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One would think with the new year upon us I’d have lots of healthy food to share with you in this recap. Yet…not so much. I’ve been in birthday mode which tends to turn into a one or two week binge-fest. For some reason I go on these benders every year. My birthday turns into a free for all. I know I should feel bad but I really don’t. One of the perks of getting older is you learn not to sweat the small stuff. So I ate too much cake, sue me! Speaking of cake, make sure you swing by Movita Beaucoup’s blog to see the gorgeous cake she made me for my birthday. Also take a minute to swing by to enter to win an Amazon Gift Card I am giving away to one lucky reader for my birthday. It’s a Happy un-Birthday to you!

So for the big old birthday we went to see the movie “Mama”. I realize this is an odd choice but I love scary movies. It was so creepy and scary. I usually do not react but I was twisting and jumping in my seat. After the movie we grabbed some take-out from a place called Swiss Chalet which I love. It was such a great day. It makes my heart happy to have so many special people in my life.

This week I have plans to get some closets organized and work on my dream board. While I was at the Food Blog Forum conference last year I was so inspired by Jaden from Steamy Kitchen. She talked about making a dream board to inspire yourself to go after your dreams and realize them. So I picked up a nice big cork board and some stuff to make the frame snazzy. This week I’ll be printing off some photos and making some things to pin on it. I’m hoping to have it done and up on the wall above my desk so I can see it every day. Let me know if you would like me to post the finished project when I finish it up. It’s pretty personal but I think I can find a way to share it with you if you like.

Lunatic Loves is back and will return to being a regular feature twice per month. I’d like to alternate it with my Burning Down The Kitchen series. So you will get two of each every month. I love both series so much so I look forward to sharing them with you. Hope you enjoy!

WHAT I’VE BEEN UP TO RECENTLY (click any photo to get to the recipe):

My Birthday Cake Courtesy of the Talented Movita Beaucoupl!

My Birthday Cake Courtesy of the Talented Movita Beaucoupl!

Rainbow Jello

I made some Retro Jello for Sunday Supper!

Journey Photo

I wrote about my personal experience after a physical and mental breakdown last year. Thanks to everyone who offered support and shared their own personal stories. I was truly touched by the response.

Cherry Cake Pops with Coconut

Battled it out with cakepops again and am pleased with the results. Stop by to enter to win a copy of 175 Best Babycakes Cookbook.

Butterscotch Candy from Cravings of a Lunatic

Interviewed the witty and wise Jenni of Pastry Chef Online and made some Butterscotch Candy!

Apple Pull Apart Bread with Caramel Drizzle

Made some Apple Pull Apart Bread for Sunday Supper!

Bolognese Sauce

Made some wicked awesome Bolognese Sauce!


Simply Recipes: Salmon with Fennel Baked in Parchment

Pass the Sushi: Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Picture Perfect Meals: Sloppy Joes

Eat Yourself Skinny: Skinny Chicken Pot Pies

Brown Eyed Baker: Pink Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies

Steamy Kitchen: Prime Rib Roast with Miso Jus

Leite’s Culinaria: Moonshine Onion Rings

Confessions of a Cookbook Queen: Everything Bars

Cookies & Cups: Valentines Krispie Treats

Generation Y Foodie: Chili Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Chocolate Moosey: Big Rice Crispy Treat Snowballs

Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker: Roasted Brussel Sprouts and other vegetables with Sopressata


Buns in my Oven: Raspberry Sweet Rolls


Closet Cooking: Pasta E Fagioli Soup (Italian and Pasta Bean Soup)


Chili Teaser

If you haven’t stopped by some of my recent posts you should zip over to a couple of them. I have a giveaway for a $30 Amazon Gift Card that ends this weekend. So if you hop on over now you can still throw your name in the hat. I’m also giving away 3 copies of 175 Best Babycakes Recipes so make sure you stop by to enter. Both are open to U.S. and Canadian residents. There’s also going to be a small giveaway on Sunday January 26th. I happened to receive 2 copies of a review cookbook so I’m giving one away. It’s a fabulous milkshake cookbook so pop back in on Sunday. I’ve got a unique, very Lunie gift package that will be going up for grabs on Friday February 1st. It’s wicked cool and I look forward to revealing what it is. Very personal gift from yours truly.

I also would like to take a moment to thank each and every person who read Breakdowns, Birthdays and Finding Balance. For those who left supportive comments and personal stories of your own struggles I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was so hesitant to publish that post and you folks welcomed it with open hearts and open minds. I am truly touched and truly blessed to have such a wonderful group of readers. Thank you!

Toodles and smoochies! xx 

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  1. says

    I have a short story for you…

    Once upon a time, Lunie loved a bunch o’ bloggers and those bloggers love their Lunie.
    However, there was an extra special(ly weird) blogger named Boo who couldn’t stop loving Lunie even if she tried. So she didn’t.


  2. says

    I have a dream room. Yup. It’s a craft room/dream room. You need one. You can hang your dream board in there (I have an inspiration board that is constantly evolving), and hide when you don’t want to clean the house. Trust me.

  3. says

    Dream board sounds like a good idea – do share, please. Looks like we have lots of good stuff to look forward to this coming year. In the meantime, we have lots to do browsing your existing posts & links! 😉

    • Kim Bee says

      I shall. I am working on it this weekend. It’s either going to be a super easy and quick process or it’s going to boggle my mind what to pin and take forever and a day. Hopefully it’s quick.

      Always nice to have you stop by John.

  4. says

    love butterscotch candy, you’ve totally made me want to make some right this minute! but i can’t eat it… not until my mouth heals post-dental surgery – blech.
    the board is such a nice idea. it’s always good to see the things we want to go after and keep them in our mind not to give up the pursuit!

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