Farm Fresh Friday- A day late and dollar or ten or twenty short!

Hi folks. Sorry for my absence. I took a mental health day yesterday. I mean I am mental so seems about right I think. I just needed a break. I had a bad day Thursday. And thanks to a very nice reply email from Chef Dennis I am feeling much better. I was feeling a bit out of sorts. Finding your place in the blogosphere can be tough. Some days it feels like a high school cafeteria and you’re just waiting for the cool girls to ask you to sit with them. I was just struggling with some things. Chef Dennis being the sweet man that he is reminded why I am doing this. I do it for myself first, I love to write and I love to cook so this combines those things for me. It gives me a place to talk endlessly about cooking to people who share my passion. Not my family and friends who stare at me with blank expressions as I discuss at length how different oils can boost a dish and how some can’t be heated but are best on salads.  Honestly they look at  me like I am from Mars or something. So this gives me the voice I long for and has brought me some fantastic new foodie friends who don’t shake their heads at you when you can’t sleep and make clafouti at 2 am. You guys get me. And in a world where most people don’t I find a place I fit. High school caf be damned, I’m sitting at your table whether you want me or not. Take that cool girls!!!Part of the downer mood this last couple of day has been brought on by me actually looking at my followers in comparison to how many I follow personally. It was a shock and really threw me for a loop. I follow so many, yet only about 25% follow me. I had no idea. So for one thing I am cutting my list. Not that I care who follows and who doesn’t, don’t get me wrong. Some of the big dog blogs are not going to follow little old me, I am a pup for pete’s sake. I get that aspect of it. I will still follow all the ones I love regardless. But what I’ve discovered is a lot of blogs who do giveaways and promotions follow you then drop you the second you are not paying attention. They need to draw people in I suppose so they can get sponsorship is what my guess is. I love some of those blogs, but I don’t think I need to follow so many of them. So over the next few days I need to clean out my google reader and keep the blogs I love, get rid of the ones who just try to spam you for their own gain. Again don’t get me wrong I love some of these gals that do these types of blogs. I love the Mommy blogging community too. I just am feeling really taken advantage of when I learn that so many, and we’re talking in the hundreds do the old follow and ditch routine. So adios to the people who don’t understand that blogging is a community. We become friends and share our lives with each other. Those are the kinds of blogs I want and will follow, and promote. I need to refocus and go back to doing this the way I love doing it.  Connecting with foodies and sharing our passion for all things food related, with a little of our lives tossed in for garnish.

I’ve also doing some thinking on food blog sites. I have dropped one off the list and might drop one or two more. I don’t want to spread myself so thin I stop commenting on fellow foodie’s blogs. So I am just going to shift some things around to free up time. Keep the things I love like Tasty Kitchen and Food Buzz and Kitchenartistry, get rid of those I don’t utilize enough anyway. Hopefully by doing this I can get back to doing what I love which is cooking and a re-invigorated love of photography. My Dad was quite the amateur photographer so he must be up there proud of me for diving into this again. If only I had not have been a complete doofus and thrown away his photo lights…what on earth was wrong with me. I just priced out new ones and his home made jobbies were probably twice as good ( he was an electrician so they were safe,lol) as anything I could buy. Damn grief makes you do such stupid things.

So after a very long winded speech, the moral of the story is threefold-

1- Thank you Chef Dennis for making me think about why I do this.
2- I will not be foolish in my follow habits any more.
3- Tell shorter stories.

So I went to Remark Farms with Kiana yesterday. It was a quick trip as I was told at the last minute I needed to pick hubs up at work, Bray is not a good message passer. Good message taker, not a good message giver. Thank goodness he’s cute and we keep him around for grocery runs. *giggle* So we went in and guess what folks??? I did not buy any oils or vinegars this week. I had limited time and I like to take all day picking those out. So I just got things we needed, fruits and veggies. And some fish. They have some lovely local and flown in fish there. I trust their fish so I picked up cod as Kiana wants to try it battered and fried. Kianacamo gear next time I hit the mall, a cool hat, totally excited about the hat*

So on to the goods. I hear a collective sigh from my readers. Seriously people you did not expect me to just get right to it did you? Okay, okay here you go.

Photos missing due to a G+ incident. Will be restored soon!

So that’s it, no fancy oils or sauces to make you jealous with this week. I am sure there will be next week though so never fear. My aim is to make you hungry. If you leave here thinking about anything but food I have not done my job. Unless you’re thinking about how awesome I am then that’s okay. Perfectly acceptable and understandable considering my awesomeness!

Check back shortly. Putting some popsicles together in a separate post. Also my daring cook challenge has to be in it’s own post so that is going up as well. So from no posts to an over-abundance of posts. Yup, that’s more like the Lunatic. Overcook, overfeed, overshare. Life is good.

Toodles and smoochies everyone! Hope you are having a awesome weekend *giggles* ! x

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  1. Dzoli says

    I was on our local farmers Market.I enjoy taht so mcuh.My vilalge is samll but on a big acrege,so thsi gives me opportunity to meet others and talk ,try and buy some awasome products.I see you were succesfull too:)

  2. Kim Bee says

    Ours is an indoor year round market, although I hear there is a farmer's market/fish market in the city downtown somewhere. Hoping to check it out. I can also drive 10 to 15 minutes in any directions and it's fruit stand country. Might do that tomorrow. Get some corn, maybe some berries. It's nice to get out and gab with fellow foodies.

  3. Amy says

    I love your farmer market! We have a few but we never really fully utilize them…Nate will usually buy lobster, I will sometimes get bread (and be outraged by how much they want for it. See, I have an Italian bakery a few streets over from my parent's house and get fresh loaves of yummy bread for under $2), but we never really take advantage of the veggies and fruit. Here, it seems like the farmer markets are more expensive than the grocery store…and so we usually wind up going to our grocery store. which is awful, and doesn't support our local farmers at all.

    I agree with Chef Dennis. You're doing this for yourself :) Don't worry about how many people are following you. Half the people I follow don't follow me, and I admit some of them I followed because of a giveaway in the first place. :) Cheer up *big hugs and smooches*

  4. Kim Bee says

    Amy- Ours is like you are talking about too Amy. While they call it a market it's more of a small high end grocery store. But stores here have a tiered system for fruits and veggies. This place gets first pick and the really good quality stuff but the customer pays more. Then there are a few more in the middle tier that get the level of stuff below. Then the grocery stores get the lower end stuff. I have a friend who owns a middle store so she was explaining it to me. The fruit is fresher and bigger at this place. So they charge a premium. But then I don't worry about it going bad. I still buy stuff that doesn't matter at the local grocery store. But the stuff I want to be really good I buy here. But it's a year round store. There is suppose to be a farmers market in the city so I am scoping it out for next week. Plus we are 15 minutes from Leamington which is the tomato and veggie capital of Canada. That's where heinz ketchup gets made. It's by Point Pelee so the dirt is packed with nutrients from the point. There are stands everywhere. I might zip out today or tomorrow.

    I got sidetracked from my goals. I am so over it. Back to doing it the way I want to do it.

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