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Took this with the new camera. Wasn’t sure if I’d shared it with you already or not.

Hi folks.

I thought an update on what’s been happening around the blog and life in general is in order. I haven’t posted a lunatic loves in 3 weeks so lots to tell you. Since you know Lunie loves her lists we’ll do it that way. *grins*

1. We’re prepping for our trip cross-country, well two to be exact. We’re driving my son out west to Alberta to go to school in a few weeks. We’re planning to go up through the states and we might head back through Canada. It’s a quick trip for all that we have to do. Get him an apartment, set him up, visit a school in another area mini-me is considering going to, visiting some family and trying to hit Banff. All in 10 days, including the drive there and back. So it’s going to be a whirlwind adventure. I’m looking forward to the trip but am seriously bummed I have to leave B-Dude there. Call me crazy but I like my kids home. So it’s a weird time here at the Bee household. You want them to grow up and do their own thing but it’s hard to imagine life without him here, in the house or the area. I’m sure I’ll be a weeping ball of mess when it comes time to drive away.

2. Still working hard on replacing all the lost photos from the Google+ incident. I’ve hit September of 2011 but it’s taking forever to do some of them. Apparently I put way too many photos in each post. So I have to delete the blanks then replace them with the right image from my files. The old St. Jacobs post from last year took over an hour and a half to edit. So the bottom line is it takes longer to edit than to write. I’m determined though. So keep bearing with me and soon enough there will no longer be blank black boxes on the blog.

3. I’ve decided to put a hold on my Red Faced Runners run. I emailed one of the lovely ladies to fill her in. I’ll hop on the next challenge they do. But right now with my focus on the family I’m not giving it all I need to in order to run. I figured I needed to be realistic about it since we’ll be on the road for at least 10 days prior to the race. I’d love to say I’ll work out during the trip but after 16- 18 hours a day driving that seems unlikely. They will be the last 10 days I spend with my son, and his sister all together before our lives change forever. I want to enjoy every moment of the trip without distractions. I am working out and eating better though so I haven’t thrown in the towel on getting healthier.

4. Since we’re on a health note, I’m trying to do a detox from my IBS meds. I’ve been overusing them this summer due to the heat and travelling. With our trip looming it seemed like a good idea to take a break from them for a bit. I try to do it every few months but it usually only happens once or twice a year. I always feel better afterwards but the process is, well, a freaking nightmare. I’m shooting for 1 of 2 more days then I’ll ease back on the meds. The end goal is feeling better on the trip. It’s a long way from Ontario to Alberta so tummy troubles are not welcome.

5. I am attempting to eat 3 meals a day. I know for most of you this is just normal. With me and my tummy issues I’ve learned eating equals pain and not going anywhere so for about 18 years now I’ve only eaten about 1 meal a day. Usually late at night when I’m home for the day. I know it’s horrible but it was how I was able to stay actively involved with the kids and not have to bail on every sporting event or field trip. I just learned to adapt. But it’s no way to live life. So I am trying to make healthy changes slowly and see how it goes. Right now I hate it. But I’m coping. Again the goal is to be able to eat on the trip but we’ll see if my tummy adjusts by then. If not we’ll give this another go when I return. It would be so nice to be normal and eat regular meals.

6. Mini-me is doing okay. We’re still waiting on word about the leg specialist. Honestly I love Canada but our wait times for specialists are ridiculous. Her legs are doing okay and she’s able to ride horsey so she’s managing. This achilles stuff is no joke, very painful. I’ve convinced her not to rush into any decisions this year about switching majors or career options. I told her to give it a year and see if the legs get better. Personally I think she had a small grown spurt which is how this all escalated last time. We will however scope out the other school while in Alberta since we’re there anyway. Always good to have a back up plan.

7. Boytoy (mini-me’s boyfriend) is still gone. He is in the navy reserves so he’s gone for training. He will be back next week so we’re all excited for his return. Miss having the dude hanging around the house.

8. Hubs still working out-of-town. It’s continental shifts so it takes some getting used to. He has an interview for a local job coming up but it’s temporary and in the auto industry which makes me twitchy. I remember all too well how that worked out last time. I like where he’s working now as they have a plant in Alberta so my thought is we could always relocate if both the kids wind up out there. *spoiler- evil plot in the works*

9. Loving my summer. Did one road trip with B-Dude to Toronto, another road trip with mini-me to St. Jacobs and last week we went shopping in the states. So it’s been fun to get out and whoop it up a little bit. The joys of hubs having full-time employment again. Not like we’re rolling in dough but it’s nice to not have to be cooped up in the house all the time. It’s been a fun summer so far.

10. Malia will be going for an “interview” at doggy daycare next week. I know right, how weird. I am looking into having her go maybe one or two days a week so I can work, she can play and socialize. She needs more of that. So we need to go in and have them meet her. Let’s all cross fingers, toes, eyes, legs, and t’s in the hopes she passes the “interview”. It’s not that expensive if you do a half day. I could drop her off on the way to taking mini-me to the U then pick her up when I pick mini-me up at the end of the day. Seems pretty win-win to me. I might actually get some work done in September with demon spawn off playing with her friends.

Malia aka Demon Spawn of Satan


non alcohol drink

Stirred up some Shirley Temples when we had company!

Scoop Moovement with Ben & Jerry's at Bayfest

Got to hang out with Ben & Jerry’s for their Scoop Moovement!

Taco Pretzels

Made some Taco Pretzels in the slow cooker and interview Cassie from Bake Your Day!

flavoured nuts

Whipped up some sPiCy NuTs in the slow cooker!

Black Forest Trifle

Whipped up these great Black Forest Brownie Mini Trifles!

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Got involved in a great cause and made some Roasted Cherry Tomatoes!

Toby Keith in concert at Bayfest 2012

Got to see Toby Keith in concert at Bayfest courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s!

Took a trip up to Toronto to attend Techmunch. Then went to Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma and Sephora with B-Dude. Okay so technically B-Dude refused to go in Sephora.

Antipasto Pizza

Made a wicked cool pizza with antipasto spread!

red velvet ice cream

I can’t even begin to describe how good this Red Velvet Ice Cream is! And on a red velvet cupcake no less. This was for a surprise bridal shower for Megan of Wanna Be A Country Cleaver!

St. Jacobs Ontario

Went on a day trip to St. Jacobs Ontario with mini-me and had a blast!


Made Julia Child’s Strawberry Sherbert in Cooky Cups for Sunday Supper and Cook for Julia!

Peach Salsa

Made some wicked good Peach Salsa for SRC!

icebox pie

Whipped up a crazy easy recipe for Lemon IceBox Pie for our Vintage Recipe Swap!


Wanna Be A Country Cleaver- Honey Plum Soy Chicken

From My Sweet Heart- Cosmopolitan Cocktail Bars

Just One Cookbook- Cherry Ice Cream 

Kiran Tarun- Rainier Cherry Tart 

Steamy Kitchen- Very Best Mashed Potatoes

Leite’s Culinaria: recipe by Cory Schrieber- Stone Fruit Slump

Just A Taste- Confetti Corn with Bacon

Buttercream Blondie- Sprinkle Cookie Cake

Coupon Clipping Cook- Stuffed Shells in Simple Sauce

A Canadian Foodie- Homemade Mascarpone Cheese

Juanita’s Cocina- Biscoff Ice Cream Cupcakes

Kitchen Riffs- Homemade Grenadine

Delicieux- Pistachio Cookies


Closet Cooking- Black Forest Pancakes ( I don’t usually do commentary on these thing but have you seen these things yet? OMFreakingG they are gorgeous!)


Full Belly Sisters- Cannoli Ice Cream with Pistachios and Dark Chocolate


Sweetopia- Lemon Cookies (Okay again I don’t usually offer commentary but these are divine. And I just have to add how sweet Marian is. I got a note from her telling me if I need help to let her know. I mean seriously how many people are that nice. So I have these pencilled in to make when I return home from Alberta. I’ve never made anything this fancy before so I may be taking the lovely Marian up on her offer.)


Hopefully some sleep, packing and more time with the family. Plus a bunch of recipes and stuff.

Thanks for reading folks. Hope you enjoyed this week’s very, very, very long post. While I have your undivided attention I just want to let my fellow bloggers know I am still reading y’all, I’m just really bogged down with life right now. Only 3 weeks left until our lives are altered forever. So I hope you all understand my priorities right now. I visit when I can, comment when I can, and share things when I can. My time is just more limited these days. Don’t give up on me. Another month and I’ll be stalking you all and driving you crazy again. Till then we’re enjoying our time as a family while we still have everyone under one roof. And busily preparing ourselves and the blog for our adventure. Yup, even the blog gets factored into the vacation. You can look forward to some great guest posts while I’m gone. I’ll also try to post a photo per day of our road trip madness.

Does any notice I use the words “whipped up” too much?

Toodles and smoochies! xx




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    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Kiran. And you are so welcome. I love everything you do.

      Have fun on your trip. Vacations rock! xx

  1. says

    You are one busy chicky! I don’t think I could put that all in a summer! Wonderful that you got a trip in with your son – and it would be a blast for the 2 of you to hit Banff while here. It will be CRAZY there at this time of year. I completely understand how hard it is to be without your kids. Yet, with both of them gone, now – and for a couple of years… I recall the first year was FREEDOM! Just relaxing – not the whole year – but the first month… then, it is hard. Then it is still hard.
    Great list of “to makes”! I need to make a post like this! Excited I made it and hope you do make the cheese!

    • Kim Bee says

      I always say I’d rather be busy than bored. Some days I question my sanity with that one. I can’t wait to come out that way. I’m hoping my daughter stays her a few more years but she’s considering coming your way too. So we’ll see. I think I’ll be like you, enjoy the freedom for a bit then miss them something awful.

      I love doing these link love posts. It’s a nice way to recap things in case people miss posts.

  2. says

    Thanks for the update! You’re one busy person. Didn’t realize your tummy issues are as bad as they are – yikes! Anyway, have a great trip out west. Oh, and thanks for linking to my Homemade Grenadine recipe – I appreciate that.

    • Kim Bee says

      Lol, I love to keep busy. Oh my tummy issues are epic. I’m detoxing this week from my meds and haven’t left the house in about 4 days. Fun stuff.

      You are so welcome. And thanks, I can’t wait to get on the road and have some fun.

  3. says

    Whew! I am exhausted just thinking about your life–I thought mine was busy. Enjoy your upcoming trips and keep us posted about the doggie daycare interview!

    • Kim Bee says

      I’m exhausted living it some days. Lol.

      Thanks so much. I am so looking forward to our trip.

      Gosh I hope they take her…

  4. says

    So fun to read the goings on in the Bee house. Hope you have a fantastic trip. Maybe when both of our dust settles, we can have us a real chat. Love ya!!

  5. says

    as usual another great recap of your week, but seriously take a deep breath and relax a moment! I don’t know where you get the energy to do all you do! I hope your trip across the country is a relaxing and safe journey. Did I see you got a new camera?

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks Mister. I think it’s the pepsi, copious amounts of it. Lol.

      I can’t wait to head off for our trip.

      New camera kicks butt. Love it.

    • Kim Bee says

      Sent you the note on the group but will leave it here too in case anyone else asks.

      I bought the T3i with the 18-55 kit lens. Then I also bought the 50 lens (nifty fifty, which I’ll use for travelling food shots, and portraits) and the 60 macro lens (which I’m using for food photos at home, too expensive to travel with).

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks. My motto seems to be I’d rather be busy than bored. Some days my motto sends me over the edge. I can’t wait to hit the road.

  6. says

    I don’t think I do what you do in a one week in an entire year!! Holy cow you’re always on the move. Okay.. new camera… I need details. I have decided what I am going to get… I just need to stop being scared and take the $$ plunge. Of course… I still need to know what everyone thinks too of their camera. I swear I’m not this indecisive in the rest of my life. LOL!

    • Kim Bee says

      Lol, it’s the pepsi I swear. I’d be curled up in a corner sleeping if I ever stopped drinking it. I think my need to be busy stems from the few years of bad ibs where I couldn’t leave the house. I have this overwhelming need to make up for that time or something. Freud would have a field day with me.

      I bought the canon T3i with the 18-55 kit lens. I also bought the 50 lens, or nifty fifty as they call it. I also bought the 60 macro cuz it was hugely discounted. My plan is to use the 50 while travelling cuz it was super cheap, like $100. It works for portraits and takes great food shots. The macro will stay at home for my studio (I use the word loosely, it’s a tiny room) cuz I’m a klutz and terrified of breaking it.

    • Kim Bee says

      Always! I plan to have a blast on our trip. Going to be so much fun.

      You are so welcome. That was one heck of a cake.

    • Kim Bee says

      Lol, I swear Pepsi fuels my ocd. I can’t wait to leave. Less than 3 weeks now. I just wish B-Dude was coming home with us.

    • Kim Bee says

      Thanks. Was a horrid experience.

      I love to cook so I never worry about whether I can eat it or not. I’ve been known to host some serious brunches where I don’t eat a thing. It’s just the way my life is. Lucky for me I love to feed other people.

  7. says

    I’m sorry to be here so late – my vacation is almost up and back to reality. I just wanted to say thank you for linking to my Cherry Ice Cream. It looks like you are enjoying playing with the new camera! Also, I completely missed out your incident of losing pictures from your blog??? I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s a lot of work to fix something on blog. I wish you the best and hope you will get over with it soon so you can finally breathe again. I’ll see you soon once I’m back to full blogging. Have a great weekend!

    • Kim Bee says

      You are most welcome. Loved the ice cream.

      It was google+, lost 1000’s of pictures. I’m now trying to backtrack and put them back in one by one. Eventually I’ll finish. Lol.

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