Kiana’s Graduation and Dinner Out

Hey folks. So last night was a major milestone for the family. For a few reasons.

1- My daughter Kiana has graduated from high school. Yup, she’s all grown up now. Was a lovely but long service. And yes she wore a dress to make Mom happy. Odd that Mom did not wear a dress. I think she might have been a bit miffed about that. So she’s working over the summer. She works at a local pizza joint. She also has her own equine massage therapy business. So hopefully she is super busy over the summer. In the fall she is starting university, she’s going locally for a year until we see what happens with my hubby and whether we’ll need to relocate. She wanted to go away so we’ve compromised for one year while life settles back to normal financially. I’m assuming she’s off to Toronto or B.C. the following year. So it was a good night. So happy to see her graduate and not only graduate but earn her french immersion certificate. Should open lots of doors for her in the future. She’s done it through grade and high school. But has decided not to continue french in uni. She said she may try her hand at other languages though. So helpful to speak multiple languages these days. So hoorah for Kiana! A job well done.

2- I have officially finished what I set out to do. I always said I wanted to be home with my kids until they were out of high school. I managed to realize that goal last night. It has not always been easy. I’ve had people say it’s a luxury to be home with your kids. I don’t think it’s a luxury, it’s a sacrifice and a huge one at that. But in the end for me it was so worth it. For us it meant not buying our first home until we were in our 40’s. It meant not going on vacations all the time. Not having fancy cars or a big house. But to me none of those things were important. To me being home was so important. First because it’s what I wanted to do. And secondly due to my daughter having health issues it was best for her for a long time. 13 years of doctors and hospital visits 2 hours from home meant me working would have been impossible. She missed alot of school during that time. She got better only to pull her achilles a year later. It was so bad she missed about half a year of school the one year. The injury lasted 2 years, meant physio and cortisone injections, countless doc visits and medications to control the pain. 12 weeks of fracture boots, 6 weeks on each leg. So me being home for her was important. I am so glad I was able to do it. For her and for my son. It was worth every sacrifice we made over the years. Don’t get me wrong, there are alot of women who have to work, single mothers have the hardest job of all. Finding that balance must be tough. I am lucky that my hubby could work enough to cover our expenses. Up until he lost his job 3 years ago we managed quite well. But the last 2 years with him back in school and a super limited income has been seriously rough on all of us. But I am so glad I stuck to what I wanted to do and we muddled through. Had I been forced to give up that goal so close to the end I would have been so disappointed. If I had to work I would have, I’m lucky we were able to manage life without that extra income. So I am pretty happy to have realized my goal and after 23 years of being home with my kids my job is kind of done. Now on to the next phase of life. For me I am hoping that is going back to school myself. Hopefully in the fall but it’s all contingent on money. Like most things in life.

3- We got to go out for dinner. We do this very rarely due to limited cash flow. Usually we order in once a week. But for the 4 of us to go out to a restaurant is a rare thing. The last time was Mother’s Day. The time before that would have been my birthday back in january.  Kiana picked Pizza Hut, her fave place to go. We ordered bread sticks for an appetizer. Then we got a pepperoni pan pizza and a Hawaiian thin crust pizza. Spectacular if I must say. Never disappointed in the Hut. Had a killer tummy ache after but that’s just my ibs. Get it any time I eat out or order in. The joys of tummy issues. We had a fun time and enjoyed ourselves. Drank alot of pop. So if I had to rate Pizza Hut I’d give them two thumbs up. Great pizza, great service and leftovers to boot.

So there you have it. Our night in a nutshell. Tonight we have a bunch of Kiana’s friends coming for a grad party. Just a handful of kids who don’t mind a low key, no alcohol party. Should be fun. They are here for 24 hours though, not sure what I was thinking. I have the boys sleeping out in tents and the girls staying in the basement. Needless to say I will be up all night on patrol. LOL! So I am off to get supplies as my cupboards are bare. Need a bathing suit for Kiana

As always thanks for reading. It’s nice to know people are reading this and my time is well spent. You all have been so nice. Between comments here, on foodbuzz, twitter and my inbox I am bursting with feeling the love. I appreciate it more than you know. So toodles and smoochies till next time! xx

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  1. Amy says = my alma mater. Loved it there!

    Congratulations to Kiana, and congratulations to you, too Kim! When I have kids, I would love to stay home with them but having been unemployed this past year…unless Nate gets a better job by the time that happens, it would be very tough. So Kudos to you!!

  2. Kim Bee says

    Oh Amy it is so hard to be home with one income in today's world. I think it gets harder and harder for Mom's to do it every year. I hope you can but don't sweat it if you can't. Most of their friends had two working parents and they all turned out great. I think the most important thing is make the most of the time you're with them.

    Thanks Corrine. I love being a Mom. Wish I could have had 6 kids but wasn't in the cards for us.

  3. Lizzy says

    I'm just giggling at the name of your blog…LOVE it…and feel like it could be my blog's name, too :)

    Congrats to your daughter!!!

  4. Kim Bee says

    @ Lizzy- Thanks. Pretty proud of her. The name just fit. Nothing is ever normal here. Lol!

    @ Jessica- Thanks. I'll be a bit more active by tomorrow. Between grad and grad party I have barely been on. Gonna pop by your again once things chill out here. Still half the kids here from the party last night. lol

  5. The Shiksa in the Kitchen says

    Congrats Kiana! I think it's great you were able to be home with your kids, kudos to you! :)

  6. Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez says

    I am so glad you have been able to give your kids the gift of your time, and yourself the gift of that time as well. You rock as a mom, and a friend <3

  7. Kim Bee says

    Aw thanks Rita, you made me blush and almost cry. Which is something cuz I never cry. I think whether us Mommys work or stay home that the best thing we can give our kids is quality time. I tried so hard to be a good Mom. I`m sure I failed sometimes but as long as I succeeded more than I failed I am content.

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