Lunatic’s Garlic Beef Stew or Why Vampires Won’t Attack You Tonight

Hi folks.

I have to tell you a secret.


you have to promise not to tell anyone else!


Pinky swear!!

Okay, are you ready for it?

I LOVE weekends. I know….it’s shocking right. I’ve revealed too much. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you. I should have kept it to myself. But we’re pals. We’re buds. You’re my homey. So I feel like I can tell you this kind of stuff. Just don’t tell anyone else. It’s our little secret. Mmkay?

It is odd that I enjoy them so much. I mean it’s not like I work in a highly stressful job like some of you. I basically am either home in sweat pants for 85.6% of my life. Or I am in the car driving hooligans around for the other 14.4% of the time. But I dress up when I go out. I wear jeans. Yup, rock star baby. This Mom goes out in style. On a good day I even brush my hair.

So when weekends roll around I like to chillax with the hooligans. I mean when they have time for me. Which is like….whenever they aren’t busy with more important things. Like boyfriends, girlfriends, work, friends, conferences. Oh sorry, my hooligans are older hooligans, not little tiny hooligans. Mini- me is 18 and B….okay wait, I think B needs a new handle. What do you think? He doesn’t get enough air time around here. So we’ll put it to a vote. I’ll offer suggestions, you can weigh in and I shall do what I do with the kids often….which is….listen to what you say then do what I want anyway. What? Yah, big shocker I know. I’ve been a stay at home Mom for 23 years, I micromanage. Which is Mom code for bossing people around. Okay here’s the list:

1- We can continue to call him B.

2- We can call him Bray, which is what I call him often.

3- We can call him Mini-C. The theory behind this one is hubs name is C’Paul, I call him C, hence the name Mini-C.

4- We can call him Mini-dude.

I’ve already decided. Let’s see what you think. Er, right I forgot I micromanage.

So I made some stew. It totally rocked. I wanted to post it last night but stew is hard to take pics of. So I was planning on taking some today in natural light. But…

the appraiser came to see the house….

then the puppy peed on him…

then I got bored….

then I ate cherry kisses…

then I took mini-me to see a movie…

then we got home and had important stuff to do…

like watch Fringe….

*smiles sheepishly*

I love you guys!


Lunatic's Garlic Beef Stew or Why Vampires Won't Attack You Tonight
Recipe type: Stew, Slow Cooker, Crock Pot
  • 1 pound blade roast, cut up into chunks (you can use stewing beef but I had extra blade roast on hand)
  • ½ to ¾ cup Memories of Kobe sauce (this is a garlic tamari but any brand will do, thick always better)
  • 1 cup onion, diced or chunked
  • 1 cup celery, diced or chunked
  • 8 cloves garlic, pressed or chopped
  • 2 cups Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and cut up into chunks (they tend to hold up nicely in stew)
  • 2 cups carrots, peeled and cut up into chunks
  • 3 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons Better Than Bouillon, use beef or vegetable
  • 1 cup tomato sauce
  • 2 bay leaves
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Cut up your beef into cubes or chunks. Place in a container and add the Memories of Kobe tamari sauce in it. Place the lid on and give it a good shake. Marinate this for at least an hour. (I did mine overnight)
  2. Cut up all your veggies and set aside.
  3. Place a good pan on the stove top, spray with a touch of non stick spray and drizzle some oil in it. Let the pan heat up a bit over a medium heat. Now drop you meat into it and keep stirring but turn the pan down just a touch. After a couple of minutes add your onion. Now continue to cook until the meat and onions brown up. Does not take long. And make sure you continue to stir things around to keep it from sticking. You can add extra oil as you go if you need it. I use olive oil when doing this.
  4. Transfer meat to crock pot.
  5. Now toss in your veggies.
  6. In the same pan you cooked your meat, add the water and bouillon. As it boils scrape the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon to remove any yummy bits left from the meat and onions. This is where extra flavor comes in. Once it boils pour it into the crock pot.
  7. Add your tomato sauce.
  8. Now toss in your bay leaves and add your salt and pepper.
  9. Add your garlic.
  10. Give a stir.
  11. Turn slow cooker on low and cook for about 8 to10 hours depending on the size of your chunks and make of slow cooker. I would check it at 6 hours, then continue to check it every hour after that.
  12. Serve with a big smile and a stake for those with a sense of humor.

For those of you who know my weird food quirks, I’d love to know why I can’t let my food touch on the plate but I can reach into a bowl of stew to procure a piece of tater and pop it in my mouth like it’s no big.


Tips and hints:

All slow cookers cook differently. Get to know yours so you can adjust recipes to suit it. I find my big one takes longer, my small one cooks quicker. Good rule of thumb to remember.

You can add extra spices to stew. Get creative. Use what you love.

By the same token you can omit spices. Tailor the stew to your own personal taste.

If you like thick stew add a thickener. My mother in law taught me to thicken things by taking a jar and adding water and cornstarch to it, shake it and add a little of it in your stew towards the end of the cooking time to thicken it. This is a personal taste thing.

Then reach back in and grab a carrot and swirl it around and scarf like 10 of them while taking pics.


So that last tip came into play here at the Bee household yesterday. I like thick stew, it seems heartier to me and less like soup. Hubs likes it thin and runny. As you can see it’s thin this time. I want a new camera so….thin stew. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team. Especially when angling for new blogging equipment. Thin stew= happy hubs= less likely to grumble when I say “hey I almost have enough gift certificates to start shopping for a new camera. Remember my birthday last week, when you didn’t buy me anything. Well…..”

See, new camera equipment desperately needed here!


Toodles and smoochies. xx

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  1. Anne Regalado says

    Hey ! I love watching Fringe hee hee I saw the 2nd photo and my stomach grumbles ;D Love all the big chunks of beef 😀 Yummmmmm !!!!

  2. Curry and Comfort says

    Love a good stew. I wish I had a chance to go see a movie today. I wasted my day and didn't even get a chance to cook anything memorable today. I could have used this stew in a crock pot to warm my belly. PS.. I'm glad I'm not the only one in sweatpants 85% of the time. :)

  3. Kim Bee says

    It is pretty good. We are just finishing up season 1. Mini-me has seen them all but I am trying to get up to speed. Thanks. It was yummy.

  4. Kim Bee says

    Ugh days like that are rough. That will be me on Monday. Sweatpants rule. If I'm being totally honest it's usually pj pants.

  5. The Mom Chef says

    Haven't hit Fringe yet. I'm working my way through Eureka on Netflix streaming and love it. :) The stew is awesome.

  6. Ann says

    The stew looks delicious! I don't know why you can't let your food touch….I had a brother who was that way. I also had another brother who sat next to him and stirred his food together every. single. night. just to annoy him!

    As for Bray – I vote for Bray. He's old enough to get a big-boy name and I suspect that mini ANYTHING wouldn't be his choice! LOL

    (despite what you say – the pics look pretty darned appetizing)

  7. Nami | Just One Cookbook says

    LOL! I enjoy reading your posts, Kim. Are you funny in person too? I think I'll be smiling and laughing if I was around you. You make us happier. And so as this beef stew. Hmmm perfect for cold days. Bray seems natural as you already call him so. Sounds cool too!

  8. Tina says

    You are amazing Kim! I do not know how you manage 2 blogs with all the craziness in your house. Ha-shame on that puppy!
    However, this stew looks fantastic and I like that you included that tasty Kobe sauce in there-yum! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  9. Lizzy says

    That top photo is fabulous (and I thought this even before I read that you need new camera equipment…seriously excellent!). Your stew looks excellent, too…perfect winter comfort food! And sending love and adoration right back at ya, my friend! Have a great Sunday!!!

  10. Marina says

    Oh Dear, let me stop laughing before I can comment… :) Ok, there. My choice would be Bray or Dude (not mini, no, just Dude). For me it has some warmth in it and I call my men Dude only when I am happy, and they know it. Your sister in law is sure right: "if mama ain't happy…" They should know better, right?
    Great picture of the stew (but don't show this comment to you hub if you want that new camera!).

  11. Crunchy Creamy Sweet says

    You are going to call him Mini-Dude, aren't ya? :) The stew is seriously calling my name! Love reading your blog, Kim! Have a great day!

  12. The Cookinglady says

    Hey there I can't tell you what to call him cause you gonna do what you want anyway. As long as he answers that's what's important. You crack me up but stay as you are don't change. The stew looks great. Have a great weekend

  13. Magic of Spice says

    I love Fringe and still have the last 2 episodes recorded to watch :) I need to make my hooligans some stew soon, poor things I always forget they are not vegetarians, lol. Looks great!

  14. Valerie @ From Valerie's Kitchen says

    You are crackin' me up! Yeah, I can relate to the hooligan situation. As far as a new handle, I've numbered mine (i.e., Boy #1, Boy #2, etc.) I've got 4, all boys. I sit here typing this in my yoga pants and relate to your wardrobe situation as well. I work from home and typically wear my workout clothes till after I run at lunch. Then I shower and put on a clean pair of yoga pants :) They're just so comfortable that I can't get myself to wear much else when I'm home.
    I love the look of this stew – comfort food at it's best!

  15. Warren Caterson says

    Just one more reason to open my Mac and log on: Another wonderfully winsome post from the pen (keyboard?) of the Lunatic. Now…I must pour myself another glass of wine tonight and read it again. :-)

  16. The Self-Taught Cook says

    The stew sounds great- I will definitely be trying this one! The more garlic, the better! As for not letting your food touch, I understand perfectly. And just between all of us, if there are more than two items on my plate, I have to eat them in the same order. If I get distracted and lose my place, I have to start all over again. I'm not just The Self-Taught Cook, I'm The Self-Taught Self-Diagnosed Obsessive/Compulsive Cook. But that's just too long to remember! LOL

  17. Dara says

    Kim this is a great, vampire-repelling stew! I am craving stew right now. I love garlic so much, I would probably put twice as much in there. It's good for your heart! Have a great day.

  18. Kristen says

    It's a nippy 39F today here in sunny FL, and I am thinking a bowl of stew would definitely take the chill out of my already warmth spoiled bones. I'd take it thick or thin, but I'll take a bowl without fingers, please 😉

  19. Katherine Martinelli says

    Yum there is nothing like a good stew! It's been so rainy and cold where I am that I have been dreaming of stew. This looks sooo good. I like B and Mini-C :-)

  20. Jackie @ Domestic Fits says

    Hooligans and Lunatics and beef stew sounds like a perfect weekend to me! I'm still trying to think of a witty nickname for B. Must. Get. Coffee.

  21. livingthesweetlifeblog says

    Your stew is gorgeous!!Perfect for a rainy spring day … or a freezing winters day (like today :(!!) ~yumm.

    This nickname Mini-C is pretty cool … lol in that way, you have a mini and so does your husband 😉

  22. Tina (PinayInTexas) says

    Would love to have your stew on our dinner table now, Kim! It looks wonderfully comforting and really delicious!
    Btw, either Mini-C or Mini-dude sounds good to me. :)

  23. Anne@FromMySweetHeart says

    This stew looks fabulous! Garlic is so perfect to ward off vampires, the common cold, your neighbors that you don't want to talk to…and most anything else that ails you! And umm….the the food is touching each other in the bowl! Just sayin! LOL You are too funny! And I vote for mini dude! : )

  24. Kim Bee says

    I think I watched an episode or two of Eureka. I need netflix. I hovered over the order button today. Thanks my dear. It hit the spot on a cold day. I hate winter.

  25. Kim Bee says

    Thanks Ann. I think it stems to some childhood trama. I have some weird control issues. It can be frustrating at times. Lol, well where is the fun in not annoying the poor chap. Lol.

  26. Kim Bee says

    Thanks Nami. I think my kids sometimes think so, except when I embarrass them. Which is like, every day. My motto is life is short, have some fun. And thank you. You are so sweet.

  27. Kim Bee says

    Oh man the other blog is dormant the last week. I need to step up my game. But I think I need to reformat it any way. This house is a crazy factory I swear. I love kobe sauce. I use it on stirfry all the time so just seemed like a natural progression to stew.

  28. Kim Bee says

    I tend to call everyone dude, including the dog, the mailman, any driver who cuts me off, my brother…I think I use it too much but it's so me. Lol! I shall hide the evidence so he never knows.

  29. Kim Bee says

    We just finished season 1 tonight. It is really good. Enjoying it immensely. Lol, my daughter is a flexitarian. Rarely eats meat but on occasion indulges.

  30. Kim Bee says

    Thanks. I love having fun. I put dress pants on for 2 whole hours today. Came home and slipped right back into pj pants. Lol. I do the shower and put comfies back on too. The joys of being home.

  31. Kim Bee says

    It's perfect to eat right before seeing twilight I think. I adore garlic. I often forget other people do not love it as much as I do.

  32. Kim Bee says

    That is balmy compared to here. I think it's below 0 today. I can't wait to spend a few days there. You'll be in a sweater and I'll be running around in short sweating. Lol.

  33. Kim Bee says

    I have to not look while I eat. I also do this with shepherd's pie. It makes for a messy meal. Lol! Thanks Anne. xx

  34. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    Personally, I like Mini-dude. I love beef stew, but also with tons of garlic? I think I love it even more!

  35. Dan Toombs - The Curry Guy says

    This looks fantastic. There's nothing better than a nice beef stew when it's freezing outside like it is right now.

    I love your blog! Great and entertaining writing and your pics are excellent.

    Keep up the great work Kim.


  36. Diana B. says

    Made this tonight and the flavor was just not good. Very disappointed about this as all the comments were wonderful. Was a bit skeptical about 2 tablespoons of Better than Bouillon and I had good reason to be…the flavor was SO overpowering, every bite tasted like a mouthful of that stuff. I did not like this meal and neither did my family.
    It smelled great cooking though :(

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Hey Diana. Thanks so much for the feedback. I always like getting it, whether it’s good or bad. It’s always nice to know how things work, or don’t work for folks. Sorry you didn’t like it. This is one I make often and I always use the veggie bouillon. Do you recall whether you used beef or vegetable better than bouillon? I’m wondering if the beef is more overpowering than the vegetable. I use two tablespoons in all my stocks and stews, so now you’ve got me curious. It should not overpower this dish, if anything the garlic should. I may make it this weekend to reshoot the photos so if I do I’ll walk through the process to ensure it’s right. I appreciate you letting me know.

      I’m guessing you mixed the bouillon with hot water right? I should note that since maybe not everyone knows that. But you strike me as someone who knows their way around a kitchen.

      If I remake it soon I’ll see if I can problem solve it for you. Or it’s just a taste preference deal. We have pretty strong palettes so we like heavy tastes and spice, but not everyone does.

      Happy Weekend. xx

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