Copycat Moosetracks Ice Cream for Ice Cream Sundays: Guest Post for The Black Peppercorn

Copycat Moosetracks Ice Cream | Cravings of a Lunatic | Seriously delicious and loaded with peanut butter and chocolate!

Another Ice Cream Sunday rolls around. This week I’m sharing Ice Cream Sunday on a friend’s blog. I’m sharing the love people. And the ice cream. It’s what I do. I’m a giver.

Copycat Moosetracks Ice Cream | Cravings of a Lunatic | Seriously delicious and loaded with peanut butter and chocolate!

Well, I mean in theory I’m a giver. In reality I’m probably more of a keeper. I don’t like to share. Especially food. Especially ice cream. Especially yummy ice cream. Especially yummy ice cream with chocolate fudge running through it and chunks of peanut butter cups in it. That’s the kind of thing a gal doesn’t share.

Copycat Moosetracks Ice Cream | Cravings of a Lunatic | Seriously delicious and loaded with peanut butter and chocolate!

But this week I’m being a good girl. When I heard Steve from The Black Peppercorn was looking for guest posters I reached out. I am a fan of Steve’s blog in a big way. He’s an amazing cook and I love how diverse he is. He does some wicked cool stuff and I adore that he gets his kids involved in cooking. So I jumped at the chance to help out. After talking a bit I asked Steve if there was anything in particular he’d like me to make. We settled on ice cream but I really was curious what Steve’s fave ice cream was. Steve told me he loved Moosetracks which is a Canadian classic. I love a challenge so I knew this was going to be fun. I mean there’s Moose involved and who doesn’t love Moose right. Also a Canadian classic. Have you ever seen a Moose? They leave tracks. True story.

Copycat Moosetracks Ice Cream | Cravings of a Lunatic | Seriously delicious and loaded with peanut butter and chocolate!

Okay so head over to The Black Peppercorn to see this Copycat Moosetracks Ice Cream recipe. You will love this stuff. It’s seriously addictive. No wonder the Moose love it so much.

Copycat Moosetracks Ice Cream | Cravings of a Lunatic | Seriously delicious and loaded with peanut butter and chocolate!

While you’re there make sure you take time to poke around Steve’s site, The Black Peppercorn. You will love his blog. There are cool rubs that will blow your minds people. This dude can cook. Take the time to subscribe to his blog and follow him on social media. Anyone who loves Moosetracks Ice Cream as much as me is alright in my book. Plus he’s a total sweetheart.

Thanks to Steve for allowing the Lunatic to take over for the day. I hope you love your ice cream and try the recipe really soon.

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. 1

    I love Steve’s blog… what a great idea to make moosetracks for him. :) I enjoy a scoop of moosetracks myself. :) That picture of the ice cream in hand… is beyond tempting with the ice cream almost about to drip…. well done. :)

    • 2
      Kim Bee says:

      He is super creative and just such a nice man. I’m so happy I got to make his fave. So much fun. It’s really good ice cream. Lol, mini-me was getting made with those shots cuz it was dripping all over her.

  2. 3

    Oh man I need to get on this ASAP!

  3. 5

    Totally luscious, deliciousness!

  4. 7

    Yum, this ice cream sounds so delish….heading over to Steve’s blog now. Love your idea of the ice cream Sundays!

    • 8
      Kim Bee says:

      Thanks. I love me some ice cream. Been doing the Ice Cream Sundays for about a year. I’m thinking that’s why none of my pants fit.

  5. 9

    Look’s terrific! I’m off to Steve’s to read all about this great looking ice cream . . .

  6. 11

    I’m a fan of Steve’s too and an even bigger fan of ice cream — even on Sundays!

  7. 13

    I have never heard of moosetrack icecream. It is quite an eye-opener to find out about all these flavours of ice cream we don’t have here. But I will wait for summer – it’s freezing here right now. Popping over to Steve’s blog now.

    • 14
      Kim Bee says:

      It’s pretty popular here in Canada. If you ever visit we’ll eat our way through all the flavours. This particular company has some ah-mah-zing ice cream flavours. I always complain about the heat in summer, then the cold in winter. One of the joys of living somewhere with distinct seasons.

  8. 15

    My gosh, your photos are just stunning, Kim B!!!! I’m just going to have to come up and visit and get some pointers. I’ll bring a trunk full of cereal, I promise :) Off to visit your guest post~

    • 16
      Kim Bee says:

      Awe thanks Mama Liz. I am really enjoying photography these days. Can’t wait to get a new camera. Almost enough gift certificates now. Not quite but close. Oh, you must visit and totally bring a trunkload of cereal. Maybe a tractor trailer full too.

  9. 17

    Kim, what a lovely dessert for a hot summer day! Heading over to check Steve’s blog. Thank you! :)

  10. 19

    Woman! I just caught up on your last few blogs, and my goodness… my sweet tooth is officially activated. YUM.

    • 20

      All of a sudden I have this overwhelming desire to do the power ranger activation sequence.

      Thanks. This was one of my fave things I’ve made this year. So glad Steve asked me to guest.

  11. 21

    Coming from a city full of moose, I had to check this out. Wow, that is a fabulously creamy-looking, swirly, goody-filled ice cream.

  12. 23

    Yes, I’m a giver too, Kim – hey wait, no I’m not! Don’t touch my icecream or else!

    Off to visit your gorgeous moosetracks icecream before it melts!

    • 24

      Givers are over-rated. Us keepers are gonna have our day in the sun. You heed my words, I am sure it’s going to happen.

      It’s so good. I ate my weight in it. It’s that good.

  13. 25

    This is my favorite flavor! Buzz!!!

  14. 27

    What a great ice cream! This is a huge hit in Maine too. I love it!

    • 28

      Thank you. I love Maine. I knew there was a reason why. Now I know it’s cuz great minds think alike.

  15. 29

    I love copycat Ice cream recipes and moose tracks is a good one. Great photos too!

  16. 31

    Kim Bee.. I think I have said it before but I am going to say it again.. you are seriously the queen of ICE-CREAM. The description is enough to make me go weak and want some Moose Ice-cream. Chocolate fudge and peanut buttercups? Oh boy! What are you doing to me… This is simply orgasmic… *slurrrrpppppsss* without feeling a single guilt. And I agree with you… I wouldn’t want to share this. Who ever wants it can buy some from you :P.. xoxo

  17. 33

    Heading over now…


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