Give a girl a good camera and this is what happens: I stole my bro’s Rebel while he’s visiting edition!

Hi folks. Hope you are enjoying your day today. Those of you who are regular readers know my brother is visiting from Nova Scotia for a few days. He’s down to see his kids and one is travelling back with him to stay for a few weeks. Then Scott is coming back again and hopefully bringing his gal, Donna who I adore. So we are enjoying our very quick visit and spending some time together. 

The added bonus of Scott’s visit is he has a Rebel camera. The one I covet actually. He doesn’t have the macro lens but he does have the telephoto lens. So I have to admit I have hijacked his camera during his stay. I’d like to say I asked nicely and was sweet about it. But let’s be honest, you know me now, I pretty much just snatched it and ran away with it. So yesterday Scott spent the day with his daughter as she had the day off work. So I had the camera for the day. It was  mine, all mine. I may have had a Lord of the Rings moment and used the “my precious” line a few times. I may have been found stroking it fondly and whispering to it. But no one has any proof of that since I had the camera. No proof= no guilt!
So I had a blast. I mean I was switching lenses and snapping like a lunatic. You’d think I was professional photographer with my antics. I had the whole living rearranged to put the table by the window. This required moving everything and chasing my daughter downstairs. Apparently listening to country music while snapping drives teenagers away. So remember that next time you need some quiet time, works like a charm. I was getting pretty adventurous by the end of the day. Hubs had to help purely as he was worried I was going to kill myself. I may or may not have had two end tables stacked up with the tripod on top of them. And I may or may not have been standing on a chair that wasn’t high enough so it’s possible I may have tried to stand on the tables with the tripod. This is all pure speculation. Again no proof, no guilt!
So here is some of the adventures in photography a la lunatic. Some are good, some not so good. Hope you enjoy. I had a blast.
Photos missing due to a G+ incident. Restoring soon. 
So I must say having a kick a** camera sure helps. I am playing with again today. Should be fun. I now have the rebel on my Christmas list. I’d buy one today if I could afford to honestly. But not in that position. So I will have to make due with  mine once Scott leaves. For now I am having way too much fun.
That last shot is last night’s impromptu “I don’t know what to make, what do I have in the pantry” dinner. Was thrown together on a whim with what little was left before grocery day. Turned out fabulous. Will share the recipe later today. Need to get gorgeous first then take some pics. Priorities people. First comes a shower and makeup so you don’t scare your house guests, then comes stealing your house guest’s camera, then baking and cooking, then finally comes blogging about it all.
Toodles and smoochies. xx

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  1. mjskit says

    You obviously had a very fun day!!!! Then after all that you put together this wonderful post! How fun is that?!?!

  2. Kim-A Creative Spirit says

    I have a good cameral DSLR but NOT one with interchangeable lenses so I too COVET a better Canon.. haha Love the fun you had taking the pictures.

  3. Kaye Syrah says

    Looks like you had a very fun day! Maybe Canon would do a bulk discount for all the food bloggers looking to upgrade their cameras!

  4. Kim Bee says

    @mjskit- I had a blast. So much fun to play around. Thanks for stopping in.

    @Kim- Nice, those dslr's are so cool. Just for fun I priced some out at Costco. In no position to get one but wanted to look. My brother had the telephoto lens, it's way cool. No macro though which is what I'd like. I had so much fun the last couple of days.

    @Kaye Syrah- I did have fun, does the mind good. I feel so much happier the last couple of days to just immerse myself in something like this. Wouldn't that be nice if Canon offered a discount. Or Nikon. I hear they rock as well.

  5. Hester Casey @ Alchemy in the Kitchen says

    It's great to get hold of a camera that has a few fancy buttons. My brother gave me his old camera which happens to be a Rebel – it was love at first sight! Sounds/looks like you had a great day with your camera. Maybe your bro will forget he lent it to you :)

  6. The Harried Cook says

    Looks like you are having fun with your brother's camera :) I love that picture that you love too :) Fun post…

  7. Apron Appeal says

    It's amazing the difference a camera makes huh…well and knowing how to use it. I did the same thing last week. I can't wait to post what I learned. I didn't take any close up detail shots though….I was so enthralled that I didn't have to hover over my food to take a picture that I forgot to get some close ups. :)

  8. Kim Bee says

    @Hester- No such luck. He headed out with it today. I was so sorry to see it go. Such a great camera. Really enjoyed playing with it.

    @Harried Cook- Thanks.I had fun.

    @Jennifer- Thanks.

    @Gwenevere- It sure does make a difference. I would assume mine is capable of more than I am doing. Gonna spend the weekend playing around with my own and try to tweak the settings. Lol, I was so focused on using his telephoto I forgot to take normal shots so we balance each other out. I'll be sure to pop by and see what you've been up to. I did learn I need a new camera.

  9. Erin says

    Glad you are having fun with your brothers camera! Can't wait to read about your dinner – it looks yummy!

  10. kristy says

    Last night's dinner looks like my go-to comfort food. Yum!!!! Isn't the rebel fun! I have to learn how to do photo editing on the computer.

  11. Lindselicious says

    I feel so guilty that I haven't played with my new camera as much as I should have. Looks like you got the hang of it. Thanks for motivating me Kim- cant wait till you get the camera- then you can share tips!

  12. Kim Bee says

    @ Sandra- Had a ball!

    @ Erin- Thanks so much!

    @kristy- Love the rebel. I must have one. I like adobe photoshop, I am doing a free trial on it. I also like photoscape. It works really well and was free as well. I still don't know how to edit unless I do a quick one. But doing the settings manually overwhelms me.

    @ Lindselicious- Just send it here and I'll play with it for you! Rofl! Photography is quite fun. I could take pics all day and not get sick of it.

  13. Peggy says

    I remember when I first got my Nikon D40 (as much as I wanted a Rebel – the Nikon was just a tad cheaper – and I love it!) – I snapped pictures of just the most random things. It's true though, practice makes perfect!

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