August Foodie Penpal

Foodie Penpal August

For those of you unfamiliar, Foodie Penpal is the brainchild of the lovely Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean. You sign up through Lindsay, then on the 5th of the month she sends you your match. You contact them and talk food. Then by the 15th of the month you send your package off to your match. On the last day of the month everyone posts their goodies on their blog, or if they don't blog they can share on facebook or twitter. It's a cool group and if you're not participating you should think about … [Read more...]

Pesto, Mozzarella Polenta Appetizers: Guest Post by Strands of my Life


Today's special guest is Suzanne from Strands of my Life. Suzanne is a wonderful cook and I always find myself in awe of the things she makes. She lives in New Zealand so obviously I am green with envy. I mean what a gorgeous place to live and be inspired in. Her home overlooks the sea, seriously, so jealous right now. I see my neighbours in the burbs when I look out my windows. I love Suzanne's style, she is very comfortable in the kitchen and knows her way around. She makes lots of wonderful … [Read more...]