The Shiksa’s Ima Burgers and a Foodbuzz Thank you!

Okay so I’ve been a slacker the last day or so. I know, I know. But with all the fun attention from getting on foodbuzz (did I tell you all how much I love you for that!) top 9 for the first time I was just kind of basking in it for a day. Not that I wasn’t cooking. I was just stressing over how to follow up that brownie recipe. I must thank everyone who voted for it, you guys rock. It was my first time on the list and I was so thrilled I pretty much woke up the whole family with my hooting and hollering. So thank you to those who voted for it. I am grateful to you. Also huge thanks to foodbuzz for picking it. I was stunned and incredibly happy. So yesterday was a happy day. I would love to tell you I celebrated by going out to dinner or taking a day off housework. But alas I cooked and did a zillion loads of laundry. Tackling that never-ending pile is a full time job.So how do I follow up the best brownies in the world. Well I taunt you with this:

Seriously have you met me? Oh, I suppose some of you haven’t. Er, ya, I’m a bit loopy some days. Moving on.Okay I should get serious right? *cannot stop laughing*

So with The Shiksa in the Kitchen you get tasty food and an incredible history of food. I love her blog. She is smart, sweet and I have not told her this yet but she reminds me of Soleil Moon Frye. You know who that is right? Punky Brewster all growed up. Tori looks like her. She is stunning and tiny and I am jealous every time I stop by. So basically I am jealous every day. But it’s all good as she is charming and I adore this lady. I mean sometimes I think of the Friends episode where Soleil plays the girl who punches Joey all the time. Then her and Rachel get into it and Rachel kicks her. Er, sorry, went off topic again didn’t I. So to sum up my ramblings, I did one of The Shiksa’s recipes and I am jealous of her figure and I think she looks like a growed up Punky Brewster. Aren’t you glad you stopped by? I mean where else do you get these kind of quality writing.

Anyhow, I did The Shiksa’s Ima Burgers. I could not be happier with the results. This was one rocking burger. I have to admit I made a couple small changes, simply as I didn’t have a couple ingredients. I had talked to Tori a couple of weeks ago about trying this out. Well it took me 2 weeks to find sriracha sauce here locally. Luckily I went in to a nice grocery store in the city last week to get some pastries healthy fish and happened to stumble upon it. Oh did I mention I joined stumble upon? You can find me HERE. Funny I didn’t plan a plug there but when you just happen to stumble upon an opportunity to mention stumble upon then you just have to jump on the chance to plug your stumble upon link. After all that shameless plugging of my stumble upon account I should really check to make sure my stumble upon link  is working correctly. So excuse me really quick while I verify my stumble upon link for you guys. Okay it’s good. Hey did you know The Shiksa has a stumble account as well.

Oy, I think Tori must be shaking her head right about now. You are all thinking I’ve been in the sauce again. Honestly I don’t even like sauce. Alcohol yes, sauce not so much. Unless it’s strawberry sauce. Okay, okay I will stop I promise. Hyper mode. This is what happens when you eat half a pan of chocolate bark work hard all day. It’s like when you get a sugar rush from something, not that I know anything about that. I would never eat half a pan of these:

So now on to this:




1 1/2 pounds ground beef
2 slices whole wheat bread, crusts removed
2 tablespoons olive oil
4 tablespoons dried parsley
1/4 cup onion, minced
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
Salt and pepper to taste
Veggie oil for frying (optional)

Sriracha Mayo Ingredients:

2/3 cup good quality mayo
4 tsp sriracha (less if you don’t want it too spicy)


Place ground beef in a mixing bowl.

Cut off crust of bread. Put in a flat bottomed bowl and pour olive oil over top. Let it soak in then flip over and let other side soak as well.

Shred the bread, I tossed mine in the food processor, and add it to the meat along with all your spices and eggs.

Mix this all together by hand, or with a fork, or on low speed in a stand mixer.

Preheat your grill.

Place on grill and cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. Brushing them with olive oil is a huge Shiksa tip and I am glad I did it. Also don’t keep flipping them over and over. Just let them cook all the way on one side then flip. Over flipping burgers leads to broken burgers.

Note- you can also cook these in a pan with veggie oil.


Mix the mayo and sriracha together until well blended. You can add more or less depending how spicy you like it. Spoon over your Ima Burgers.


I needed more meat as I have a 22 year old son who can consume copious amounts of food, so this is an almost double version of The Shiksa’s.

I didn’t have fresh parsley so I used dried. I’m an odd duck and tend to prefer dried herbs anyway.

I did not add cumin as The Shiksa does. We’re not huge fans, except in chili.

I for some unknown reason had no cayenne (ghosts….thieves…conspiracy theories) so I used red pepper flakes.

I used whole wheat bread as the family eats it, and even though I am not allowed to have it, I used it anyway.

I used more onion than the original cuz we are onion folk.

I am allergic to mayo so I just put straight sriracha sauce on my burger.

My very plain ho hum burger, but I like it this way, trust me!

I would love to invite you all to visit  THE SHIKSA IN THE KITCHEN’S IMA BURGER. Please go say hi to Tori and tell her how much you love this recipe. Try it out for yourself. It’s a winner big time. I will be using this recipe again and again.

So thanks to The Shiksa, she inspires me to do better, be better and think outside my usual comfort zone. So thanks to Tori for this awesome recipe. I am so glad I tried it. Next one of Tori’s I want to try is the butter pie crust. It looks all kinds of good. Please hop over to The Shiksa’s blog and say hi. If you don’t already follow her then do it now. She’s on FB too. And stumble upon. Lol, don’t you just love  me!!! I’m a linking machine tonight.

Alrighty-roo my lovely readers, I am off to try to gather enough energy to post those fries quickly. Hope you all have a great day and keep cooking folks.

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. Dzoli says

    Ok I will have a few.And afterwards I will have some eggplant bites and afterwards I will try the chocolate and afterwards aI will lay down and rest:)

  2. Steve Cylka says

    Very cool post. I may have to try that. I love the idea of sriracha mayo. I got your link from Christina of Form V's blog and saw that you live in Essex. I was down there just last week. My folks live in Belle River and we drove all around and even went to Leamington and to Colasantis (great fun for the kids). We also went to a Mexican restaurant there that I posted about on my blog. check it out! Nice to visit your blog.

  3. Dee at Deelicious Sweets says

    You had me LOL'ing and causing my hubby to look at me from the corner of his eye. I'll bet you talk really fast, don't you? Great burger recipe!

  4. Kim Bee says

    @Dzoli- Sounds exactly like what I did the day I made all this. Rofl.

    @Steve- Okay so I checked out your blog and I swear I know you. Left you a note. Colasanti's has hands down the best donuts in the entire universe. Love that place. The pic of me holding the cutie baby in the petting zoo on my other blog was taken at Colasanti's. Stop by again. I am dying to know if you grew up here.

    @Dee- I-do-not-talk-fast-at-all! Pft, hell yah I do. I go a hundred miles an hour some days and there is usually uncontrollable giggling involved. I can't help it. I should be bummed and sullen with our lived blowing chunks right now but I just don't have that gene. This recipe rocks. The Shiksa is a genius.

    @Ann-Yeppers, I found out when I was a kid. I was at a sleepover and we did this stupid blindfolded taste test thing. They gave me mayo and I got violently, go home kind of sick. My bro in law put it in burgers a couple of years ago and forgot and I got sick with 50 people there. Fun times. I don't know what it is but am going to ask the allergist in January when I go. They think I have a mast cell disorder and with Canadian health care it is a long wait to see a specialist so I get to see him in 6 months. Lol. I am not sure if it's eggs or what. I don't eat them other than cooking with them. So it's hard to say. But I am having itching and flushing a ton so think it could actually be eggs in general. No clue.

  5. The Shiksa in the Kitchen says

    Kim, you so totally rock!! How awesome is this? I'm so happy you liked the burgers, they're one of our favorite treats here on the homestead. And don't you love how easy they are to throw together? I keep some burger in the freezer for nights when I need a quick dinner, or for when my husband asks for his beloved Ima Burgers. Thanks for the awesome write up! (And the plugs for Stumble Upon, haha… still figuring out how to use that site!) 😉 Going to check out that chocolate bark now, mmm… xoxo

  6. Jeff Rasmussen says

    Now THAT is what I call a burger! Good call on all the toppings as well! Sriracha ranch eh? Nicely done!

  7. Kim Bee says

    @Tori- Thanks my dear. You blew me away by mentioning me this week. Did not see that coming. I am ever grateful and humbled. And you know I don't humble easily,lol. They were easy and surprisingly quick. I love sriracha and I cracked up as they finally got it in town. I must have scared them when I complained. Stumble confounds me but I am trying. Next battle is signing up the cravings name for FB. I don't want it attached to my personal one so need to figure it out and get it set up. I'm addicted to that stupid pinterest, badly. Like need a step program for it. And yes it is depressing, although I am not a big egg person so not too bothered. The burgers were good with just straight up sriracha. That stuff rocks.

    @Jeff- The Sriracha Mayo is all Tori, I just stole it from here. With her permission of course. Lol.

    @Sara- Thank you. It is SO good.

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