Farm Fresh Fridays- Sept 30: Applefest or as I like to call it "candyfest"


Welcome to Ruthven Apple Festival 2011 or as I like to call it Candyfest 2011! … [Read more...]

Wild Rice with Cherries and Toasted Pecans


Hi folks. Thought I'd pop on here to share this recipe with you. But before I do I'd just like to take a minutes to say thank you for being so sweet while I've been sick. I have read all your emails and comments and am so touched by your kindness. … [Read more...]

Smoked Meat Sandwich and Memories of Childhood

Smoked Meat

Hi folks. Still sick but thought I'd pop this up really quick. I grew up spending a fair bit of time in Quebec. We had lots of family there. Both my folks spent most of their childhood there. So both sets of my grandparents lived there. We used to go down for visits and family functions. Spent tons of time with cousins who I adore so much. One of the perks of spending time in Quebec is the food. … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links- Sept 26

Hey folks. If you are a regular follower you know I am sick right now. But I wanted to take the time to pop this up anyway. Just might not be any witty banter this week. You hate that anyway right?! … [Read more...]

Beware the candy apple!

Little Princess Malia!

Hey folks. I just wanted to pop on here quickly. I am holding off on ice cream sundays until tomorrow. I am really sick. Not sure what happened. The only thing I ate different than the rest of the family is a candy apple. Can you get food poisoning from a candy apple? … [Read more...]

Melon Salad


Hi folks. This is just a quickie post as I need to hit the hay. Been a long day and have another long one planned for tomorrow. Luckily nothing horrible or stressful. Just lots of soccer and we had the apple festival today, tomorrow is a flea market. … [Read more...]

Farm Fresh Friday- Our Trip to St. Jacobs Ontario Photo Story

St. Jacobs

Our road trip to St. Jacobs Ontario. Hope you enjoy this photo diary! … [Read more...]

Revenge Of The Blondie Nerds!!!

Even the batter was remarkable. Not that I ate any of it. Cuz that would be wrong!

"I just wanted to say that I'm a nerd, and I'm here tonight to stand up for the rights of other nerds. I mean uh, all our lives we've been laughed at and made to feel inferior. And tonight, those bastards, they trashed our house. Why? Cause we're smart? Cause we look different? Well, we're not. I'm a nerd, and uh, I'm pretty proud of it." … [Read more...]

I’m Sorry You Broke Your Jaw On It Ice Cream aka Jawbreaker Ice Cream #icecreamsundays

Jawbreaker Ice Cream by Cravings of a Lunatic

Hi folks. So here it is. The long-awaited and promised ice cream sunday post. So I thought long and hard about what kind of ice cream I should make for the final posts in this series. I mean I really put so much effort, time and work into coming up with just the right ingredient. I wanted it to be so special so I had to pull out all the stops and really think this through. … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links- Sept 19

Hey folks. I am back with my weekly installment of linky love. I adore doing this one but I always feel bad I can't include more. It's a time thing. Posting links and testing them takes up some serious time. You all know lately time is crunched for me. With only 2 cars for 4 people this household is hopping and Mom seems to be the one doing most of it. Which I don't mind but man oh man does it keep me busy. Really hoping we find the time to pick up a car for Bray this week. Then things should … [Read more...]

Cupcakes Abound

Hey folks. Sorry for my absence lately. Been a busy gal these days. Just not able to keep all the balls in the air anymore. Not sure if I'm getting old or if I just have too much going on. Finding there is just not enough time in the day to do everything I need to do. My time has been eaten up by driving the kids around. I am a professional driver. Next cool car movie they shoot in Hollywood should feature me. The lunatic behind the wheel, kicking butt and taking names. Or napping. … [Read more...]

Farm Fresh Friday Invaded By Junk Food Friday….Please Send Help!

PHOTOS MISSING, WILL BE REPLACED SOON. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. xx So it all started out innocent enough. We had a long week. So much stuff going on and so much driving. We've been burning the candle at both ends since school started. So on friday which is the only day mini-me doesn't have school, but does have work, I asked what she wanted to do. Was trying to determine what we were doing for farm fresh friday this week. Her suggestion was "NOTHING". We knew we were heading up to St. … [Read more...]

The Very Late, I’m So Sorry, I Suck, August Daring Baker Challenge but I Made Candy So Hopefully You’ll Forgive Me Post!

PHOTOS MISSING, WILL BE REPLACED SOON. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. xx The August 2011 Daring Bakers’ Challenge was hosted by Lisa of Parsley, Sage, Desserts and Line Drive and Mandy of What the Fruitcake?!. These two sugar mavens challenged us to make sinfully delicious candies! This was a special challenge for the Daring Bakers because the good folks at offered an amazing prize for the winner of the most creative and delicious candy! Okay, okay I apologize to my … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Sundays- Double Trouble Edition


Hey folks. Hope everyone is enjoying their tuesday, er, I mean sunday. Yah, that's it...enjoying their sunday. I know I am late with this one. Normally they post on sunday as the name implies. I just thought it was too silly a subject matter for a 9/11 post so I decided to delay it this week. So here it is in all it's wonderful ice creamy glory. … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links- Sept 12

PHOTOS MISSING, WILL BE REPLACED SOON. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. xx Hi folks. Hope everyone is doing well. I also hope those of you with munchkins are settling into the back to school routine. I know I am struggling a bit with it. Kiana went back last thursday but was off friday. Then back today for one class and again tomorrow. Bray had a part day today. Not in tomorrow. They both go wednesday, but only Kiana goes thursday. Both are off friday. So I am rarely home alone. To be frank I am … [Read more...]

New York Style Inspired Pizza for 9/11

PHOTOS MISSING DUE TO A G+ INCIDENT. WILL BE REPLACED SOON. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. xx Hi folks. I think a lot of us questioned whether to do blog posts today or not. It's hard to blog about food which seems so trivial in the grand scheme of things. We wonder if it's going to seem insensitive or silly to post a recipe. We wonder if people will care when their minds are elsewhere. Our own minds are elsewhere too. How can they not be? Who doesn't remember where they were that day when the … [Read more...]

I made The Pioneer Woman’s Berry Butter and I liked it…and a giveaway!

PHOTOS MISSING, WILL BE REPLACED SOON. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. xx Hi folks. I know I promised you this one eons ago. I actually made this when my camera-less old dude bro was here. I just did not take pics of it then. I was trying to enjoy our time with family and sometimes you just don't want to stick a camera in every one's face while they eat. I mean I did but I'm not sure most of them want their piggie stuffed faces on my blog. I was crazed the morning I made it as they were leaving … [Read more...]

Farm Fresh Fridays Has Gone To The Dogs!!!

PHOTOS MISSING, WILL BE REPLACED SOON. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. xx Um, so...yah....I bought a dog. This is Malia. She's the newest addition to this crazy household. I think she'll fit right in. She seems a bit cuckoo, especially when hamburgers are involved. So I'll give you the scoop. First obviously farm fresh fridays is NOT happening today. We had no time to do that. It will all make sense as I tell you what went down. But just want to clarify that there is no farm fresh friday this … [Read more...]

Peach Pistachio Cobbler and My First Day Home Alone Since June!

Hi folks. Hope your week is going well. I'm sure everyone is trying to settle in to the back to school swing of things. All the little kiddies gone back to school. My advice- avoid Walmart like the plague. Don't get  me wrong I love Walmart like you cannot imagine. But I would not want to go anywhere near the place the first week of school. It's quite likely a zoo. Lots of arguments over what colour backpack to get and complaints about how much binders cost. I am so happy to have mine out of … [Read more...]

Banana Chocolate Bread and a Trashed Kitchen

PHOTOS MISSING, WILL BE REPLACED SOON. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. xx Hi folks. I am back with another one for you. I was in the mood to bake last night. I kind of got carried away. I have a bit of a compulsive personality. I can't just make one thing. I have to go over board. So I was having a craving for banana bread. That lead to making it but putting a bit of a spin on it. And adding chocolate as everything is better with chocolate. I mean who else can take a healthy recipe and turn it into … [Read more...]