Cocoa Pebbles Ice Cream


I hope everyone enjoyed their day today. I went to see 21 Jump Street with the hooligans. I thought it was a great movie. Wildly inappropriate but wickedly funny. And let’s just say it. Channing Tatum is not hard on the eyes. At all. Not…even…a…little! We ordered some food from a local seasonal place. It’s called the Dairy Freez. Has awesome burgers. I am now chilling out watching Survivor. Yup, pretty good day. Also got beautiful flowers from boytoy. The other day he brought me Wild Cherry Pepsi, today he shows up with flowers. Mini-me sure knows how to pick them. He has more brownies points than he’ll ever need at this point.

Today also made me miss my Mom more than normal. For regular readers you know I lost her when I was 15. I’ve written about her before. I just tend to be on edge on Mother’s Day. Nothing horrible, no crying or moping. I enjoy my time with the kids but in the back of my mind there are lots of thoughts about how life would be different if they knew her. I think she epitomized what being a mother is.

She was kind.

She was caring.

She was supportive.

She was funny.

She protected us.

She ALWAYS put us first!

To me that’s what Moms do. They love all of you. Not just pieces of you. They show up. To everything. Not just the things they like. They support you when life is hard. They listen when you need an ear. It’s also what grandparents do. My kids missed out on that. My Mom would have kicked ass being a Gramma. She would have spent time with them, loved them, read books with B-Dude, taken mini-me riding, taken them shopping, baked cookies with them, hung out and laughed hysterically with them every moment she could. Time missed out on. So I think quietly about that all day long. That they missed out on having a great gramma who would have loved them whole heartedly for all that they are.

This is us on my brother's grad. I had just had my appendix out and was seriously drugged up. Love the look on Mom's face!

I was lucky to have that growing up. My Mom’s mother was amazing. My gramma spent time with us. She made us laugh. She played with us. She talked to us. She took an active interest in our lives. I remember after my Mom passed away I would stop at my Gramma’s house to talk, and she would make me french fries. Sometimes we’d just sit there, sometimes we’d talk about Mom, sometimes I’d talk about boys. I am so happy I had that type of influence in my life. She passed a year after my Mom passed. She was the biggest spitfire you could ever meet in your life. I miss her too.

Me and Gramma playing baseball in our backyard!

So the moral of today’s story is appreciate your Moms. You are incredibly lucky to have them in your life. Tell them that. You can never spend too much time with them. You can never love the people in your lives too much. It’s just not possible.

One of my fave pics of my Mom!

You should also make them ice cream. Cuz we kind of love ice cream. It will get you forgiven for forgetting to empty the dishwasher, for making us make three trips to school cuz you forgot things multiple times, for breaking our favourite dish, for hitting the back of our feet with the grocery cart-repeatedly, for spilling pop on our laptop not once but three times in one week, for annoying us with constant humming. Ice cream cures all that. Little known mom secret. Use it to your advantage!

Cocoa Pebbles Ice Cream
Recipe type: Dessert, Ice Cream
  • ¾ cup cocoa powder
  • ¾ cup vanilla sugar
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • Pinch vanilla salt
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups cocoa pebbles
  1. In a stand mixer whisk together cocoa powder, vanilla sugar, brown sugar, vanilla salt, and whole milk. Mix until well combined.
  2. Now add the heavy cream and vanilla extract and whisk again for a couple of minutes.
  3. Cover the bowl and stick in the fridge for about one hour.
  4. Remove and transfer to a frozen ice cream bowl.
  5. Place that on your machine.
  6. Turn on and mix for about 10 minutes until it's almost hardened.
  7. Add the cocoa pebbles. Mix briefly.
  8. It can be eaten immediately or you can pop it back in the freezer until needed.
  9. Serve with a big old chocolatey rock your whole mouth smile!
Best eaten on the first day. The cocoa pebbles stay crisp that way. I liked it on day 2 as well. But by day 3 they get a bit soft and it doesn't have the same bite to it.

Hope you enjoyed this one. As always most of my ice cream recipes are inspired by Cuisinart. The machine comes with a handy recipe book. This one is adapted from their Simple Chocolate Ice Cream. You can also find recipes for my vanilla salt and vanilla sugar to use to enhance the flavour a bit. If you don’t have any or are not inclined to make it just use regular sugar and regular salt. No big. It’ll still kick ass.

The next recipe coming up is also a Cocoa Pebbles recipe. I go on tangents, what can I say. If you haven’t seen the Cocoa Pebbles Krispies yet you should check those out. They had a nutella and chocolate frosting on them. So good I may have eaten the whole batch by myself.

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. says

    This is a very sweet post. The great thing about loved ones who pass is that we carry in us the things we most loved about them. Your kids are lucky. Delicious ice cream too! Childhood cereals are pretty awesome.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thank you so much. I feel like the lucky one these days. Great kids. I love making food that brings me back to my youth. So much fun.

  2. says

    I make ice cream all the time but I’ve never put cereal in it. What a great idea. Happy Mother’s Day. It’s a tough day for me too. My first year without my mother and my kids are all 10,000 miles away.

    • Kim Bee says

      This was my first time trying it. It’s super good but best eaten the first day or so. That way it tastes like a nestle crunch bar.

      Happy Mother’s Day to you too. I am so sorry Maureen. The first year is hard. Sending you a big virtual hug. Much empathy and love to you. If you ever need an ear feel free to email me. xx

  3. says

    All the more reason to eat the ice cream right away!
    Thanks for sharing your story about your mom. She’s really sweet and you must be, too. Love the chipmunk pic. That’s classic!

  4. says

    Wonderful post! Such a great tribute to your mom, and all mothers, really. Good stuff. And a nice recipe! Who knew you could do so much with cocoa pebbles? Certainly not me! Truly nice read – thanks.

  5. says

    Happy belated Mother’s Day to you Kim! I know you are missing your Mother even more on days like Mother’s day. Love the coco pebbles in this ice cream…. wow. What a sweet treat on a very sweet day. :)

  6. says

    Happy Mother’s Day Kim!!! What a beautiful family you have. It sounds like your mother and grandmother were both incredible ladies. This ice cream sounds amazing – cocoa pebbles?! In ice cream?!

  7. says

    Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman. I love my mama more than anything in the world! And you…you’re a a genius! Why did I never think of this before? Ahh so much chocolatey goodness in that ice cream, and with one of my favorite cereals!

  8. says

    I’ll be the texture in the ice cream was quite good from the cereal. It’s why I always like sprinkles on my ice cream cones. I’m glad you had a good mother’s day but shouldn’t the kids have made ice cream for you?? :)

  9. says

    Sounds like a pretty good day! Boytoy is scoring some major points with the flowers, lol! Love the pics you included, and the ice cream- Amazing!!

  10. says

    Kim, i think you know how i feel about cereal things; obviously i need to make this as soon as possible. You’ve also started my mind spinning about using this recipe for other flavor combos…dangerous. :)
    love the pictures of your family (I always do)…that’s a great one of you and your grandma playing baseball! so cute. such a sweet post.

  11. says

    I need an ice cream maker ASAP! My hubby would ADORE this delicious treat! I love that pic of your Mom too, so precious how the little chipmunk stayed so close:-) Happy Mother’s Day, Hugs, Terra

  12. says

    So that’s the reason that my mom was all for me buying an ice cream maker, huh? And why she bought me an ice pop book.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom and gramma. They sound like wonderful women.

  13. says

    Maybe its the pregnancy hormones or your lovely post, but you brought a tear to my eye! Happy Mothers Day! Sounds like you had incredible women in your life and that is something to be so grateful for!
    Your ice cream looks amazing. My husband is a big fan of cocoa pebbles and would LOVE this!!

  14. says

    Love the recipe and the old photos….I didn’t that you lost your mother at such a young age and you seem to have some very happy memories of her which will always be cherished. thank you for sharing

    Beverley xoxo

  15. says

    I am glad you had a nice day with the kids. Loved reading about your mom and grandmother. You have had some great women in your life.

    And the ice cream. What can I say? You do great things with cereal. I hope your supplier keeps you stocked!!


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