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Movita Beaucoup's Cake

If you pin this PLEASE go to Movita’s to pin it from there. This is her masterpiece and she deserves the hits for it. Thanks so much!!!

Well Happy Birthday to me! And what a birthday it is. Cake, prezzies, sleeping in, and a cake surprise that is bound to blow my skirt up. I am one lucky birthday gal!

When I realized my 19th birthday was rolling around…again…I knew I wanted something special for my special day. I refuse to make my own cake on my birthday. So I decided to send Movita Beaucoup an email begging her to bake one for me. She willingly jumped at the chance to make a cake for her favourite blogger in the whole wide world. Then she said she’d get back to me about mine. Diva. I swear that woman has nothing better to do so why would it be hard to bake a cake for little old me. I sent her some threatening letters telling her I was going to hop on my unicorn and ride on over to Nova Scotia and sit on her doorstep till I got my cake. So I sat there for about a week before I realized I was at the wrong house. Me and my unicorn, Unie, went door to door all over Nova Scotia till we tracked down the slippery little ballerina baker girl. Did you know she is wanted in 9 states and 3 provinces? I’d tell you why but she might beat the mofo-ing crap out of me. She’s scrappy from all that dancing, and she’s strong from all that bread baking. I mean I’m tough but she’s agile. Ever seen a baker ballerina throw a roundhouse kick, it’s a scary for cripes sake.

I finally just slipped her a gazillion dollars and she agreed to bake me a cake. She’s cool like that. I wonder if she’s discovered it was monopoly money yet? I figured she’s so busy with classes and crap it would take months for her to figure it out. By then I would finish the cake and ride her coat-tails of fame all the way to the bank. See, us Canucks are smart little buggars. Always one step ahead of the law. I just hope my jetpack comes in before Movita hunts me down. I have a sneaky suspicion that broad could outrun me and football tackle me to the ground and sit her scrawny ass on me making me say uncle till I agreed to pay up. So I’ve got a backup plan when this all goes south. Which it’s sure to do.

So make sure you head over to Movita Beaucoup’s and see all the nice things she’s saying about me cuz it’s my freaking birthday. I mean who would be mean to someone on their birthday. Cripes, what the hell was I thinking. It’s Movita. I’m probably being raked across the coals over there right now. I mean who writes snarky comments about fellow bloggers. I mean I would never…


Okay truth be told I adore Miss Movita even though the last time she visited she called my kids crappy and told everyone about our secret unicorns. But I still love the woman. She makes my heart happy and most days I visit her site I end up peeing in my pants a little bit. That’s the mark of brilliance people. If you can make me pee from laughing we’ll be best friends for life. When we’re old me and Movita will be sitting on the porch of some old age home wearing depends and telling stories that make absolutely no sense but laughing anyway. Cuz we’re cool like that. I love you my crazy mofo-ing friend. One day I’m really coming down there so we can tear it up and get into some major old chick trouble.

To help celebrate my birthday I thought I’d throw you a surprise unbirthday party. And give you prezzies. Cuz I’m cool like that. One lucky reader will get a $30 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of the birthday girl. Here’s the deets:

Leave a comment.

That’s it. Why complicate a birthday with a gazillion other bonus entries. Leave a comment and you are entered. Simple. Easy. Peasy.

Open to U.S. and Canadian residents. Winner can chose whether they would like an Amazon.com or Amazon.ca card. Winner will be drawn on Sunday January 27th at midnight. Winner will be drawn by random.org.  Good luck.

Thanks to Movita for making me a cake, making me smile every single day, and showing us all even old broads can pursue their dreams. You are an inspiration woman. Plus you make me pee my pants. So I love you.

If you don’t stalk Movita already, and really who doesn’t, you can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram. Seriously woman, when do you have time to bake! Also have 2/0 call hubs cuz I want an IPhone something awful and maybe he can work his magic. Ah, who am I kidding, I’ll just go buy one and tell hubs it was a gift from my bestie. He’ll never suspect a thing. Instagram here I come. Watch out world!

A big thanks to all my readers. Those of you who left comments on my Breakdowns, Birthdays and Finding Balance post blew me away with your stories and kindness. I promise I will respond to each and every one of you on Monday. I am truly touched by the comments everyone left and the flood of emails that came in after I posted it. I was so nervous about putting it out there. You’ve made me feel so loved and I am so moved by all the personal stories you all left. Together we can do this thing.

Toodles and Birthday Smoochies! xx

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  1. 1

    happy birthday!!

  2. 3

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you many wonderful blessings! Tell Movita the cake looks amazing!

  3. 5

    Dear friend, I hope you have the happiest of days today! It was my absolute pleasure to bake you a cake! You are a generous soul, and make the internet a little bit better with your presence…


    • 6

      Thank you my lovely friend. I am so happy to have such a wonderful friend who is willing to make me beautiful cakes and be so nice to me. I adore you lady.

  4. 7

    Love this post!! Happy Happy Birthday to a fellow Canadian foodie!!

  5. 9

    Happy birthday to you!! And so glad you got a beautiful cake made by Movita!

  6. 11

    Happiest of birthdays to you, friend!!

  7. 13

    A gorgeous girl deserves a gorgeous cake… and there it is! Happy birthday, my bestie! :)

  8. 15

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday! I love your cake!

  9. 17

    Happy Birthday! Love your blog and your recipes, and I always look forward to your new posts. Enjoy your day!

  10. 20
    Jodi Schulman says:

    Happy birthday kim you are one lucky lady its a beaytiful cake. You make me laugh. Hope you have a great day.

  11. 22

    Have a great birthday!

  12. 24

    Happy birthday……..and cool cake BTW! :)

  13. 26

    Hope you have a FABulous birthday!!!

  14. 28

    Happy Birthday, Kim Bee! I think it’s wonderful that Movita Beaucoup made you a beautiful birthday cake – it’s a regular wonderland of cakeness. I saw it on Movita’s blog and headed over here to check out your blog and wish you well. After all, any friend of Movita’s … :)

    • 29
      Robyn Roung says:

      Happy Happy Birthday from me and your brother Ken. LOVE your website

      • 30

        Awe thanks Robin. That is so sweet of you. So glad Ken has such an amazing group of friends. Makes my heart happy! xx

    • 31

      I think Movita is wonderful and any friend of Movita’s is a friend of mine too. So nice to connect and thanks so much for visiting. I had a lovely birthday.

  15. 32

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you! What a cool cake you’ve gotten!
    Have a great day and enjoy yourself!!!!

  16. 34

    I just LOST IT laughing at mofo-ing !! You rock miss kimmie. You totally rock. Loved this post and that little brat movita’s. Her cake baking is badass. Love to both of you !!

    • 35

      That makes me so mofo-ing happy you have no idea. Thanks lady. You rock too! I think me, you and Movita need to meet up at FBC at raise the roof. I’ll be sober but hell I can raise the roof like a mofo-er. Okay I better stop. People are going to stop reading on account of my badass language today. Right back at ya with the lovesies. xx

  17. 36

    I hope you two save me a spot on that old-lady-porch. In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    • 37

      You are welcome to sit and raise hell with us till the end of time. But you gotta bring baked goods. By then we’ll need ones with lots of fibre so start stocking up now woman.

  18. 38

    Happy birthday! And the cake is beautiful. Hope your day is a fantastic one.

  19. 40

    Happy, happy birthday, Kim! Movita did you proud with that beautiful cake. Also, it’s a well known fact that all the best people were born in January.

    • 41

      Thanks so much Stacy. Happy Birthday to you too. I pulled up your post so earlier today so I would make sure to stop by before the end of the day. Hope your day was spectacular.

  20. 42

    How cute!

  21. 44

    Happy birthday to you!!

  22. 46

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  23. 48
    Karyn Craw says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! :)

  24. 50

    Happy Birthday!!

  25. 52
    Carole B. says:

    I wish you a wonderful birthday, the cake is beautiful…have fun! :)

  26. 54

    Ahhhh!!! Kim!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY you gorgeous lady!!!!!! I love your cake! And you crack me up, as alwaaaays :) :)

  27. 56

    That cake looks stunning my friend :D
    Happy birthday!

    Choc Chip Uru

  28. 58

    Happy Birthday!! Have a GREAT day!

  29. 60

    Happy birthday, Lunie! You deserved that cake and then some. It’s almost as gorgeous as you.

  30. 62

    Happy Birthday Kim! 19 is such a fun age! :)

  31. 64

    Happy 19th Birthday again!!!

  32. 65

    Happy Birthday!

  33. 67

    What a fun post and such a pretty cake. Happy birthday 19-year-old!

  34. 69

    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!!

  35. 71

    Happy Birthday Kim!! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead… full of good healthy, happiness and peace. :)

  36. 73

    Happy Birthday! Your post really cracked me up! Movita is great too–I only discovered her blog a few months ago (maybe through you?), and I totally enjoy her writing

    • 74

      Hi Anne, thanks so much. I had fun with this one. Getting to play with Movita is always a riot. She is so much fun and you can be totally silly with her and she gets it. It’s a lovely thing.

  37. 75

    Happy Birthday and I hope you have the most wonderful time enjoying your lovely birthday cake.
    And by the way, you are one of those special bloggers that make my day and make me smile every time I read one of your posts.

    • 76

      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes Renee. And can I just say you almost reduced me to tears with your sweet comment. I’m not easily teary so thank you so much for your kindness. I adore you right back. xx

  38. 77

    I love easy contests. I usually don’t win. Never win. But I love easy!

  39. 79

    Happy Birthday! And thanks for a very funny post.

  40. 81

    Loved your post! Fun read and Happy Birthday! :)

  41. 83

    Liked Movita on Pinterest and shared the cake and macaroons! movita beaucoup
    come visit me at: http://movitabeaucoup.com

  42. 85

    Liked Movita’s facebook page and love she acknowledges cursing like a sailor as we share that trait. Working on it for 2013 #resolution!

    • 86

      I wish swearing on blogs was socially acceptable. I fear if I talked on my blog like I did in person people would freak out. Lol.

  43. 87
    Linda Parks says:

    Hope your Birthday was as wonderful as you are. You can always manage to put a smile on my face even on a bad day! Look forward to many more laughs! Happy Happy Birthday!

  44. 89

    Fish smoochies. I have no idea what it means, but it makes me laugh. :-)

  45. 91

    Happy Birthday Kim! Love the cake :)

  46. 93

    Happy birthday Lunie . . . I mean Kim! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  47. 95

    Happy Birthday and what a great cake!

  48. 97

    Happy Birthday!

  49. 99

    Happy Birthday! I love Movita.

  50. 101

    Morning Kim!

    Happy Birthday my friend!

    You look younger every year :~D

    Wouldn’t this be great to win, just in time for my Birthday (24th).

    Have a wonderful day filled with blessings!


    • 102

      Charlie, Happy Early Birthday. You share the same one as my sister. Have a lovely day my friend and good luck.

  51. 103

    Happy Birthday, young lady!

  52. 105

    Hippo birdie two ewe! Have a great day, chicka!

  53. 107
    Cindy Aiton says:

    Happy Birthday! Never in my life have I seen a more perfect cake.

  54. 109

    Wishing you a very happy birthday!!!! What a lovely cake!!!!!

  55. 111

    Happy Birthday and that is one lovely cake. Cheers and enjoy!

  56. 113

    Happy Birthday!!!

  57. 115

    Happy belated bday, Kim!

  58. 117

    Happy birthday! Enjoy being 19…again!!

  59. 119

    Happy birthday, you gorgeous horse-loving, cereal-gobbling, Turtles-devouring, food-blogging woman, you. I hope it was the best birthday yet… after all, you’ve had plenty of practice at turning 19 by now, right? *ducks and runs*

    • 120

      I will continue to turn 19 till I get it right. And I’m thinking that’s gonna take awhile. Lol. Thanks so much Izz. xx

  60. 121

    Happy birthday, Kim! I’d make you award winning cupcakes or cookies (cupcakes *and* cookies?), but customs keeps eating them. Boo.

  61. 123
    jackeline says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!!

  62. 125
    Ttrockwood says:

    Happybirthday!!! Seriously adorable cake- hope it was just as delicious!

  63. 127
    Lisa vanderwal says:

    happy birthday ! I hope you find those great new cowboy boots and clothes for your upcoming trip. I posted a few ideas for you. what a beautiful cake was made for you..you have great foodie friends. Enjoy! Lisa, Calgary

    • 128

      Thanks so much Lisa. I saw those and thank you. I’ve been in the western place, it’s adorable. I definitely need boots. We should have coffee when I visit my son this summer.

  64. 129

    Happy birthday to you……………and me?? :D

  65. 131

    Happy Happy Birthday!! And that cake is gorgeous!! Hope this year brings you nothing but health and happiness!

  66. 133

    Happy Birthday again! Hope you had a nice birthday, and how sweet of her to make this gorgeous cake. I pinned it! :)

  67. 135

    Happy Birthday Kimmy! The cake is gorgeous.

  68. 137

    Belated happy birthday to you, hope it was everything you wished for!!!

  69. 139

    Happy Birthday!!

  70. 141

    happy birthday! that cake looks magnificent!

  71. 143

    Happy birthday! Hope you had a super fun day! I want Movita to make a cake for me too:)

  72. 145
    Dianne Shaw says:

    Happy birthday! Love your beautiful cake!

  73. 147

    Happy Birthday. The cake looks wonderful

  74. 149

    Happy Birthday!

  75. 151

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Man, I just found you-you lunatic. I wish we were neighbors.

  76. 153
    Rita Reedy says:

    What a lovely Birthday-unbirthday idea <3 My kids used to buy each other an unbirthday present on their own birthday.

  77. 155

    Happy Birthday to you!

  78. 157

    happy birthday, kim!!! man, that movita: she knows how to make a cake, right? RIGHT. i love that you’re 19 again…we’re the same age! we are so talented at such an early age…wow. go us. :)

    • 158

      Thanks Shannon. I know right. The woman rocks. So happy to meet someone with the same affliction of never growing old. We rock. I think we’ll rule the world if we ever get older.

  79. 159

    Happy Belated Birthday, Kim. I would have commented on this lovely cake before, but I had the flu for several days and thought I was a goner. Bad virus. This cake is an adult fantasy cake, perfectly designed for you by a very thoughtful and gifted friend. I love the color of the frosting and how it sparkles. The perfect field for your unicorns!

    • 160

      Thanks so much Mel. So sorry you’ve been sick. That’s not good.

      Movita nailed this. I love everything about this cake.

  80. 161

    It’s my bday too!!
    Happy bday to us!

  81. 163
    Gayle Shepherd says:

    What a gorgeous cake! Happy Birthday to you!

  82. 165

    Happy Birthday! What an AMAZING cake – you deserve it!

  83. 166

    Even if you’re a lunatic…you rock:)

  84. 167
    Frank @ Kraemer's Culinary Blog says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kim. I love that cake.

  85. 168
    fireauntmom says:

    Happy Birthday! Love the cake! If I had a gift card from Amazon I could get supplies to make you a cake for next year,complete with unicorns.

  86. 169

    Happy Birthday! Looks like you received the perfect cake for the occasion!

  87. 170
    Cris Biddix says:

    Happy Birthday 2 you!!

  88. 171

    What a wonderful recipe to bring back to the top of the list. I would think I died and gone to heaven if I had a lobster salad. I need to go back east. Out here in the Pacific NW, this salad would made
    with crab. Which I also love. But of course when you rarely get something, then that’s the ‘something’
    you want. Movita is pretty cool—I agree.

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