Quick post about how much I love remark farms!!!

I will post some recipes tonight. But I just got in after a day of errands, hair appointments, shopping for shoes for grad and hitting the mall with a 17 year old. I am whooped. So I still need to cook,  which means no recipes yet. Somehow I felt compelled to come on and tell you how happy the market in the city makes me. I live in a small town with two super crappy grocery stores. They do not sell anything special or out of the ordinary. It makes me so sad. So on our way to the mall we drove by a place called Remark Farms. It is a more high end specialty store. They have such great stuff.  My daughter was going to sit in the car and read while I shopped yet somehow I convinced her to come in. She is now as in love with this place as I am. I bought elephant garlic, jumbo garlic, coloured swiss chard, cippoline onions, sweet onions, baby bok choy, leeks, raspberries, gala apples, ciabiatta buns, fresh artisan type bread and this really cool drizzling oil I am dying to try in roasted garlic and shallot flavour. I am grinning from ear to ear at all my gorgeous high quality finds. Stuff I cannot get here in town. The bonus is I have now converted my daughter to a Remark lover so maybe this will inspire her to open up her taste buds a bit. She declared we are now going there once a week to look around. So we made a deal to go in every week and get fun stuff and I am going to slowly increase my oil and balsamic vinegars over the summer. I will buy one a week (too expensive to do it all at once) and try a new recipe with my buys. So I think Fridays are going to become themed, perhaps Farm Fresh Fridays or something. Next time I will also see if I can snap a couple of photos for the blog while there. For now here is what I came home with.

I am a happy girl today! Could have bought shoes with my limited budget but I think this stuff is much better than shoes!

Toodles and smoochies to all! xx

Photos missing due to a G+ incident. Will be restored soon!

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