Smoked Meat Sandwich and Memories of Childhood

Smoked Meat
Hi folks. Still sick but thought I’d pop this up really quick. I grew up spending a fair bit of time in Quebec. We had lots of family there. Both my folks spent most of their childhood there. So both sets of my grandparents lived there. We used to go down for visits and family functions. Spent tons of time with cousins who I adore so much. One of the perks of spending time in Quebec is the food. My goodness it was the best place I’ve ever known for good food. There’s a place called St. Hubert’s we loved. Made a wonderful chicken, similar to our Swiss Chalet here. There was a restaurant and if I am remembering correctly the name was Barn B BBQ, they had the best ribs I’ve ever had in my life. I also learned about chip carts there, french fries from a truck, who knew? So cool and honestly the best fries in the world. But the real highlight was always Montreal Smoked Meat. I love this stuff. I have such fond memories of it growing up. Once I became an adult I used to beg my Dad to bring home a pound or two when he visited. Loved being able to have it. Now they sell it at Costco in a box with the sealed packets you just drop in water. I could not be happier. Been buying it for years there. My whole family loves it. When Dad was sick we had it a few times just to remember the old days. Over time he could not eat due to tumours in his throat. The last time I made it he was too sick to eat it. But we had family from Quebec and Ottawa visiting so I picked some up and we had lunch together. That was a hard day. During the funeral it was one of the requested meals by family. It’s just such a staple in our family. I think we not only love the taste but the memories it brings us of our youth and our time in Quebec with Mom and Dad. So even now I have to make every couple of months. We had it while my brother was visiting. We had it last week for no other reason than I felt nostalgic and wanted some. So here you go. The easiest and tastiest sandwich you will ever have. Hope you enjoy!
Smoked Meat Sandwich

Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich:


I package of Dunn’s smoked meat (I’ll grab the size when I visit Costco this week)
1 package of bread (rye is the usual for smoked meat for us)
Mustard to taste


Bring a large pot of water to a boil on the stove.

Once it is boiling drop the packets in the water and cook for 3 to 5 minutes.

Remove with tongs and place on a plate.

Cut open and drain any liquid.

I take an extra step and blot any excess liquid off as I really dislike soggy sandwiches. So blot your little heart out, you will thank me later.

Now get your bread ready and you can start the process of grilling them on a foreman or panini pan. Best way to get the bread toasty and each sandwich stays super hot.

How To Photos:

Buy some really great bread!

Get it ready to go while you warm up your foreman.

Place a slice of bread first.

Begin stacking!

Until it’s ready to fall over, then you know you have enough!

Add your mustard. I like lots, and lots!

Place your second slice of bread on top!

Close the lid and cook for about 5-6 minutes or golden brown!

Remove carefully as foreman is wicked hot. Place on a plate.

Cut this sucker in half. If you want to be able to eat it you can scrunch it down a bit.

Now get ready to eat. And fight over who gets the first one. To me the cook should always get the first sandwich, but that’s only cuz I am the cook here. Different rules apply if I am at your place. Then you should totally serve your company first. It’s just polite.

Then make your kids clean the foreman. It’s only fair!!!

So that’s it folks. Easy, peasy and oh so tastieez. Okay that’s not a word but whatever, I’m sick and delirious. So forgive me. I shall stop at Costco this week and grab a pack just for you so I can write down the actual yield on the packages. Just remember buying more is such a sacrifice and I’m just doing it for you, my fans, cuz I love you. It has nothing to do with craving more of it. Seriously. No…really. It’s all for you.

Toodles and smoochies! xx  (well maybe no smoochies today, don’t want to get you all sick)

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  1. Michelle says

    Hope you feel better! The smoked meat sandwich sounds yummy! Stopping by to say "hi" from members to remember!

  2. Lizzy says

    Oh, you poor thing…still not 100%? Hope you feel better soon, my friend. And thanks for sharing a dish that brings back such nostalgia. You are such a sweet daughter. How wonderful that you provided your dad with a favorite treat when he visited…and I'm sorry he's no longer with you. xoxo

    PS…don't you worry a bit about sending that cookbook till you are fully recovered!

  3. Dzoli says

    I love sandwiches (and any other dish) with memories.It is funny how you keep your favourites long time after you leave parents home…
    Bread in your sandwich looks amazing.Eat a ciouple and you will keep stronger;))

  4. Lynn @ I'll Have What She's Having says

    Hope you feel better soon!
    Smoked meat is one of the highlights of Montreal, whenever people come to visit me they always want to go to Schwartz, no matter how long the line up. I'm sorry it brings sad memories for you, but glad it also has happy ones.

    PS: I think you're talking about the ribs at Bar B Barn, so good!

  5. Ann says

    I hope you feel better soon. It's amazing how so many different foods are connect with specific memories. Thinking of you…

  6. Chic & Gorgeous Treats says

    Kim Bee dear, hope you feel better.. it's okay smooch away.. sharing is caring ;). This maybe simple but who says simple meal is not packed with wholesome flavours. Take care now!! Jo

  7. Manu says

    I really hope you feel better soon!
    Thank you for sharing with us such a scrumptious sandwich and, above all, the memories that come along with it!!! <3

  8. Lindsey@Lindselicious says

    I hope you feel better soon!! I am totally intrigued by this smoked meat- I dont think Ive ever had it!! The sandwich looks totally tasty.

  9. Sandra says

    I just read post before this one..awww I am so sorry that you are not feeling got to lay down and chillex as my son would say to me:))
    Bread look amazing, and your sandwich..mmm really really good! Yum!!!

  10. Tina says

    Some people do not realize how delicious a sandwich can be. My husband hates them, I guess growing up on bologna may have had its impact. Anyhow I would love to have your sandwich for lunch-Yum! Hope you are back to feeling better in no time.

  11. Peggy says

    Hope you are getting to feel better! And thank you for sharing a moment of your childhood with us – this sandwich sounds phenomenal =)

  12. Russell at Chasing Delicious says

    This sandwich looks so yummy! I think I could probably live off of sandwiches, especially ones like this.

    And thank you for all the super nice comments you leave on my blog!

  13. Kim Bee says

    Hi everyone. I know I am so behind on my replies. I usually respond pretty quick. Thanks for understanding. Feeling quite a bit better now.

    @Michelle- Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the well wishes and compliment.xx

    @Nava- This is perfect for lazy days. Or busy days when you only have 10 minutes and don't want to order pizza. Smoked meat rocks.

    @Lizzy- Thanks so much. I actually took care of my Dad in his home during his last days. He was terminal and wanted to be at home during the whole thing so other than 2 weeks in hospital I spent 8 months taking care of him. Worst and best experience of my life if that makes any sense. So worth all the sacrifices, and am thankful I did it. Thanks for being sweet. I am hitting the post office tomorrow now that I feel a bit better. Have a parcel for my sister too. Let me know when it arrives.xx

    @Shannon- Oh you will love it there. And I'll add another reason for ya. The shopping is out of this world.

    @Christine- You are so sweet, thank you so much. I love simple some days. It's just nice to take a break.

    @Dzoli- Thanks my dear. I am starting to return to normal. Not sure if that's good or bad news. Lol!

    @Lynn- Omg Schwartz is so good. I'd wait three days if I had to. So worth it. Thank you so much for the right name of that place. I have pics of it but the name isn't on them. I always loved going there. More than anywhere else. The ribs are the best I've ever had. Lucky you to live there. I spent so much time there as a kid. Would love to visit with my own kids next year.

    @Ann- Thanks my dear. I feel like I fell off the face of the earth this week. But I am back. And now have the Gloria Gaynor song stuck in my head yet again.

    @Stephanie- Thanks so much. I am doing much better now.

    @Jo- Thanks. I do tend to smooch too much. Lol!

    @Manu- Thanks so much my dear.

    @Debbie- Thanks and welcome. Shall drop by tonight and check it out.

    @Lindsey- I hope they have it near you. You want "montreal smoked meat"- Dunn's is pretty good, but any deli you trust would be okay to try it. I am doing a homemade version soon so will heads up ya when I do in case it's something you can't find locally.

    @Sandra- Thanks so much. Your son is a smart dude. I am glad you stopped by, I know you are busy so I appreciate it.

    @Tina- Thanks. I am not a cold sandwich person but give me a warm one and I'll be your bff for sure. Love them. Already almost back to normal. Which could be scary news. Lol!

    @Gwenevere- No such thing as too much love. Lol!

    @Peggy- Thanks so much. I never know if I overshare sometimes.

    @Kristen- Thanks and totally agree. It can bring back a memory so fast for me. My mom is shepherd's pie and french fries. Dad is lasagna and smoked meat.

    @savoryandsavage- Thanks so much. Doing much better now.

    @Russell- Thanks. Nothing like a good sandwich. And you are so welcome. You have a real gift. I always love stopping by.

    @Erin- Thank you. I am doing much better today.

  14. Anne@frommysweetheart says

    Kim…what a lovely, nostalgic post! I'm so sorry you are not feeling well still and I wish you a speedy recovery!

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