Lunatic Loves These Links – August 19

Hi folks. I have to be snappy about this. I am so exhausted from our day out today and need to hit the sack before I tip over. So if you see nglgjsj;sjbhahnbnlbnslbfsp, it’s just me falling asleep on the keyboard. Don’t be alarmed. Eventually someone will wake me.I just wanted to post my link love for the week. If I mess up and spell any one’s name wrong I apologize now, it’s 2 am and I way past tired. Slowly moving towards exhaustion, on my way to full on zombiehood. Nobody likes a zombie, they don’t like to cook and they kind of smell a bit funky. So sleep I must and sleep I shall.So here we go. Linky love. Don’t ya just love getting some linky love. It feels awesome when someone tips their hat to you. Makes what we do worthwhile and let’s us know people are paying attention. So I shall continue this tradition but am planning on streamlining it a bit in the future. Would love to add photos at some point too. But that will be once the kids go back to school and I have some free time to play work on here more. So for this week it’s links and links alone.So as you know I have some faves, some stand-bys I read often. They don’t change much. I add new ones to the list as I discover them. So here ya go, if you ever wonder what use food bloggers read this is a sampling of it. For me it’s lots of other foodie blogs.


Yup clearly I have lost my ever loving mind. As you can see I have barely cooked this past week. My social networking to promote my blog is ruining my mojo. Lol! No not really, I’ve been crazed with tuition, student loans, son buying his first car, daughter needing new ohip card, daughter deciding she’s joining the army, hubs getting a new job and I am contemplating getting a puppy. Why a puppy, because I don’t have enough to do. Lol! Seriously though, I miss my dog and with the kids are going back to school and hubs working again, I like having my pets with me to keep me company during the day. So considering it but unsure just yet. I like westies, although I would consider getting another sheltie like our beloved Dakota who passed away early in the spring. We’ll see how things go. I clearly need my head examined I know. So if you know someone who’s giving away free westies let me know.

Okay so on to linky love. Does anyone else now have the song summer lovin’ stuck in their head? No, you didn’t? Well you do now. Enjoy, courtesy of me. If I have to suffer I am taking you down with me folks.

My Baker’s Dozen List: (recipes I have bookmarked from around the blogosphere)

The Procrastobaker’s Peppermint Crisps- go here!

Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops Spicy Red Pesto- go here!
*she has inspired me to try my own. posting soon*

Christine’s Pantry’s Coconut Honey Bananas- go here!

Curry and Comfort’s Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream- go here!

Just One Cookbook’s Green Tea Ice Cream- go here!

From Cupcakes to Caviar’s Eating my Curd…and this is whey too good!- go here!

Kate from Scratch’s Deep Dish- go here!

Chic and Gorgeous Treats Amanda’s Pink Rainbow Cake- go here!

The Mother Huddles 4 fun rice krispie treat ideas- go here!

Cute as a Fox Creations Kelloggs Rice Krispie Ice Cream Cones- go here!

the tomcat studio how to frost cupcakes with a beautiful swirl- go here!

That’s it for this week. Hopefully my semi-zombie state hasn’t resulted in missed info or wrong links. I apologize in advance if anything is haywire.

Photos missing due to a G+ incident. Will be restored soon. 

Okay folks, it’s now 3:30, I am whooped and you know how dedicated I am to you but I gots to get to ze bed now!

Toodles and smoochies. xx

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  1. championm2000 says

    Oh, wow! You are one busy woman! I almost fell asleep at the keyboard from exhaustion after reading all you've been doing (and it's 7 am)!!

    After seeing all of your goodies, I may be inspired to become a cooking mom after all!

    Looking forward to learning more…

    visiting and following from VB

  2. kristy says

    There's no way you could drag me out of bed before 9 a.m. if I was up that late. And I thought I was a night owl! You blow my midnights out of the water. :) Great wrap-up and wonderful blogs for your link love. You've got some great ones on there. I don't know how you keep up with so many of them. If I tried that, I'd be up until 3 a.m. (and my family would not want to be around me the next day – LOL) You're a super woman!

  3. Dzoli says

    I knew following your blog you are busy but rading all the things you would fall in the category my friend decribes as missing only 24 hours in a day to do everything:)Have a great weekend and thank you for mentioning me;))

  4. Kim Bee says

    @championm2000-lol, I hope you didn't doze off from boredom. Glad you stopped by.

    @kristy- I am a serious insomniac. It is not much fun. But on the flip side I get a ton done every day. lol

    @Erin- lol, that cracked me up. I cannot sleep these days. Might need meds. Ugh!

    @Dzoli- I would love if every day had more hours in it. Then I could do even more stuff. Lol. You are so welcome. You know I adore your blog, and you.

    @Curry and Comfort- Thanks. Had an overwhelmingly good week.

    @Sandra- You are so welcome. And thank you too.

  5. Ann says

    What a great round up…and thank you for putting me in with such amazing company!

    …you've had one heck of a week! From your pistachio bark to your sorbet…AND winning a camera! How cool are you?!

    I love that The Shiksa picked your bark – it was well deserved…Go to sleep and we'll chat later!

    ….DUDE! I guess being middle aged, I can get away with surfer language, too!

  6. Kim Bee says

    Hey Ann, I was just trying to see if you were on chat. I got the weirdest comment earlier. Thought I'd see if you could figure it out. So strange.

    It has been a whirlwind this week but in a good way. I feel pretty blessed this week.

    I say dude at least 20 times a day. It's so weird. lol

  7. Brad @ Do You Burn Toast? says

    checking out all your suggested links now. Thanks for all the info. Love the pics also; steak, bread, dips & Dessert. YUM-O

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