Apple Pie and a new series!

Spring Apple Pie | Cravings of a Lunatic | #apple #pie #dessert

Easy and decorative spring time apple pie. Hi folks. Welcome to the new series! It's going to be so much fun! I am so excited to show it to you! … [Read more...]

Saffron Ice Cream

Saffron Ice Cream |Simple and delicious saffron ice cream recipe. This is a no egg recipe.

Simple and delicious saffron ice cream recipe. This is a no egg recipe. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Oscar night is fast approaching. Do you all have plans? Anyone having an Oscar party? I plan on strapping on a ball gown and just walking around the house thanking everyone all night long. I might even go out and thank some of the neighbours. A girl's gotta be gracious right! … [Read more...]

French Chouquettes with Jill Colonna from Mad About Macarons


Hi folks. You really did not think the opening line was going to change did you? It's become synonymous with the Cravings site. As is the end line. They shall probably stay till the end of time. Why? Because they are me, part of what makes myself and the blog who and what we are. Plus it's just good manners to be polite and greet people if you ask me. I am beyond excited to introduce you to today's guest. I have the one and only Jill Colonna from Mad About Macarons here today to share a … [Read more...]

Welcome to the new site!

Hi Lunatic readers!!! How the heck are you all??? I missed you all so much!!! Did you miss me too??? … [Read more...]

Hold on to your hats Lunatic fans!

Hi folks. Just a quick update for you. You all know I have been wanting to move the site to wordpress. Well it's happening. This weekend in fact. With the help of a lovely friend I will shower with hugs and kisses when I meet her in person. I shall fill you in on who she is and how you can contact her for your own move once the other site is up and running. I was going to do it myself but let's be honest, Kim and technology do not mix. Best to hand it over to someone who can do it and do it … [Read more...]

Turtle Popcorn Gone Wild

Turtle Popcorn Gone Wild

Chocolate Popcorn covered in Homemade Caramel Sauce and tossed with Pecans and Toffee Bits. This stuff is wildly addictive. It's a chocolate lovers dream.  Yah baby! Chocolate = good! Caramel = good!! Toffee = good!!! Pecans = good!!!! Popcorn = good!!!!! Chocolate + Caramel + Toffee + Pecans + Popcorn = Turtle Popcorn Gone Wild!!!!!! Turtle Popcorn Gone Wild = "Well smack my ass and call me Judy" kind of good!!!!!!! … [Read more...]

Turtle Popcorn

chocolate popcorn

Wonderful easy, and quick chocolate popcorn recipe. Great for snacking on for parties, movies or game day. You're going to love this one.  Okay let's all sing along now.... "MMM I Love Turtles!" Okay for those of you living under a rock, or who don't often read my blog (why the h...e ...double hockey sticks have you not been reading??) Turtles are a very special treat here in Canada. They are little chocolate delights that will drive you to madness. Well, maybe not you. But me … [Read more...]

Pink Popcorn

Old Fashioned Pink Popcorn | Cravings of a Lunatic | #pink #popcorn #candy #pinkpopcorn #snacks

Old fashioned pink candy popcorn, it's seriously delicious and reminds me of my childhood. I hope you love it as much as I do! HAPPY EARLY VALENTINE'S DAY FOLKS! I wanted to post this tomorrow but I was just too excited to wait. So you get an early V-Day gift. You're welcome! … [Read more...]

Turtle Ice Cream Pie


Hi folks! Okay if you're new... I love Turtles! If you're not new.... … [Read more...]

Mini Pulled Beef and Shallot Sandwiches


Hi folks. Want a bite? It's really good. I ate three just while I took the photos. Let's not even talk about how many I ate after. … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cake Popcorn


Hi folks. Fun with Jars Friday is back! With a vengeance! Of the sweet variety! Sweet vengeance! Is there any other kind!? … [Read more...]

Kaiserschmarrn – Emperor’s Mix/Nonsense: Guest Post by Healthy Foodie Travels


Hi folks. Today I have a special treat for you. Today is blog swap day! So what does this mean you ask? Well, it means the lovely and talented Kiri from Healthy Foodie Travels is going to be sharing a delightful recipe with you. Kiri is an amazing gal I met through blogging. She is fun, witty and always on point with her recipes. She shares many foods I have never heard of or seen. … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links- Feb 8


Mini-me back in the saddle! Hi folks. Another week has passed, it seems to have just vanished. I feel like I was just posting last week's Lunatic Loves These Links. I have been busy this week so I am sure that is why it seems to have just flown by. It's been a good food week here. I've been doing quite an assortment of dishes. Some of have already posted on the blog, and some are being tweaked for future posts. Some just got scarfed without blogging about them. I have to admit we have a … [Read more...]

Red Velvet Cake


Hi folks. So here's the thing. When planning to make a cake you must do these things: Make sure you have all the ingredients needed! Make sure you have all the tools needed! Make sure you do it well in advance of when it is needed! Yup! I did none of those things. But look at this pretty cake! … [Read more...]

Maple Glazed Nuts for SRC

Maple Glazed Nuts from Cravings of a Lunatic

Hi folks. I am part of a group called Secret Recipe Club. Once a month we are all assigned another blog that we visit and pick a recipe from to cook and blog about. Then on a set date every month we share that recipe with our readers. It's a great way to inspire community and promote other bloggers. I love participating in this group. It's a real treat to poke around another person's recipes and see what kinds of things they make and learn more about them. … [Read more...]

Wild Rice Pizza for Burwell Vintage Recipe Swap


Hi folks. I have to say I am really enjoying being part of the Vintage Recipe Swap. Christianna of Burwell General Store uses vintage cookbooks and every month she chooses one recipe for the group to adapt. There about 30 of us right now and some changes are coming to the swap. I have to admit to being really excited to see what's in store for us next. It is so rewarding to take a recipe and turn it on it's head, make it something else. Some months it's easy, some months it's hard. This month's … [Read more...]

Taco or Chip Dip for Dudes or Chicks Who Like Football aka Not Me!


Hi folks. I wanted to whip up a quick dip for all you football fans out there. I mean just because I hate sports and am boycotting the Superbowl doesn't mean I can't feed you right. Okay so I am not so much "boycotting" as I am "not watching it". But you know same dif right. So here is another example of me making things I do not eat. Kim does not do dip. Unless it's fruit dip, then I may partake. But veggie and taco dips not so much. I mean it's food....touching. I'd need a therapist after. … [Read more...]

Rigatoni with Golden & Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Bella Mushrooms: Guest Post by Sandra’s Easy Cooking

Rigatoni with Golden Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Bella Mushrooms by Sandras Easy Cooking

Hi folks. I have a very special treat for you today. The lovely and talented Sandra from Sandra's Easy Cooking is guest posting today. If you have not read her blog I highly recommend you head over and do so. She is an amazing cook, recently she has taken on a more healthful approach to cooking. Sandra takes the most phenomenal photos, they are always so bright and gorgeous. Every single recipe makes me drool. Even the seafood recipes and I don't even like seafood. You know she's doing something … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links- Feb 1


Hi folks. Hope you are enjoying your week. They seem to fly by these days. Always so much to do. Been a crazy week here so far. I love my life because it is never dull. I always tell people I'd rather be busy than bored. Good thing I actually mean it. On Monday I had to go for an allergy test. I have a pretty wicked case of IBS, the thought was maybe it was not actually IBS and was something called mast cell disorder. So after a gazillion picks in my arm, an ice pack on my other arm to inspire … [Read more...]