Ice Cream Bites for Ice Cream Sunday

Hi folks!

Welcome to another Ice Cream Sunday. My fave day of the week. Any day where I get to make and share ice cream is a great day in my book. I had some fun with this one. It is a tad messy to make these but I’m not going to lie, that was half the fun.

I wanted to call them Ice Cream Truffles but was worried it would confuse folks. So I went with Ice Cream Bites instead. When I made Chocolate Truffles last week it got my mind spinning to how good they would be in ice cream form. So I just did them with actual ice cream and coated the outside with toppings. The possibilities are endless for these. You could do a bazillion variations and never run out of ideas. I used store-bought vanilla ice cream and my Cocoa Pebbles Ice Cream I made last week. I hope you enjoy this one. I know I sure had fun popping them in my mouth while shooting the photos.

Ice Cream Bites
Prep time
Total time
Easy to make, fun to eat!
Recipe type: Ice Cream, Dessert
  • Any flavour ice cream you like. (I used vanilla and cocoa pebbles)
  • Toppings- pistachios, coconut, cocoa pebbles
  1. You can use homemade ice cream or store-bought.
  2. Be prepared to work quickly. It also helps to have a spot cleared in your freezer so you can do a few at a time and stick them right in there.
  3. Start by crushing your pistachios by putting them in a ziploc bag and whacking it a rolling-pin. Then roll over it until the pieces are the right size. Transfer to a small dish and set it aside.
  4. Now do the same things with cocoa pebbles. Place in dish and set aside.
  5. Place some flaked coconut in small dish as well and set aside.
  6. Now choose you ice cream. I started with chocolate. Use a wet melon baller to form the balls. Make about 1 or 2 dozen, freezing them as you go once formed.
  7. Now do the same thing with your vanilla ice cream. Freeze as you.
  8. Let them harden for about an hour before you start the next step.
  9. Take the chocolate out and roll quickly in your hand for just a second. The warmth will melt it just enough for the coatings to stick. Roll the chocolate ice cream in topping of choice, then put it on a cookie sheet or small pan. Only do about 2 or 3 at a time and keep popping them back in the freezer as you go.
  10. Now do the same with the vanilla ice cream using whichever toppings you choose.
  11. Place them all in the freezer for an hour or more until they harden again.
  12. Serve with a big old ice cream smile.
My choices for combinations today were: Cocoa Pebbles Ice Cream rolled in Cocoa Pebbles Vanilla Ice Cream rolled in Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream rolled in Pistachios I also do Vanilla Ice Cream in Confetti Sprinkles. I also did Chocolate Ice Cream rolled in Pistachios.

What’s really cool about this is you can get kids involved if you like. You can let them go nuts. You can drizzle stuff over top or lay them in bed of jam. I mean you can really do anything with this idea. Let your imagination run wild.

Well within reason folks. If you don’t have kids and it’s just you and the other half, don’t be coming back here telling me an X-rated version of this. That would definitely qualify as TMI between me and you. Now I’m not saying don’t do anything on the wild side, just don’t tell me about it. Or your bestie or the guy at the baseball game who really does not want to know TMI about you either. Seriously people, have some dignity. You can walk on the wild side but keep it to your damn self.

Okay so now that I’ve gotten significantly inappropriate as usual, I’ll love ya and leave ya. It’s a holiday weekend here in Canuck Land. So I am heading outside to BBQ. Wish me luck that I don’t fall down or blow it up. You all know by now I am the Queen of the Klutzes. I swear to all that is black and blue I need to sleep more. Or wrap myself in bubble wrap. I am healing up from “The Incident” but still a bit sore.

Oh and before I forget I have not forgotten about my caketastrophe I need to share with you. I opted to take a day off yesterday since I was all loopy from pain and whatnot. So you can expect the caketastrophe post on Thursday. We’ll have a special day where we can all share baking horror stories with each other. Maybe dub it “National Baketastrophe Day” or something. Tomorrow I have something sort of healthy for you. I know right, shocking. Tuesday is the new series and you all are going to love it!!! Then Wednesday I have a special Burning Down The Kitchen for you. It’s Burning Down The Kitchen Canuck Style! It’s a secret who it is until then so no asking for hints. Aw, come on now. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Go make ice cream bites and keep smiling!

Toodles and smoochies! xx


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    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks. I was trying to figure out the serving info and finally gave up. I always want to put “serves 8 to 12 normal people…or me”.

  1. says

    Preeeeetty pictures, I love the colour of that background board! These look like the perfect amount of ice cream for me since I’m not supposed to have dairy but sometimes need a fix…great idea!

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks. I am tempted to darken it up a bit. It’s leftover paint from our spare bedroom which is now my blog room. Dark, rich burgandy, I love colour, can’t help myself. These would be perfect for you.

  2. says

    Okay… I want at least 1/2 dozen of each combination! What a fantastic idea. I don’t know what would be my favorite….. they all look so good… but I am a sucker for coconut! Have a great week! ~ Ramona

    • Kim Bee says

      Lol, that made me howl with laughter. My mind just goes off in theme mood. I can’t seem to stop it.

  3. Reem | Simply Reem says

    i love the idea of ice-cream bites…
    I am sure I would be able to stop at few..LOL

  4. says

    How cute are these?!! I just love little bites of things….makes it tastier, in my opinion. Little bites of ice cream are perfect!


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