August Foodie Penpal

Foodie Penpal August

For those of you unfamiliar, Foodie Penpal is the brainchild of the lovely Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean. You sign up through Lindsay, then on the 5th of the month she sends you your match. You contact them and talk food. Then by the 15th of the month you send your package off to your match. On the last day of the month everyone posts their goodies on their blog, or if they don’t blog they can share on facebook or twitter. It’s a cool group and if you’re not participating you should think about joining the fun. It’s a great group of people and it’s so much fun to shop for other foodies. I have a blast with it each month.

I am so excited to post this month. Last month I was left hanging, no package arrived, no note from my sender explaining why. I sure hope everything is okay, and somewhere down the line she’ll pop me a note so I know she’s okay. So even though I knew I’d be on vacation this time around I still wanted to participate. I let my match know I was going on vacation so she kindly sent it early. And she sent the coolest package. So much good stuff I don’t know where to begin.

Foodie Penpal August

This is my first ever item from Trader Joe’s so I’m so excited to try it!

Foodie Penpal August

It’s like she sees into my soul!

Foodie Penpal August

Totally packed these for the road trip!

Foodie Penpal August

And these…cuz it’s a long trip and I need lots of snacks!

Foodie Penpal August

I have evil plans for these things!

Foodie Penpal August

This note made me howl with laughter…for hours!

Foodie Penpal August

This is why I love google…and foodie penpals…and Julia!

Foodie Penpal August

I had no idea they made chocolate tea, now that I know my world is a much different place!

Foodie Penpal August

Another note that made me howl with laughter!

Foodie Penpal August

And then I was touched by Julia’s kindness cuz she actually hand wrote a recipe from her family. I cannot wait to try it. Julia you are so sweet. Thank you!

Foodie Penpal August

I love this package so much!

Thank you so much to Julia for putting together such an amazing package. I love every single item. And your notes were so adorable. I have to tell you my daughter thought it was a package from my sister who is notorious for putting sticky notes on every item in every package she sends us. So mini-me thought it was a goodie package from Aunt Deb. I am so pleased to know there’s other people out there who love sticky notes as much as we do. It’s such a thoughtful and personal touch. It made me grin from ear to ear as I read each one. Your note and recipe were wonderful too. I am so honoured you sent me your grandma’s recipe. It meant the world to me.

So folks if you are not participating you need to get off your duff and join the group. It’s a ton of fun and you meet some amazing folks along the way. So sign up for next month and join the fun.

I’m probably touring a college with mini-me right now. She booked a tour of one of the schools she’s interested in while we’re out west. So while I’m dropping B-Dude off for his new life I get double whammied with my daughter thinking about moving out there too. So obviously mom is considering moving too. Poor B-Dude thought he was getting away from us. Little did he know we’re hatching an evil plot to take over Alberta. Mwuahhahahahaha!

The Lean Green Bean

Toodles and smoochies! xx


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  1. 1

    Does Julia have a blog?

  2. 4

    What a great package. I love reading these posts and seeing all the goodies you received! She really pegged you didn’t she? I’ve seen those caramels at TJ’s and they look yum!

  3. 6

    Hey I have that same min chocolate tea! My sis sent a care package with me to open up each month here in Ecuador. It’s super yummy tea! (Not as good as the President’s Choice crackly mint ice cream… but I’m thinking that wouldn’t have traveled so well… ;)

    • 7

      That is so cool. I passed some on to my son in his first university care package. And lol, probably not on the ice cream. That cracked me up.

  4. 8

    I love this idea. I hope they add Australia and New Zealand one day soon!

    • 9

      They better. I wish they’d let us cross paths. I was hoping to get some cool American goodies but for postal reasons they keep us to our own country. Bummer but understandable.

  5. 10

    Sounds like so much Fun and such a great idea! Thank you for Sharing :)

  6. 12

    I’m so glad you liked the package, Kim! It was a lot of fun putting it together for you and I’m so happy I discovered your blog. take care! :)

    • 13

      Julia I not only liked it but I loved it. It was fantastic and I cannot thank you enough. You made me smile from ear to ear when I opened this.

  7. 14


  8. 15

    THANKS so much for introducing me to the Foodie Penpal program! As soon as I read your post, I sent a note to Lindsay. Got my first package this week and I was giddy. :) How fun!!!!!

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