Strawberry Brownie Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Oh come on now, I know it’s cliche but I had to do it. You had to expect it at some point.So my weekly ice cream series is upon us. I am feverishly typing this to get it up in time so it’s still technically sunday when it posts. It’s a bit time consuming to post all your lovely links. I need to pre-plan these better. I never plan my posts ahead of time or start them and edit later, so if I am time crunched my posts lack my usual silly antics. I really should plan ahead. But I just like typing from the hip better. It suits me. Except when I am busy. Then it does not suit me at all. Or maybe it does but it just sucks that my time is crunched. I don’t know, now I’m all confused and bewildered and befuddled. No one likes a befuddled lunatic that is time crunched. I’ll lose my readership. depression will hit, you’ll find me cooking in my yard with an easy bake oven whispering things like “crunch befuddles looney hips”. And we can’t have that happen. So if some pre-planning saves me losing it more than usual than maybe I should embrace it. Or ignore it. We’ll see. Anyhow this is not helping the time crunch at all.On to the ice cream!So I made this today:


Want some?

Got a spoon handy?

Come on over, we live at…. oh seriously, did you really think I’d go that far. Lol!

Strawberry Brownie Ice Cream:


1 1/2 cups fresh strawberries
3/4 cup whole milk
2/3 sugar
Pinch of salt
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1/2 cup brownie pieces (I used home made but you can use store bought if it’s easier)



Pulse your strawberries in a food processor until they are small pieces. Set aside.

In a stand mixer or in a bowl with a hand mixer, combine milk, sugar and salt and mix until sugar dissolves.

Stir in heavy cream and vanilla and mix again for a couple of minutes.

Add your strawberries and brownie pieces.

Remove from stand and cover the bowl. Set in freezer for 1 to 2 hours.

Now take it out and pour it inside the ice cream maker bowl.

Turn your ice cream maker on and mix for 15 to 20 minutes.

You can serve immediately or stick in the freezer until ready to serve. Remember to take it out of the freezer about 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

Serve with a big smile.

This is super yummy! Hope you try this out and love it.

See you soon. I have more great recipes coming to you. I’ve been busy, cooking and baking up a storm. Tomorrow is muffin day! Cannot wait to show you what I was up to.

Toodles and smoochies. xx

Photos missing due to a G+ incident. Will be restored soon. 

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  1. kankana says

    Guess what, i am not an ice cream fan at all.. but every time the husbnad eats some .. i scream the same song LOL .

  2. Eating Deliciously says

    Great ice cream recipe. Love the combination of strawberry flavor with the chocolate from the brownies.

  3. Dzoli says

    I mastered on my weekend dedicated to doing a big nothing,including not taking of pyjamas whole big pack of Hockey Pockey ice cream.So I am ok now and not screaming anymore;0

  4. Lindsey@Lindselicious says

    I could do weekly ice cream! All of your flavors look and sound delish… I'll be dreaming of it tonight!

  5. Lizzy says

    YES, I am jealous. And, YES, I want some!!! What a fabulous ice cream flavor…I love the addition of brownies….mmmmmm

  6. Ann says

    Strawberry BROWNIE!? You are too cool for school! I have SO buzzed this one….it's incredible! You've really come up with quite an ice-cream collection!

  7. Kim Bee says

    @Kankana- Hold the phone there my dear, you don't like ice cream? Wowsa! I love it, especially with the heat right now. I think it's cute when people sing that song. Makes you feel like a kid again.

    @Yasmeen- Yeppers, I am doing a list once a week. Plus I make it sometimes just for the heck of it. It's hot here, about 90 to 100 degrees most days so this helps cool us down.

    @Eating Deliciously- Thank you so much!

    @Erika- Thank you!!

    @S.V.- So yummy!

    @Kelly- Thanks so much. I am loving the photo adventure. Learning a little along the way.

    @Sandra- Me too!

    @Dzoli- Sometimes we all need those kind of weekends. I find them good for my mental health so I refer to them as mental health days. For me that means p.j.'s and junk food. Glad you are all better now!

    @Lindsey- Sweet ice cream dreams! xx

    @Erin- Thanks and thanks.

    @Janice- Perfect math in my book!

    @Lizzy- You may have a heaping bowl. Saved one for ya. Thanks so much, it is spectacular. Loved it.

    @Ann- Haha, love it. Thanks for the buzz. I am loving the summer just due to the ice cream fun!

  8. Sandra says

    I got brain freeze, that is lot of ice-cream:)) Everything looks fantastic, what a great flavors Kim.. you did incredible job here!

  9. Kim Bee says

    @Sandra- Thanks so much. I had fun.

    @Tina- Thank you. I love that one too.

    @BigBearswife- Saved ya a bowl.

    @Sara- I might have eaten all that one. I need to remake it for a better pic. I should do that this weekend. Then you can stop by and I'll even provide spoons.

    @Stephanie- Lol, any time you'd like. Always ice cream in my freezer.

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