Lunatic Loves May 1

Recipes by Cravings of a Lunatic

Happy May!

Spring is in the air…

hopefully that means no more snow….

but I’m in Canada so one never knows.

It’s that time of year where the furnace can be on at night, then the a/c on during the day. I think the hydro and gas companies are conspiring against us Canucks and bribing Mother Nature.


it could happen.


So let me fill you in on what’s been happening at the B household….

I had to make a trip to emerg, yup, you know me and my dramatic flair. Lesson learned, no wrastling (yes that’s how you pronounce it) over 40, it just leads to setting off IBS spasms that need meds to calm down. I was so calm it was ridonkulous. I think I even napped….

in the middle of the day…

for three days straight.


My computer started acting up….

so I tried to fix it…

didn’t work…

so I thought I had a virus…

I didn’t…

but trying to install new virus protection lead to me finding out I cannot remove avg off my freaking ‘puter without an intervention.

Not a happy customer.


Then I ordered Trend Micro….

only to find out mini-me gets it for free through the university…

so I had to call to cancel…

and they called me Fiona with a P.H. and spelled cravings with a K, which sounds perfectly normal, except neither are proper spelling which lead to hours of me calling mini-me Fiona with P.H. while imitating the lady’s accent. Honestly provided me with hours of amusement. It’s the small things that give me joy.


I had to call Dell…

only to find out our warranty was up…

10 days ago…

thanks for calling to warn us Dell.

Love you.



My pc gets picked up tomorrow. Hopefully by someone named Fiona, with a P.H.

I’m using mini-me’s pc now, but all my files are on my broken one…

as is my photo editing software.

This may be the longest 10 days of my life.


I also discovered something called BrokenLinkCheck. If you’re a blogger you’re nodding your head right now…

if you’re not you can nod off momentarily…

let’s just say I have more broken links than our 40-year-old chain link fence…

so I haven’t slept in 4 days….

nor will I for another 4 months.

BrokenLinkCheck is the bomb if you’re trying to be professional and keep your blog tidy. I learned I’ve not been tidy, nor a pro. But I rented 89 movies for the week to keep me from nodding off while I fix broken links….

and call everyone I know Fiona with a P.H. in a southern accent.

So my life is pure joy really.


We’re heading to Florida in 2 weeks. But if the ‘puter costs a lot and I keep ordering things I already own we may have to hitch hike…

so if you’re on 1-75 from the 15 to the 25 and see a blond lady holding a sign “Florida or bust…signed Phiona”, stop and pick me m’kay.


I haven’t posted a Lunatic Loves for over a month so keep in mind this is about 4 weeks worth of recipes. Enjoy!


What I’ve been up to since the last Lunatic Loves: (click photos to get the recipes!)

Cream Cheese Candies

Made some great cream cheese candies. Click photo for the recipe!

Roast Potatoes

Made some wicked good Roast Potatoes and interviewed Kitchen Riffs. Click photo for the recipe!

Cherry Cobbler Pizza

Made some kick ass Cherry Cobbler Pizza. Click photo for the recipe!

Chocolate Bark

Made some crazy good Easter Jelly Bean Bark. Click photo for the recipe!

Lemon Pie

Made some tangy Mini Meyer Lemon Pies. Click photo for the recipe!

Black Forest Mini Bundt Cakes

Made some seriously yummy Black Forest Mini Bundt Cakes. Click photo for the recipe!

Meyer Lemon Salt

Made one of my faves, Meyer Lemon Salt. Click photo for the recipe!

Meyer Lemon Bars

Made some killer Meyer Lemon Bars and interviewed Valerie of From Valerie’s Kitchen. Click photo for the recipe!

Mongolian Beef with Broccoli

Made some Mongolian Beef with Broccoli and won a trip to Eat Write Retreat. Click photo for the recipe!

Aerosmith Potatoes with meyer lemon and garlic salt

Made some rocking Aerosmith Potatoes with meyer lemon and garlic salt. Click photo for the recipe!

Meyer Lemon Sugar

Made some sweet Meyer Lemon Sugar. Click photo for the recipe!

Fried Smashed Potatoes with Meyer Lemon Dressing

Made some zesty Fried Smashed Potatoes with Meyer Lemon Dressing. Click photo for the recipe!

Meyer Lemon and Blueberry Bars

Made some addictive Meyer Lemon and Blueberry Bars. Click photo for the recipe!

Easy Mini Meyer Lemon Tiramisu

Made some super Easy Mini Meyer Lemon Tiramisu. Click photo for the recipe!

Meyer Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake Shots

Made some ridiculously good Meyer Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake Shots. Clcik photo for the recipe!

Meyer Lemon Cheesecake Shots

Made some tasty Meyer Lemon Cheesecake Shots. Click photo for the recipe!

Meyer Lemon Recipe Round-Up

Did a finale to Meyer Lemon Madness with a Meyer Lemon Recipe Round-Up with over 125 recipes. Click photo for the recipes!

Coconut Cream Cookie Stacks

Made some cute Coconut Cream Cookie Stacks and interviewed Ramona of Curry and Comfort. Click photo for the recipe!

Fried Apples with Apple Caramel Sauce

Made some killer good Fried Apples with Apple Caramel Sauce. Click photo for the recipe!

Bakers Dozen Bookmarks from the Interwebs:

Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Zebra Cake by That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Chocolate Dessert Tacos by Love From The Oven

Shaved Asparagus Pizza by Crumb

Lemon Pepper Roast Chicken in a Slow Cooker by The Little Kitchen

Salpicon Salad by Pass the Sushi

Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls by The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Cheesecake Minis with Strawberry Balsamic Mint Topping by Dine & Dish

Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles by Domestic Fits

Meyer Lemon Basil Pasta by The Shiksa

Lebanese Roasted Stuffed Onions by Steamy Kitchen

Peanut Butter Butterfinger Blizzard Cake by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Recipe that blew my mind:

Funfetti Whoopie Pies by Cookies & Cups

Recipe I’m making this week:

Blueberry Loaf by Movita Beaucoup

Coming Soon:

A Grinder recipe that will blow your skirt up!

A new crock pot/slow cooker recipe that will knock your socks off!

Another Meyer Lemon recipe that will light your shorts on fire!


Um, apparently I only know phrases that do stuff to your clothing. I apologize.

Unless your Timothy Olyphant…

then all clothes removing phrases stand!


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Keep tuning in for amazing recipes. Brunch Week is coming up fast. It’s sure to curl your toes!

Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. says

    I love your updates. They make me feel more… normal.

    YOU’RE MAKING MY BLUEBERRY LOAF THIS WEEK?! Yay! Also, did you notice that frozen blueberries seem to work better than frozen. One of my readers even did a “scientific” test…

    Also, I love brunch. Brunch week will be very satisfying.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Bah ha ha. I fell off my chair when I read that.

      I can’t wait woman. It looks amazeballs. Your readers sure go the extra mile. I love frozen fruit, it’s much more reliable than fresh around these parts.

      Me too. Brunch rules.

  2. says

    I am so sorry to hear that your computer is giving you this many woes. I hope it does not cost you so much to get it taken care of… we don’t want you hitching it to FL. :) I hope you feel better too…. this trip to FL is just the relaxing vacation you need. Love the links…. sending good vibes your way. :)

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      I sure hope it’s cheap and fast. I can’t wait to get it back.

      I am so stoked to get away. I really need some down time.

  3. says

    After this crazy long winter I think we all love May 1st, specially since it’s sunny and warm out there :) We have been planning some pizza parties but it has ben impossible to do one so far! So hopefully we can turn on the pizza oven soon.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your computer. A few years ago I wen’t through a very similar experience, and I know how much it sucks when you are a blogger! I hope you can put your hands on a new computer soon. And hey, if you think about it you are getting a new computer! I’m confident you can rescue the files and the software 😉

    BTW, why re you going to Florida now that is getting warmer here???


    • Kim Beaulieu says

      I’m just digging the weather right now. So warm and lovely.

      I can’t wait to see what’s happening with those pizza ovens. You know me and pizza.

      I am going to be a happy camper once my ‘puter gets back here. I miss it.

      And lol, I know right. I’m going to a fabulous conference at Disney. Going to be a blast.

  4. says

    Oh, I hate technical things. My son used to call for me back when he was like 12 because he knew more than me. But now he’ s 22 and I’m on my own. I have links not working, too as blog lovin can’t find me. I mean I’m right here. What is the frickin problem? It’s one thing to write a blog and another to figure all this out! Hang in there. At least Florida is on the horizon. And in Denver today we are having snow-up to 7 inches. Happy May Day!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      That stinks about bloglovin’. Have you gone on food blogger friends to see if anyone knows what might be wrong? They tend to be super helpful about that kind of stuff.

      I need a techie pool boy or something….

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Thanks so much Jennie. I love when you visit.

      I cannot wait to get my ‘puter back. I miss it something awful. I also cannot wait to head to Florida. It’s going to be a blast.

  5. says

    I read this post and instantly felt calm. My life is so peaceful by comparison. :) Have a wonderful time in Florida. I’d love to join you. My daughter lives part-time in Orlando and I miss the kids.

    Scrolling down that list has made me so hungry and it’s noon so I’m off to eat as much as I can hold :)

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Ha, I cracked up when I read this. My life is sheer chaos…every…single…day! Thank goodness I thrive on chaos. Or so I tell myself.

      I wish you could join us. That would be awesome.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      My son bought a mac this year, he loves it. I may have to invest the next time I need a new one.

  6. says

    Oh no! So sorry to hear you were under the weather Kim! That is a whole lotta stuff all at once. The computer thing is a total drag. Hate that stuff. I had not heard of the broken link checker thing. I will be compelled to do it but I’m afraid of what I’ll find :)

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Thanks lady. I’m fine now. Just a weird tummy reaction, par for the course here I swear.

      Ha, I swear it becomes a compulsion. Steer clear woman.

  7. says

    Either it is the glass of wine I just consumed or you are particularly hilarious today because I am rolling about.
    Do let me know if I can help. My favourite has to be the Mini Bundt Cakes.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Ha, I hope it’s me. Or the wine. Or me and the wine.

      Thanks lady. I shall let you know. So far things are going okay.

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