Steak Stir Fry

Hi folks!

*taps the screen*

Is this thing on?

Okay so this recipe has no:











Nor does it have:




high calories

For the record it was also not deep-fried!

What’s become of me? The Lunatic posting a healthy dish…I must have hit my head on something. This can’t be right.

Yet it is. Want a closer look just to be sure?

Yup that’s healthy!

And I have a brain scan scheduled for Monday so it never happens again!


Steak Stir Fry
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
An easy and quick Stir Fry Recipe.
Recipe type: Main, Healthy, Beef
Serves: 4 big eaters, or 8 normal people
  • 1 pound of steak, I used tenderloin but you can use any kind
  • 1½ cups of jasmine rice
  • 3 cups of water
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 large carrots, sliced thin
  • ¼ to ½ head of cauliflower, cut up
  • 2 cloves of elephant garlic, chopped roughly (I wanted mine in big pieces)
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons Ponzu Sauce (more for rice if desired)
  1. Chop all your veggies first and set aside.
  2. Slice up your meat thinly, season with some salt, and set aside. (meat tends to cook better when at room temperature so I usually leave mine out for 20 to 30 minutes before a stir fry or grilling)
  3. Now put your water in a pot and turn on high heat, bring to a boil.
  4. Once the water is at a boil you want to toss some salt in the water, then the rice.
  5. Cover the rice with a tight lid and simmer on low for 8 to 12 minutes.
  6. Now I use two pans for the next step, you can do it all in one pan if you like but that's a personal choice.
  7. In pan #1 spray with non stick spray, then drizzle with olive oil.
  8. In pan #2 (or wok) spray with non stick spray, then drizzle with olive oil.
  9. Bring both to a medium to high heat first before adding anything.
  10. In pan #1 add your carrots. Stir them around for a minute.
  11. In pan #2 (wok) add your meat. It will sizzle so be careful. Stir it around for a minute.
  12. In pan #1 add your cauliflower and stir around for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  13. In pan #2 (wok)keep stirring around your beef. It should be starting to brown nicely.
  14. In pan #1 add your garlic and stir around for a minute.
  15. In pan #2 (wok) add the ponzu sauce and stir around for a minute.
  16. In pan #1 add about 2 to 3 tablespoons of water, make sure heat is relatively high, but not scorching, now cover it for a few minutes. Good things will start to happen. Keep a close eye on it and stir if needed.
  17. In pan #2 your meat should be done or almost done. You want it brown but still soft. You can add more olive oil at any point if you find it drying. If it's done turn off heat and remove from burner.
  18. In pan #1, repeat the step of adding water again if veggies are not soft. They should be but if your pieces are bigger than mine you might want to do this a second time for about 2 to 3 minutes. It just steams the veggies a bit and soften them up.
  19. Now turn off the heat for your veggies.
  20. Your rice, steak and veggies should have all finished up relatively around the same time.
  21. Now you can either just pop it all into one large bowl and mix it up.
  22. OR:
  23. You can do individual bowls and layer it which is how I like to do it.
  24. Add a scoop of rice in your bowl.
  25. Pop some veggies over top.
  26. Pop some meat over top of that.
  27. You can add a teaspoon or so of more ponzu if you like. I usually do.
  28. Serve with a big old healthy smile!
It may seem complicated with 2 pans going but I like to cook my veggies separately. You could also just steam them if you have a steamer. I do not so I do mine on the stove. You can also steam veggies in your microwave by adding a bit of water and popping a lid on a glass dish and cooking for 5 to 10 minutes depending how many you do. I like browning mine before steaming but it's a personal thing. You do not have to. This dish is all about timing so plan your time well.

I hope you enjoyed this healthy post today. I’ll be sure to have my head examined so it never happens again.

Did I mention is has no added sugar? *sigh*

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. Charlie says

    I absolutely love you, girl!

    Finally a stir-fry that doesn’t have a lot of sauce ingredients.
    I don’t know what ingredient it is in most sauces, but they make my Mama violently ill.
    I know for a fact she will be able to keep this sauce down, and finally be able to eat stir-fry without being afraid of being sick.

    Thank you for sharing

    Have a Joyful Day!


    • Kim Bee says

      Aw shucks, thanks. Love right back at ya. It’s probably the msg in most sauces or the gluten. My sis found a gluten free tamari sauce that would probably be good for your mom. I’ll have to dig it out and grab the name of it. I like simple when I do healthy. The less you add the better it is for you. I’m the same way with salad. I don’t like dressing on them. Why eat a salad then pour bad stuff on it. Makes no sense to me. I figure I so rarely eat healthy that when I do I want to do it right. Lol!

      • Charlie says

        LOL Girl!

        I don’t eat salad dressings on my salad either, only rarely then it has to be homemade and light.

        I have a nice honey/ginger that I make

  2. says

    Just outstanding, Kim! I love stir fry and this one looks so easy and delish! Yeah, tomorrow makes 2 savory posts in a row for me…maybe we need a joint brain scan :)

  3. says

    Turtle stir fry, maybe? :) Well, if we must be healthy today than at least it’s got jasmine rice which is my absolute favorite. Love the bowl and matching chopsticks, too. Now I’m heading over to Liz’s site where I can get a decent dessert! :)

    • Kim Bee says

      Bah, I love it. I must try that. I love jasmine and basmati. I also have some black rice I want to try soon that I bought in the states and some wild. But I am worried it will upset my tummy so waiting till I have no where to drive one day. Lol! The bowl and chopsticks were a dollar store find. Weird but true.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks so much. I think the size of my derrier answers the derrier question for anyone wondering about my derrier. But meals like this will help shrink my derrier so there you go.

    • Kim Bee says

      I know, I know, I’m bull headed. Delicious means sugar, and fat, and butter. It’s like a sickness. Um, perhaps. Or not.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks. It is under used by most of us I think. It makes a great substitute for mashed potatoes and you can also use it as a base for pizza, sort of like a rice crust. I like it in stir fry and also just a big bowl of steamed veggies.

    • Kim Bee says

      I promise to return her right quick. I locked her up with 20 boxes of turtles so she should have been good for a day or an hour perhaps.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks. It was good and simple. I like it with more veggies but my fridge only had carrots and cauliflower in it. So I made it work. Lol!

    • Kim Bee says

      Lol thanks. I was lucky to add the carrots for some natural sugar to keep me from going through withdrawals.

  4. says

    Oh how I miss a piece of steak good enough to only need a little sauce! I used to make stir fry’s like this all the time when we lived in the U.S. as it was the only way I could get my daughter to eat veggies. I suppose I could do it again with chicken :) Great photos too, by the way!

    • Kim Bee says

      I tell you this meat from the tenderloin is something else. I’ll be trimming them more often and using the small bits for stir fry again. I used to make stir fry with chicken more often than beef. Then mini-me came along and had a big issue with bird products so we didn’t use them often. Now she’s letting up a bit so you may see some chicken dishes pop up from time to time.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Ann. I used to make stir fry all the time. But it’s one of those many dishes mini-me would not eat. Now she does so I can start making it more often.

    • Kim Bee says

      I think I must have really whacked my noggin. If you can believe it I bought two sets at the dollar store. One buckaroo each. They even came with a matching soup spoon. I was stunned. The bowl was a whole whooping dollar too. Lol!

  5. says

    Ha-you do not fool me Kim, I knew you were hiding some of your talent for savory creations! So thanks for rolling it out finally. Your stir fry does look tasty and we all crave light healthy meals on occasions (even if you do not want to admit it), so I am sure I will be eating this when the craving hits. Happy Monday!

  6. says

    OK Let me start by saying ” You Rock”!!!!
    This looks really good, no nothing is my mantras these days…

    With that being said, I still love Yes Everything and High Sugar Kim…..LOL

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks so much. I like to rock. I’ll have to find some middle ground between this stuff and my sugar.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks so much. I really loved this. I snagged the leftovers before anyone else got them so you know I loved it.

    • Kim Bee says

      Lol Nami. I know I freaked everyone out with this healthy post. It took me forever and a day to find Ponzu. I ended up bringing some home from Florida when we hit Whole Foods. Was just itching to try it out. It has such a nice flavor to it. I was really impressed.


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