Marshmallow Zombies and Happy Halloween

marshmallow zombies

Happy early Halloween folks!

Hope you all have your candy ready to hand out…

your costumes made…

your parties planned!

I have none of those things done!

But I do have these!

marshmallow zombies

And that my friends is enough!

Just me and my zombies.

Kicking it!

Old school!

Like zombies like to do!

marshmallow zombies

I made these last year too. They are just too cute for words. You can visit The Decorated Cookie to see how they are made if you need help.  Basically it’s just marshmallows, confetti and gel pens. But I encourage anyone who isn’t crafty to head over there to get the lowdown. It’s a cool site so you can browse around and look at tons of other cool stuff while you’re there. They really cracked me up when I stopped by. So thanks so much to The Decorated Cookie for inspiring me to make my own zombies. You guys rock!

If you are looking for other Halloween recipes feel free to stop by:

caramel apples

Turtle Apples- click photo for the recipe!

cake pops

Monster Bites- click photo for the recipe!

pretzel sticks

Halloween Pretzel Sticks- click photo for the recipe!


Monster Fudge- click photo for the recipe!

Remember you have till midnight on Halloween night to enter to win fudge from moi and fudge making supplies. So head on over to the Monster Fudge post to enter!

Happy Halloween everyone. Even you zombies!

Toodles and smoochies! xx



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    • Kim Bee says

      You totally should. I think you and Mrs Riffs should dress up like zombies first, then make these and cocktails and go hand out candy on the porch. It’s a winning combo. I’m a zombie genius. I’m sure to survive the apocalypse.

    • Kim Bee says

      I am freaking loving Halloween this year. Which is odd cuz I don’t even think we’re handing out candy. I have problems. Clearly!

  1. says

    If I was having a party those zombies would definitely be on the menu…but alas I can’t pull stuff like that together fast enough, so no party for me.

    I love all of your suggestions Kim. I hope you enjoy Halloween with your zombies (that’s not a new nickname for mini-me is it?)

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