Lunatic Loves Feb 20 Happy Birthday Bro!

Valentine's Day Recipes 2013 from Cravings of a Lunatic

Valentine’s Day Recipes 2013 from Cravings of a Lunatic

The first thing I’d like to do today is wish my older Bro a very Happy Birthday! For one month each year we are the same age. To the day actually. Our family has a thing with the number 20. Actually all 20’s. We’ve got three 20’s, one 21, one 22, one 24, one 27 and one 29. Wild right. My dad was the only one not born with a twenty something number. Anyhow, Happy Birthday Mister Magoo! Hope you party hard and have an amazing day!

Other life updates:

B-Dude is here visiting from Alberta. So thrilled. It will mean my bloggy friends will not be seeing much of me for the next week. Nor will my local buds. Family time is so rare these days since B-Dude abandoned ship. I may just hog tie him so he misses his flight home. Nah, that would be wrong.

Hubs took the week off so we’re actually all home while B-Dude is here. Mini-me has to work one morning but she’s usually done by lunch since she starts so early.

We’re considering a run to the states to shop for groceries this week. We so rarely go in the winter. Is it crazy I love to buy all their cool cereal but I don’t actually eat cereal? I swear I almost start to convulse in their cereal aisles. It’s like a sickness. Mini-me went over with boytoy and they scored me Trix and a zillion others. I am hoarding them and I don’t even eat them. But I see Trix baked goods in the near future.

I went up to Toronto to see Lidia Live and got to hang out with Izz from Crumb. So much fun. I plan to write about it. Just need to find some time. I have a recipe I want to make that is Lidia inspired so I’ll post it all together.

I am heading back up Toronto this weekend to take my son to the airport. It’s cheaper for us to drive him the 4 hours each way than the cost of flying local. So we’re going to hang out for a couple of days. The plan is another foodie fun day with Izz. I hear there’s a really cool farmers market there so I’m looking forward to spending my spare change on food. I love shopping in Toronto. Last trip I stopped at Whole Foods and can’t wait to show you all the cool stuff I got. Not like shopping here at all.

And for those regulars who stop in often and asked about puppy, she is totally fine. I think hubs gave her too much junk food and she just got sick. He has a bad habit of giving her treats she should not have. We have to run her to the vet though. We think she has something stuck in one of her paws. Hopefully it’s an easy, quick fix but let’s be honest folks, our vet trips are never easy or quick or cheap. She has to go though, she keeps pulling one leg up like she has something stuck. We cannot find anything so they will likely have to x-ray. Poor puppy.

That’s about it for life updates. Hope you all are having great weeks and enjoying time with your own families.

Now on to the food!

WHAT I’VE BEEN UP TO RECENTLY (click any photo to get to the recipe):

Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwiches

Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwiches: click photo to get the recipe!

Red Velvet Milkshake Cravings of a Lunatic

Red Velvet Milkshake: click photo for recipe!

Valentine's Day Trash by Cravings of a Lunatic

Valentine’s Day Trash: click photo for the recipe!

Turtle Krispies from Cravings of a Lunatic

Turtle Krispies: click photo for the recipe!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust topped with Peppers

Cauliflower Pizza Crust topped with Peppers: click photo for the recipe!

Mixed Berry Parfaits by Cravings of a Lunatic

Mixed Berry Parfaits: click photo for the recipe!

Black Forest Parfaits

Black Forest Parfaits: click photo for the recipe!


Just One Cookbook: Pickled Daikon

Vintage Kitchen Notes: Pear Almond Arugula Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Food Babbles: Hibiscus Vanilla Bean Pots de Creme

Yummy Mummy Kitchen: Frozen Peanut Butter Chocolate Covered Banana Bites

Yummy Mummy Kitchen: Easy Healthy Vegetable Empanadas

Chocolate Moosey: Real Thick Smores Rice Crispy Treat Bark 

A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis: Chocolate Valentines Day Cake

Pass The Sushi: Slow Cooker Triple Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cake

Buns in my Oven: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

From Cupcakes to Caviar: Saucy Thai Turkey Meatballs

Dine & Dish: Sweet Mesquite Taco Soup

White On Rice Couple: Chocolate Cookie Dough Oatmeal Pancakes

Cookies & Cups: Bruschetta Burgers


Bakingdom: Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Turtle Thumbprint Cookies


Buns in my Oven: Creamy Garlic Pasta


More of Whipping Cream Week

Two Giveaways

I’d also like to share Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker’s A Month of Solid Chocolate. Here’s what’s happening over there:

Mint Chocolate Mousse guest post by The Redhead Baker

Double Chocolate Orange Cake with Raspberry Sauce guest post by A Healthy Life for Me

German Chocolate Sandwich Cookies guest post by Bake, Run, Live

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes guest post by The Healthy Hippy

Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits guest post by Simply Sweet Home

Turtle Krispies by Me

Texas Pecan Brownie Fingers guest post by From Gramma Loy’s Kitchen

Dark Chocolate Tres Leches Cake by The Dutch Baker’s Daughter

Hot Cocoa Cookies by Hidden Ponies

Grandma Deonier’s Chocolate Cake guest post by Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookie Cups guest post by I Love My Disorganized Life

Chocolate Rice Pudding by Kristen

Hope you enjoy Kristen‘s A Month of Solid Chocolate. I love the way this girl thinks!

Other tidbits:

I  wanted to give a shout out to Tara of Noshing with the Nolands. She is such a sweetheart. Tara made the Lasagna Soup I made awhile back and posted about it . She said the kindest things and I was beyond touched. I wanted to give her a big old thank you here on the blog.  Tara takes such beautiful photos and makes wickedly delicious food. Make sure you stop by her blog Noshing with the Nolands to say hello.

Another blogger named Sarah of What Smells So Good made my Red Velvet Popcorn so I wanted to give her a shout out as well. She did an amazing job with it. It’s a hard recipe to wrap your head around as it looks a bit like bloody popcorn, but once you try it you realize it’s all good. Sarah is a great blogger and I really enjoyed reading her take on the popcorn. She added coconut which I think was absolutely brilliant. Personally I am looking forward to making it again for Halloween.

To all those folks who read and hide in the shadows quietly, seriously folks, come on out and say hello. If you’ve made one of my recipes feel free to shoot me an email with photos. I totally dig when people make stuff and share that with me via email. Never hesitate to reach out to ask a question or share a suggestion. That’s a big part of why I love doing this so much. Hearing from you all is such a cool thing. Comments are always appreciated and I love reading them. I try my hardest to reply to every one as often as I can.

I am off to hang with the family. We intended to hit a flick today but my tummy was being silly. So we hung out at home and watched the new 007 movie which was pretty good. Not great, but good, in my humble opinion. Now we’re going to watch Alex Cross. I love Tyler Perry so hopefully it’s good. We rented the newest Paranormal Activity too but let’s be honest, with my nightmare thing we may watch that one during the day. We saw Mama on my birthday and I’m still sleeping with the light on. Which quite frankly that idea that having a light on so the supernatural being won’t kill you is just stupid. But at least it you can see it first and maybe it would scare you to death before it tortures you. Yup, my mind is an amazing thing folks. Always spinning its wheels. The really weird part is I LOVE scary movies. I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Yet they freak me out . And I keep on watching them.

Hope you have a fabulous day. I’ll be hanging with my family all week so I’m a happy mama bear!

I apologize for the length of this one. It might be the longest blog post in the history of the world. If you stuck it out through the whole post I adore you immensely.

See you tomorrow for Red Velvet Stacks. Yup, the red velvet continues.

Toodles and smoochies! xx



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  1. says

    First of all, happy birthday to your brother! :)

    I am excited about your new blog look! I saw Kita’s feed on somewhere (IG or FB) and I was thrilled to see the blog name on the site was yours! Sorry it took me a while to visit here but I’m going to check out your site! Love the heart shape icons too. So lovely~~~!

    Thank you also for including my Pickled Daikon link. xo Hope you’re having a great week so far… I’m catching up my work after the long weekend trip…

  2. says

    Well, then, I guess you adore me immensely. :) Have a lovely week with all your baby bears under one roof. It happens so rarely when they grow up. Great round-up! You’ve give us lots to click through to while you are nesting at home.

  3. says

    I love when readers email me their photos after they’ve made one of my recipes! I feel so connected to them. And I love scary movies too despite being totally freaked out by them too. I got addicted to American Horror Story a little while back. Watched both seasons back to back. Talk about freaky! I was genuinely scared yet I couldn’t stop watching it. On another note, thanks so much for including my pots de creme in your bookmarks! So happy you like it. Oh and I am SO jealous that you get to hang out with Izz from Crumb!!! Seriously love her blog. Man, wish I lived in Canada so I could hang with you ladies :)

  4. says

    Happy Birthday Lunie Bro! 😉 Nice that you’re spending time with the whole family this week – sounds like you’re blissed out. Hope puppy’s paw is OK. Great links, and yes I did read to the entire end. 😉 Fun post – thanks.

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