Farm Fresh Fridays heads to St. Jacobs Ontario

St. Jacobs

Hi Folks! Welcome to St. Jacobs Ontario. Me & Mini-me’s fave place to hit up Farmers Markets, Flea Markets, Shops and Restaurants. Hope you enjoy the photo tour!

Our day begins with a 3 & 1/2 hour drive up there. The first thing we do is hit the Farmers Market!

They have such an amazing assortment of things to buy!

There are so many wonderful vendors to visit!

The crowds are as interesting as the vendors at the market!

Not only do they have outside vendors but there are 2 buildings which have more inside. Everything from flea market finds to spices!

It’s so hard to choose what to buy and what to leave behind!

We tend to wander in and out all day as we try to narrow down what we want!

I leave things that I love behind as I know they won’t last on our all day excursion!

Then there’s the things mini-me has outgrown that makes me wish she was still little!

So we move on from the farmers market and flea market to head into town! Our fave place to see is the old mill that houses all the coolest shops!

Places like this don’t exist in our neck of the woods. This is the place we spend the most time. We sample so many kinds of oils and sauces we won’t eat for hours afterwards!

So we wander the streets to work off all the oil and sauce we consumed until we get hungry again!

We come across a new find, a place I fall in love with where everything is pink and girlie!

We take another walk through town trying to decide if it’s time to eat again!

We try to remember which place has the best garlic bread in the entire world and which place has the best desserts in the world!

This is the BEST garlic bread you will ever taste in your entire life!

If you ever find yourself in St. Jacobs Ontario stop by Stone Crock and order their garlic bread!

You will be overwhelmed by what arrives on the table, the aroma makes you tear into it like you haven’t eaten in days!

You will try to control yourself and behave like civilized human beings!

You might be seen scarfing it down like rabid wolves and not even realize how ridiculous you look!

Then someone will take a photo of you and your daughter fighting over the very last piece! It still won’t stop you! You will want that last piece and be prepared to fight till the death for it!

Until the waitress brings you these and explains you can always order more bread to go!

At this point you realize all attempts to be normal and civilized are out the window so you do this to your lemon meringue pie. I mean who doesn’t leave a pile of meringue on a napkin after eating just the lemon!

Since you’ve already ruined your reputation and your waistline at this point I suggest stopping at the candy shop on the main street!

I’d also recommend buying one of everything as you just will not be able to decide where to draw the line!

Then to top off the day make sure you take a bunch of embarrassing photos of your daughter and post them online for everyone to see! Kids love that!

You might also want to stop and take a photo of the thing you should buy but are convinced you can make yourself or as I like to call it “hey hubs can you help me build this, then I’ll wander off to watch the real housewives while you finish it.”

You will wave goodbye to your favourite place to visit for another year!

Then you’ll head on home to take copious amounts of photos of your fun finds that day! Things like more candy than one family could eat in a lifetime!

You might then wonder who put these in your bag. Payback for that last piece of garlic bread I presume!

You will forgive her since she carried all this stuff for you like a hired pack mule!

And never complained once! Sure she swore a few times, but complained…never!

Then you will get distracted by all the pretty bottles and jars you bought!

You will remember how you found the cute little horse to hang in the car, and the crazy sign that is SO you, the apple toy you have had your eye on forever and the big ass jars you might have jumped up and down over when you found them!

You will see all the cool gadgets you bought, the spout you adore, the clay pot you have no idea what to do with and the finds from the pink store which you are now looking at thinking they snuck some other colours in there without you realizing while in your pink coma!

But it will all be okay. Why? Because you have copious amounts of candy you sillypants!

Do not fear people. We eat other things other than sugar. Like burn your face off peppers!

And boring old bread!

I mean let’s face it every grown up has to have some simple pleasures in life!

And copious amounts of candy!!!
Hope you enjoyed our trip to St. Jacobs Ontario. See you next week when we take a trip to….*cue cliffhanger music now*!
You didn’t really think I was going to tell you did you!?

Toodles and smoochies! xx


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  1. Lora @cakeduchess says

    That breadddd! Oh my! And those pies:)This post made me hungry and I would love to visit there. Love all the photos:)xx

  2. says

    What a haul!! I was there 2 weeks ago and thought of you…I only wish you had shared your Stone Crock wisdom sooner, I would’ve been ALL over that! I found a fabulous 47-piece set of antique dishes I just HAD to have and convinced my hubby to cart them home to BC with us…I lost a couple plates in the process but they look SOOOOO good in my cupboard :)

  3. says

    I’m still drooling over that bread…. what a cool day!! You live a wonderful life… this looks like so much fun. Have a great weekend.

  4. says

    Kim, I have just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on my blog because Cravings of a Lunatic is one of my favourites. I know you’ve probably got better things to do at the moment but I couldn’t leave you off the list. If you wish to pick up the award, you’ve got to come get it.

  5. says

    Oh, I wish there was something like that close by me. I know I could head two hours East and find it in Chapel Hill, but that’s just out of the question for now. I’m envious of the whole experience. I can’t wait for Dudette to not be bored silly with this kind of adventure.

    Oh yeah, I’d be leaving all that meringue behind too. Girls after my own heart.

  6. says

    I love excursions like this. I have now idea if we will ever be in Ontario but if we find ourselves there we are heading to this cool town!

  7. says

    Looks like an awesome day! And what a haul you guys took in! I’m totally jealous of all your cool stuff and that garlic bread looks amazing. I could practically smell it through the screen. Thanks for taking us on a virtual trip with you! :)


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