Hubby cooked last night *gasp* and Kiana’s Grad Tonight

Hi folks. This is just a quick post. We have my daughter’s high school graduation tonight so I won’t be cooking or posting anything later. Unless I decide to bake at midnight, which normally is entirely plausible. Not so much tonight since I have her friends coming tomorrow for her party and I am so NOT prepared. Think it’s going to be a long few days. They are spending the night tomorrow then here all day friday. Should be fun but exhausting.So I am off to pick up shoes she never got but needs for tonight. Then home to get ready. Have to be there super early. Should be fun. Both my kids are out of high school now. I have done what I set out to do. I always said I wanted to be an at home Mom until they were done high school. Well tonight it is official. So it’s graduation for both of us tonight. Hopefully I maintain my composure.

So still feeling yucky. It’s allergy related I think. Headaches like crazy. Still waiting for specialist to call. I felt horrible after we returned from the barn yesterday. Pounding headache, pressure, and sneezing like crazy. So hubby cooked. I love cooking so much no one else gets much of a chance to do it. Think this was his first go on the new grill. Here’s dinner:

Yup, hamburgers and Lipton’s sidekicks. It was simple, good and I got to sit on the couch for once. So kudos to hubby for firing up the grill.

Okay folks I am off. C`ya all tomorrow. Toodles and smoochies. xx

Photos missing due to a G+ incident. Will be restored soon!

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  1. Kim Bee says

    Thanks Kate. Very proud Mom today. And I have to say hubby did okay last night cooking. Was happy to have a night off.

    Thanks Mikaela. Super proud, had a lovely night.

  2. Shumaila says

    Congrats on your daughter's graduation! And lucky you, getting hubby to cook! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Kim Bee says

    Thanks Shumaila. Feeling lucky the last couple of days. Enjoy your weekend too. And kudos to you for doing the baklava, there's no way I could have pulled off phyllo.

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