely need to try the prosciutto one. Again, I wish you were my mom. I would have a happy belly.

    The changes to the site look great! And congrats on the increase in followers 😀

  6. Kim Bee says

    Thanks Lizzy. I was just over checking your blog out. It's really wonderful.

    Lol Amy, you could always be my daughter in law. *giggles and hopes Nate gets my sense of humour*
    I am trying to figure out this blogging stuff. I'm not super computer savvy so it's a challenge. I want a pic on my banner next but no idea how to do

  7. Erin says

    This looks wonderful! I love baguettes! You have great ideas for using them. I can't walk into a kitchen store without finding many things I want. And now that I started blogging, the list is even longer!

  8. Kim Bee says

    Thanks so much Erin. My daughter loves them so we buy them often. Next step is a baguette pan so I can learn to make my own.

    It's funny you say that about the store. I am just spinning with ideas. I have a list going of things I want when hubby gets back to work. I've started making notes.

    I find deciding on what to make hard now too. I have so many things I want to make or try. Again I've started making lists. But I'm spinning for tonight as I am making fried chicken but I have peppers I want to use, and bok choy I'm trying to hold off until tomorrow for. I have two recipes I am making that have to rest, one for a week and one for 2 months. But I wanna share

  9. Emily @ Life on Food says

    Julia Childs has a really simple Baguette recipe and you definitely do not need a special pan. I am sure you can whip a great one up in no time. Give it a try!

  10. Kim Bee says

    @ Emily: My sis does them without the pan. Think I'll try them on a cook day. But I still want the pan. I love toys. lol

    @ Happy When Not Hungry: Thanks so much. I think he'll love them. I tend to eat like a guy, I'm not a salad girl. So I can honestly say guys would love these.

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