I made The Pioneer Woman’s Berry Butter and I liked it…and a giveaway!

Hi folks. I know I promised you this one eons ago. I actually made this when my camera-less old dude bro was here. I just did not take pics of it then. I was trying to enjoy our time with family and sometimes you just don’t want to stick a camera in every one’s face while they eat. I mean I did but I’m not sure most of them want their piggie stuffed faces on my blog. I was crazed the morning I made it as they were leaving early so I was trying to get a big brunch out on the table on time. So I just didn’t take pics this particular day. So I had to fix this so I had pics for the blog.

I found this recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s site. It intrigued me as it was so pretty. And I will be brutally honest with you now. I don’t even like french toast and I don’t like flavoured butters too much. But I thought these were beautiful, and they looked delicious. So I decided to give it a whirl when we had house guests. That way I can test it out on people. Everyone loved them. I mean LOVED them. So tons of thumbs up on this one.
I am sure you all know who The Pioneer Woman is. I  mean you’d have to live under a rock not to know. She is an amazing blogger who is funny, gorgeous, intelligent, can fire a gun and bake or cook anything better than anyone I know. Just ask Bobby Flay. I heard she kicked his cute little butt. I have not seen the episode as I’m a Canuck and Canuck television blows and is really behind the times. So if you haven’t heard of  The Pioneer Woman you should head over and check her out. Now I am going to be brutally honest yet again. Until this summer I did not know who she was. I know right, how far is my head buried in the sand. (you totally thought I was going somewhere else with that one didn’t ya?) But I really had no clue until I joined Tasty Kitchen. Then I found out she is a superstar. I am new to blogging, not only the writing of it but the reading of them as well. I had only read one blog when I started mine. During the first 3 months I blogged I kept myself private and did not venture out there. Then June hit and I woke up out of  haze and entered the blog world full force. Scary but people like The Pioneer Woman gave me the inspiration to put myself out there and be me, no matter how crazy me is. You can be yourself and people will probably still like you. That is an amazing concept to me. To think people will read and people will connect. But it happens and when it does it’s magic.
I love so many of The Pioneer Woman‘s recipes. But I generally don’t cook other blogger’s recipes too often. Yet something compelled me to tackle this one. It’s beauty was probably the big draw for me. It’s a simple recipe and inexpensive. It’s also quite fast which is always nice. If I can offer any advice it would be not to try to mix the butter at 3 am when you house guests. I kept turning the mixer on and off to make sure I wasn’t waking them. So I don’t think I softened and mixed the butter enough. I will blame old dude bro for that. I didn’t want to wake his lovely girlfriend. If it had been just camera-less old dude bro I would have happily woke him up with a loud mixer. Yet Donna did not need to be subjected to my revenge on camera-less old dude bro. So I was being careful and my butter paid the price. Poor little butter.
I hope you enjoy this. Full credit goes to The Pioneer Woman and can be found under French Toast with Berry Butter. I made a couple of tweaks to the french toast but nothing major. The butters I did just as she instructed. She is after all a goddess. Who am I to tamper with perfection?
French Toast with Berry Butter:
Full Credit goes to The Pioneer Woman
French Toast:
*makes two slices*
3 egg yolks
1/4 cup whole milk
Lots of cinnamon
Lots of nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 slices good quality whole wheat bread
Butter for pan
Combine your egg yolk and milk and whisk together.
Add your vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Whisk again.
Add butter to your pan and heat it up.
While pan is heating up, dunk your bread in the egg mixture, do both sides.
Lay the bread in the pan and cook until golden.
I also admit to adding more cinnamon and nutmeg on both sides while it cooked.
You can slide them in a pan in a warm oven until ready to serve.
Tips- I like mine really soaked with the egg mixture.
Raspberry Butter:
1/2 stick of butter
1/2 or more of raspberries (depends how raspberryish you want it)
Put the butter in a mixer and whip until soft and smooth. Do not try to mix this at 3 am and wake up house guests.
Add your raspberries and mix briefly, just a couple seconds.
Lay out on parchment in a long cylinder shape.
Roll it and then put in on foil and roll that. Twist each end so if forces pressure and makes the butter a cylinder tube like shape.
Blackberry Butter:
1/2 stick of butter
1/2 cup or more blackberries (depends how blackberryish you want it)
Whip your butter in a stand mixer until it is smooth and creamy. Do not mix at 3 am when you have house guests. Otherwise it won’t be whipped up enough.
Add your blackberries and whip on low briefly,just a few seconds is enough.
Lay mixture on parchment and roll it up.
Now lay that on foil and roll it up and then twist each end so it forces the butter into a cylinder tube like shape.
Tip- go to The Pioneer Woman‘s site to see her do this tweaking process like a pro!!!
Okay so two things:
1- I hope The Pioneer Woman finds this flattering and funny and is in no way offended little old me attempted her recipe.
2- I wish I had The Pioneer Woman‘s camera as mine blows. It’s an old point and shoot and to be perfectly honest I’d hand it over for target practice right quick if I could replace the darn thing with one of those new fangled Nikon D90 SLR jobbies The Pioneer Woman has. Then I’d have to learn how to use it. And we open another can of worms.
So go check out The Pioneer Woman. Tell her I said hello. *Giggles as I’m sure Ree, I like to call her Ree sometimes when I pretend we’re bff’s, really has a clue who I am*.
Am I not a pro at slipping those links in there now? Don’t ya just love my whimsy? No, er, then why are you reading this? Hm? Huh? Alrighty then, that clears that up.
Okay that about wraps this up then. *covers ears from the horrifying sound of fans screaming the word NO simultaneously, or like the 10 people who read me regularly. Okay so the 25, let’s be fair now.*
What’s that now? I forgot something. Really? Are you sure? Are you certain? Positive? Okay, okay don’t get your panties in a bunch now folks. No need for pantie bunching here. I remember now. I did say something about a giveaway didn’t I? Hm, what was that now? What was I going to give away? Hm, what could it be? I just can’t *thump*- okay who whacked me in the back of the head now? That’s no way to get free stuff.
Okay, okay I will stop taunting you. For now. So queue the drum roll please. Okay spotlight on 3, 2, 1….
Yeppers folks, you guessed it. I decided to order one for myself and one for a lucky reader. You know the drill. Giveaways have pain in the rump rules. So here’s mine:
There aren’t any rules. Including grammar!
Anyone, anywhere can enter.
You can enter as many times as you like. All you have to do is leave a comment. If you want more than one chance well then come back and comment every day the draw is open. Extra entry one time each for:
Extra entry- follow me on facebook. Let me know you did. Separate comment.
Extra entry- follow me on pinterest. Let me know you did. Separate comment.
Extra entry- follow me on twitter. Let me know you did. Separate comment.
Extra entry- follow my blog. Let me know you did. Separate comment.
Extra entry- follow my other blog, “Losing it like a Lunatic“. Let me know you did, Separate comment.
Extra entry- follow me on blog frog. Let me know you did. Separate comment.
So that’s it. Winner will be drawn on Wednesday September 21st. Feel free to enter in any combination your little heart desires. Please keep in mind I don’t allow links in comments. This is not a giveaway rule but a blog guideline I use all the time. So if you leave a link the comment won’t be published and you won’t get a chance to win this spectacular book.
I cannot wait to get this cookbook in the mail. I love The Pioneer Woman‘s site so I am quite certain I shall love her cookbook. Hope you guys all enter and the one who wins can have a cook off with me. Sound fun. We can do it Bobby vs Ree style.
Okay folks that’s a wrap for tonight. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I know I am. You wanna know why? Because of this little munchkin we got yesterday.
Toodles and smoochies. xx

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  1. Free Spirit Eater says

    I connect with your writing Kim! I definitely agree that you can be yourself and people really connect with you. I too am not a big fan of flavored butters, but have had a few that make my day. This one seems like one of them, love the photos too, the color is vibrant. Thanks so much for sharing, wonderful post! =]

  2. BecHef says

    I'd love to enter your giveaway, but I wonder if it's possible to do when I'm rolling on the floor giggling. Oh…I guess it IS possible! I just had to reach my hands up to the keyboard and pretend like I really know how to type. HEY, it works!

    Cute post, btw… and I empathize with your disgust of your Point and Shoot camera (is it okay for me to call mine a POS? …cuz it is)

  3. BecHef says

    I'm trying like crazy to follow you on Pinterest, because I love you…and Pinterest…. except for tonight. Pinterest is being a PITA and won't allow me to log on. But I'll get over there ASAP and starting repinning my little heart out!

  4. Dzoli says

    Don't shoot me I nevr heard of Pioneer woman:)But I do like the french toast and have it regularly for breakfast.I see your new housemate si starting to eb a real pink girl;)
    Had noide you had another blog.Going now to have a look;))

  5. Dawnye7 says

    Great dog – love Westies. Well, I love any terrier. We have a well behaved Parson Russell Terrier named Sunshine.
    Thanks for creating a give away contest.

  6. dena says

    Your point-and-shoot camera takes better photos than my fancy-schmancy SLR. :( The most important part of the camera must be the person framing the shot.

  7. Michelle O says

    I made strawberry butter last winter with some powdered sugar, frozen strawberries and butter sticks and it was AMAZING. I bet the raspberry is really good too! It's hard not to eat it with a spoon by its self right!?

  8. The Mom Chef says

    You crack me up. the butter is gorgeous, sleeping girlfriend or not. This is nothing personal against the Ms. Pioneer Woman, but I just don't get the super stardom. She's a normal person who adapts recipes like everyone does. I go through magazines. I recognize many dishes I see on blogs as having been changed a little from the magazines. Martha Stewart did a berry butter in 2005, well before Ms. Woman was "in."

    Anyhow, your butter looks fantastic, as does the French toast. You did awesome.

  9. Sandra says

    Awww your puppy is a beauty..what an adorable cutie pie..
    And this recipe is the bomb..love your it turned so mouthwatering..Yum!!! Thanks for sharing Kim, and have a wonderful Sunday!!

  10. Isabelle @ Crumb says

    That berry butter looks almost too pretty to eat!
    I've never made any of the recipes from Pioneer Woman, but one of my friends swears by one of Ree's cake recipes (and while I don't know if credit should go to Ree or to my friend, I can personally vouch for the fact that the cake is pretty darn awesome). :)
    PS – Your new pup is too adorable for words! I wish I could reach through the screen and cuddle her silly.

  11. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    Ohh, this butter looks so fantastic! I bet it would also be good on muffins or croissants!! Ree is so great and has the best recipes!

  12. Peas says

    I love Ree too – everything she bakes makes me want to be at her house for dinner. Although I find sometimes her recipes feed 50 people, so I have to 1/8 them for our house!

  13. Jennifer says

    I reckon I'll try this one when it comes into berry season in December. It does look really good. My boys love french toast, almost as much as pancakes. And your dog is really cute! I guess you went for option b: A cute thing you can dress and put bows on?!! Mummy's princess. :)

  14. Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family says

    I already follow you on Blog Frog (I feel a bit like a stalker following you all of these places). The only place you didn't include was Stumble and I follow you there as well :)
    Kim your blog is wonderful and I love every post, even more now that there is a little cute dog.

  15. Ann says

    Okay…you're gonna get a lot of comments from me! I have to say, I remember when the Pioneer Woman did this blog post! If you two become BFFs….just remember your other BloggyBFF (that would be me!)

    I love your blog, your butter and your new puppy!

  16. Kim Bee says

    Hi everyone. I have read all the comments but am not even going to attempt to answer one at a time like I normally do. I got behind the eight ball today and would like to spend a few minutes visiting you all. So thanks to everyone and you are all entered. To Mike, thank you so much, not sure I've been stumbled before. Lol! I shall try to answer you all personally tomorrow. Been a long weekend. But adore everyone and love that you all entered. xx

  17. Chic & Gorgeous Treats says

    Kim Bee, I've never had raspberry butter before. This will be the first for me and I really can't wait to make it to serve it with some nice hot pancakes. Also, Malia is so adorable..

    P/S: btw, I got an award for you..do collect it from my blog okay? 😉

  18. Lizzy says

    Oh, my, your photos are beautiful!! I couldn't resist this yummy berry butter…especially on French toast :) And I LOVE your new baby!!!

    PS…GREAT giveaway!

  19. Lacy says

    Ok I'm not really into flavored butter but this is just gorgeous! The raspberries add such a beautiful flavor and I bet it tastes fantastic with french toast, yum!!

  20. Jennifer says

    Forget the pretty food – my eyes went to the white and pink puppy! Aaaaw, what a little darling – I would never stop kissing her. She is being so spoiled and loved – I can see that. How wonderful. Blessings to you and yours.

  21. Elyse @The Cultural Dish says

    This butter does look pretty good! I am glad you enjoyed it because you certainly made me crave breakfast now!

  22. Peggy says

    I love the Pioneer Woman too! She's so down to Earth and personable! So I don't doubt that this berry butter is absolutely amazing!

  23. Kim Bee says

    Got everyone entered. Now to the direct comments.

    @Free Spirit Eater- Thanks so much.

    @BecHef- Thanks and laughed at your comment. Too funny. And POS is totally acceptable if you ask me.

    @Dzoli- It's okay, I just learned who she was this summer. Puppy is for sure a pink pup.

    @The Culinary Lens- Wow thanks so much for the stumble. *bites her tongue to prevent all the jokes that could slip out right now*

    @Dawnye7- Thanks. I love puppies of all kinds. She's just more stubborn than I am used to. But we'll work through it I'm sure.

    @Claudia- Thanks!

    @Dena- Wow, really. I am trying to study up but it's a process. Might take some classes.

    @Deebi- Thanks.

    @Michelle- I bet it was awesome with powdered sugar. I'd love to try that out. The raspberry was hard not to just gobble up.

    @Britt- In!

    Pat- Good to go.

    @The Mom Chef- I saw Martha's butter back then but never tried it until now. I think the buzz around her is because she's just one of us. So if it could happen to her, it could happen to any of us. I like her wit myself. She's really funny. Sarcastic and off the cuff which is my kind of humour. I am like you, I see stuff and go I just saw that on such and such mag. I like to include the inspiration for mine whenever possible.

    @Sandra- Thanks, she is a cutie patootie. And thanks for the kind words.

    @Isabelle- Thanks so much. I think the credit should always go to both. You need the inspiration but you also need the cook. I have her texas sheet cake earmarked. Looks delish.

    @Stephanie- Thanks. Me too.

    @ Shannon- I made myself a believer. Never have been a fan but am now.

    @Peas- I know. I am reading over the recipes in the cookbook and they makes a ton.

    @Jen- You have to let me know what you think of it when you try. I did go for option b- the little girl I always wanted, me and Kiana laugh about it like crazy. I went to buy her a little jacket and Kiana begged me to get the grey not the pink. So I listened. For a change. Lol!

    @fitinthemidwest- Entered and good luck.

    @Rachel- Thanks. And how did I forget stumble. Silly of me. Puppy is sure a handful but love her to bits.

    @Ann- I could never forget you. You can ride off into the sunset with me and Ree. Lol!

    @Chic- Thanks. And thanks for the award. So sweet of you.

    @Lizzy- Thanks and thanks.xx

    @Eating Deliciously- Thanks so much. I am trying so hard to make my camera work. It's a process for sure.

    @Kristy- Good to know. Just got my copy and it's amazing.

    @Lacy- Me either but I loved this one.

    @Jennifer- Thanks. We are already totally in love with her. She has gained a pound in a week. The vet was amazed how great she is doing. She got a new sweater today, gonna have more clothes than me soon. Lol!

    @Elyse- Thanks. Hope you had a great breakfast.

    @Andrea- Thanks.

    @Colette- Thanks and thanks.

    @Peggy- It is and she is. She's just cool, I like her wit.

  24. Ramblin Mama says

    Count me in, too. Made the berry butter this morning and just put it on toasted English Muffins. (I had to substitute strawberries as that's what we had!) Ummm! Almost orgasmic!

    Had to rush right over to the button and follow this blog immediately!!

  25. Ramblin Mama says

    Okay, I'm obsessed with your recipes and chatter. I also liked your FB page!
    (Secret confession: I think I enjoy your blog more than The Pioneer Woman's but, please don't tell her, I just KNOW she considers me a personal friend. LOL Yeah, me and thousands of others!)

  26. Sarah @ pão e queijo says

    I hope I'm on time! This butter looks fabulous, perfect for dressing up the French toast or any other yummy foods :)


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