Lunatic Loves These Links- Feb 1

Hi folks. Hope you are enjoying your week. They seem to fly by these days. Always so much to do. Been a crazy week here so far. I love my life because it is never dull. I always tell people I’d rather be busy than bored. Good thing I actually mean it. On Monday I had to go for an allergy test. I have a pretty wicked case of IBS, the thought was maybe it was not actually IBS and was something called mast cell disorder. So after a gazillion picks in my arm, an ice pack on my other arm to inspire hives, a scratch on my back to also inspire hives, and a weighted bag hanging off my arm to inspire more hives, we discovered I am not actually allergic to anything at all. And nary a hive in sight. So basically 2 hours of my day and a gazillion holes in my arm to learn nothing new. Back to my gastro guy I go. *sigh*I actually totally love my gastro guy. This dude is wicked cool. He looks and sounds exactly like James Earle Jones. I adore James Earle Jones. Years and years ago I went for my first colonoscopy, one of many now. I was super nervous the first time and asked my friend Tracy to take me to the test. We joked on the way up about how much the doctor looks and sounds like my pal James. So she dared me to do the Lion King line. I did not. I mean who wants to embarrass themselves by doing the Lion King voice. I mean I am a grown up. I am mature. So as I started to get loopy from the meds I kept my dignity intact and did the Darth Vader voice instead. As I slipped under I did the infamous “Luke I am your father”. To this day I am known as the Darth Vader lady at the doc’s office. They all laugh about it. So embarrassing! Like I said, never dull!Don’t ya just love my stories. Honestly I have a million stories where I have embarrassed myself completely. It’s like a gift. Or a curse. Whatever.On to my weekly linky love session. I adore sharing the stuff I come across on the web each week. There is such a great array of blogs out there. The recipes are so creative and inspiring. I hope you enjoy this week`s Lunatic Loves These Links.WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING:  

Better Than Milky Way Bars: Guest Post by That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Lunatic’s Garlic Beef Stew or Why Vampires Won’t Attack You Tonight


Simply Scratch- Blood Orange and Honey Sorbet

La Phemme Phoodie- Drunken Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

Brown Eyed Baker- Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes

The Dusty Baker, Guest Post on A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis- Meyer Lemon Coconut Cake

A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis- Triple Chocolate Pecan Fudge Brownies

Scientifically Sweet- Fig and Pistachio Cornmeal Biscotti

Scarletta Bakes- Spicy Corn Egg Rolls with Avocado Crema

Picture Perfect Meals- Sweet Potato Ravioli with Maple, Brown Butter and Sage

Sandra’s Easy Cooking- Stir Fry With Rice

Wanna Be A Country Cleaver- Almond Champagne and Lemon Bundt Cake


The Shiksa in the Kitchen- Chicken Catch Me


Love Veggies and Yoga is my new fave. I am trying to cook and eat a bit healthier and Averie sure is good inspiration. The woman is stunning and her cooking is equally as stunning as she is. She posts tons of sweets but balances it with a healthy lifestyle. She has some great tips and lots of fun posts on a variety of subjects. She is a wonderful photographer as well. So stop by and check out her blog. You will be reading it like a novel and will find yourself still in your jammies at dinnertime wondering where the day went. You’ll also be inspired to know you can love baking and still be a stone cold fox. Cool right! Who Knew?!


Guest post with someone super special!

More Turtle madness!

Pizza that will blow your mind!

Toodles and smoochies. xx

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  1. Curry and Comfort says

    I love your roundups and blog links as always. :) Congrats to the winner of Bon Apetit! Have a great Wednesday. :)

  2. Vicki Bensinger says

    Wow you have a lot going on. I just stopped by to say hi after reading your post on Ann's site "Cooking Healthy For Me". So nice to meet you. Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Have a great day. Happy Cooking!

  3. The Mom Chef says

    Hubby has IBS pretty bad as well (he's actually passed out a couple of times). Much as I hate to say the word, have they looked into the possibility of crohns? It is in the same family as IBS after all.

    Yup, congrats to the magazine winner. :)

  4. BecHeflin says

    You've been one busy bee, Kim Bee! Thank you so much for adding It's Yummilicious to your reading list. You do realize that I've had a crazy girl crush on you for several months now, right? You're like the ultra adorable, smart, talented, funny-as-heck sister that I always wanted. Love you to pieces, girlfriend! <3

  5. Erin @ Dinners, Dishes and Desserts says

    Love that story! James Earl Jones came to speak at my college freshman year. I was so excited to go hear him talk! Great line up as always!!
    I have a giveaway going on you might be interested in.

  6. Kristen says

    So many links, so little time. I wish I could clone myself ….five to act as slaves for each of my children and three to sit at each of the computers in the house to visit blogs and a few others just to cook and clean and have fun.

  7. The Harried Cook says

    Ugh… sorry that you have to go through all those tests! Hope it's sorted out soon! Hugs.. and this is an awesome post with so many fantastic bloggers I must now visit! Thanks :) And congrats to the winner of the giveaway! :)

  8. Kim Bee says

    Aw poor hubby. It is wicked painful, most people don't realize how much pain we get daily. There's a drug that helps with that if he wants to know more about it I can dig up the info and shoot you an email. I was diagnosed 17 years ago but think I've had it my whole life. I've had 7 colonoscopies so it's never progressed to anything thus far. I am due to go back again. They keep a close eye due to it's severity and we have colon cancer in the family. All of my siblings have gastro issues as well, as did my mom. So it definitely runs in families. Mini-me suffers mildly from it. I get really bad when I am stressed out. So my goal is life is to mellow. Lol!

  9. Kim Bee says

    It's cool. I get girl crushes all the time. Lol. I shall be your adopted sister from another mister. You can nickname me Spaz. You too. The love, not the spaz. xx

  10. Kim Bee says

    He is so cool. I just stare at my doctor sometimes and it gets all weird and uncomfortable. He thinks I'm kidding but totally crushing on the dude. James is the bomb, I could listen to him talk all day long.

    I shall zip by today. I set aside 4 hours to catch up with everyone today. Yeah!

  11. Kim Bee says

    It was actually hilarious. I wish I could have video'd me sitting there with one arm picked to death and going red, one arm with an ice pack resting on it and big bag hanging off my shoulder. I looked like a total doofus. Yeah for medical miracles. I thought for sure I would be allergic to all the animals.

  12. Kim Bee says

    *giggles* You're welcome. I am sending Adam pics tomorrow. This week got weird with my foot injury or whatever the heck it is. I've been slacking due to pain and hobbling.xx

  13. Kim Bee says

    I know right. I wish there were more hours in the day. I don't know how you do it with 5 munchkins. I only have 2 and they wear me out. Of course the 5 birds, 3 cats, puppy and horse don't help. And now the stray cat has adopted us. No wonder I never have any free time. I need less pets. Lol. I am so excited to meet you. The countdown is on. I'm warning you now, I look nothing like Angelina Jolie, just putting that out there.

  14. Magic of Spice says

    What a great list you have here, I have already seen a few of these but will need to catch the others :)
    Wishing you a great weekend…and so glad you are allergy free :)

  15. janet@fromcupcakestocaviar says

    I'm torn between glad you don't have allergies and sad that you don't because at least then you'd KNOW.

    As for the links… I will commence to drooling now 😀

    Last… said in full voice…

    "Kim, you are my twin!"

    Have a great night, Darth :-)

  16. Lizzy says

    I'm sorry they didn't find something…so that they could treat that something! And you are probably the only one who can make IBS so amusing…when I know it isn't! Thanks for featuring our mutual post…and all your teasers. I'm thinking I need to make pizza but have to wait for yours :) Have a great weekend!!! xx (didn't know you didn't do hugs…LOL).

  17. says

    Hey, thanks for picking my Chicken Catch Me as recipe of the week! Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Have you been tested for Celiac/gluten intolerance? My friend was having all kinds of gastro problems and that turned out to be the issue. Might be worth looking into!

    By the way, I’m loving the snazzy new blog redesign– so much cleaner and brighter! Very nice. :) xx

    • Kim Bee says

      Hello my dear Tori. So happy you popped by. Was wondering how you were. Last I heard there was a minor injury, hope all is well now. You are so welcome. It was wicked cool and I loved the story behind it. Yup, I’ve been tested twice. Not celiac but sensitive to they said. I have a really severe case of IBS we monitor closely. I get scopes usually every 2 to 4 years. I don’t seem to respond well to most treatments. They tend to do the opposite to me. Now we’re digging into mast cell disorder but I don’t think that is the cause either. I think I just have really bad IBS, lol. It would help me tremendously if I ate more frequently but eating causes pain. Crazy but such is my life. I am so much better than I used to be so grateful I can leave the house and live a quazi-normal life.

      Thank you. I am really happy with it. After the conference I’ll look into a logo and a few other little things to jazz it up even more. Feels nice to have it suit me now.

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