Snickers Snack Cake: Guest Post for Erika Eats

Hi folks. You can find me over guest posting at Erika Eats today.  I was so pleased when Erika asked me to guest post for her. I mean another Pepsi junkie, and wild cherry to boot. Erika also made some pistachio cupcakes. So yah, I may just fall in love with this young lady. She is so well rounded in her cooking. I admire her for outlook on life. I also think her and her hubby are too adorable for words. So head on over and check out this Snickers Snack Cake. It is super easy to make and well, it’s Snickers people. Nuff said.

Um, what are you still doing here? Go…now…to Erika’s blog!

Seriously y’all quit licking the screen! That’s just not cool. I know you’re all alone and no one can see you but what if all our lives are like that movie Jim Carrey starred on, you know the one I mean, where he’s on tv all the time. I mean 10 gazillion people might have just seen you do that.

Okay now, this is crazy. Blocking the webcam is not going to stop people from seeing you. I mean there could be little cameras every where taping your every move. Yah, you in the back I just saw what you did. Not cool man, not cool!

Okay that’s it man, I am not posting any more pictures till someone grabs some dettol. Gross man, gross. Stop licking the screen. Just head over to Erika’s blog and check this Snickers Snack Cake out. You can make this your damn self. Seriously, so easy. Even a screen licking, webcam covering, Jim Carrey wannabe can make this stuff.

Toodles and smoochies! xx


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  1. 1

    Snickers (SNACK) cake? Wowser :D

    • 2

      Lol thanks Kiran. It was incredibly good. Usually I can just have one slice of something but this one had me coming back for a second slice.

  2. 3

    I will spend the rest of the day trying to replace the image of this luscious cake in my head with salad. Thanks Kim :)

  3. 5

    This look sooo good! I am drooling over that cake right now Kim! Congrats on the guest post!!!!!

  4. 7

    This is one gorgeous guest post – I am eating a snickers while I read this and it does not fill the void! ;)

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. 9

    Omg. I totally was the one licking my phone in public while looking at these! AMAZING!!!!!!!

  6. 11

    Yum! Looks tasty. Clicking over to see your guest post!

  7. 13

    I couldn’t stop looking at the pictures! :)

    Heading over there now!

  8. 15

    Oh my! Yumma Yumma!

  9. 17

    Incredible looking and I am sure tasting. I can feel a sugar rush comin

  10. 19

    Oh, Kim. Oh. I must contain myself not to be wildly inappropriate in my reactions. Ahem.

  11. 21

    Looks really delicious. Who eats all these fab desserts you make? I am going to try making the pop corn you posted the other day. Hope you are having a great weekend.

    • 22

      Thanks. I have two growing hooligans who love to eat. They take a ton of stuff to school for the friends too. Sometimes I’m lucky to get a little of what I make. Oh you have to try some popcorn. They are all good. I’m partial to the pink and the turtle popcorn gone wild.

  12. 23

    That looks like chocolate heaven…will stop over now :)

  13. 25

    LOL :D you are hilarious… how did you know I was licking my screen? Snickers is one of my top favorite candy bars… gotta go check out this recipe! Thanks for sharing this…

  14. 27

    Woah! That looks sinfully delicious. Love the ooey gooey chocolate frosting.

  15. 28

    If I ever get married again, I want this as my wedding cake.

  16. 29

    Oh wow this looks AMAZING!! Kim, you’ve done it again! Heading over to check out your guest post :-)

  17. 30

    That cake looks very good! Tasty… mmm… I can see myself coming for a second, and third piece…:) Going to Erika’s blog to check out the recipe…

  18. 31

    Oh sweet baby jesus, this looks ah-mazing! Snickers are my favorite!

  19. 32

    Oh my goodness… this looks amazing. My mouth is watering!

  20. 33

    You know how to make a decadent dessert! Just amazing, my friend! I just couldn’t keep my finger out of that dripping icing :)

  21. 34

    Snickers! Awesome!

  22. 35

    Wow! Looks so chocolatey & incredible! Have buzzed you!

  23. 36

    Wow. This looks super delicious. Snickers are soooo good.

  24. 37

    OMG… Looks delicious! Great photos!

  25. 38

    Love the line “stop licking the screen, y’all.” It made me laugh out loud.

  26. 39

    Heading there now…this looks amazing!

  27. 40

    wow, this looks so crazy delicious!

  28. 41

    Omygoshhhhh I am obsessed with this cake! off to check out the recipe right now! Your pictures are too good looking!

  29. 42

    wow! you amaze me with your simply work, very nice.
    its perfect for my cakes craving! hahas!..

  30. 43

    I know I’m seriously late on this but WOW this looks fantastic!! Cake + snickers is genius!

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