Hooligan Stuff and a Good Cause, or Two!

Vanilla Gift Box Set from Cravings of a Lunatic

Head over to www.countrycleaver.com to bid on this! This event is being held by Megan to help raise money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America! She hosts the Bake Sale for Beka 2013. Amazing cause, get involved!!

Okay so a few things to mention today. First off, for everyone who has emailed and sent messages about my son I thank you. For those who do not know my son lives in Calgary, Alberta. If you’ve been following the news there has been a natural disaster of epic proportions there. Flooding has hit the area and about 100,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. The devastation and damage are massive.

My son called the other night saying his girlfriend’s area was under evacuation order. He brought her, and her kitty cat Salem, to his place so they would be safe. No sooner were they settled in before his area got the evacuation order. I think they encouraged folks to leave within 15 minutes. Well, let’s just say it took hours to find a place and a way out. We took to facebook and twitter trying to find help. Luckily my cousin Bobbie saw the facebook call for help and mobilized my Auntie Judy and my sis, who happened to be visiting them at the time. They tried to go get them but they roads were under water and they were told to turn back. The kids finally found a cab driver still in the city, he drove the hooligans, Salem, and B-Dude’s cat Azazel to my aunt’s place on higher ground. The good news is they are okay, as is our family in the area. The bad news is we have no word yet on B-Dude’s apartment. It’s partially below ground so we’re just praying the water did not reach his area.

B-Dudes and Mini-Me outside B's place last fall!

B-Dudes and Mini-Me outside B’s Place!

So many people were affected and lost homes that he’s one of the lucky ones. They got out safely and hopefully there’s minimal damage to both their places. So many are not that lucky. If you have the means please consider donating to the Canadian Red Cross to help out. People are without homes, clothing, food and basic necessities. Animals have been put in shelters. Anything you can do to help, no matter how big or small will make a difference. I’m all about giving back in life. This is a very worthwhile cause close to my own heart for obvious reasons.

The Hooligans in Banff last fall!

The Hooligans in Banff last fall! We drove B-Dude out west last August to start his new adventure in Calgary. We had the pleasure of doing some sight-seeing while there!

Now speaking of good causes I’d like to invite you all to visit Wanna Be A Country Cleaver. Megan’s bestie, Beka, has Crohn’s Disease, and if you follow Megan’s blog you get to know and love Beka. They are true soul sisters and Megan does this event to help raise awareness and money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. You know I love good causes so when Megan put the call out she was looking for people to help with the bake sale I was more than happy to donate an item. Since I live in Canada and the postal service crossing the border is slow as molasses I decided to offer up a gift box of my homemade salts and sugar. So hop on over to Megan’s site asap where you can bid on my item, or any other item that catches your fancy. In fact feel free to bid on multiple items. It’s for a good cause!

Vanilla Gift Box Set from Cravings of a Lunatic

Go to www.countrycleaver.com to bid on this Vanilla Gift Box Set from yours truly. There are tons of other items to bid on from lots of bloggers so hurry over today!

For those who know me well you know why this cause is important to me. For those new to the site I have severe IBS so I can relate to those suffering with Crohn’s and Colitis. I get checked every 2 to 3 years to make sure my IBS stays in check and never becomes anything more serious. I do this because we have a family history of colon cancer. My Aunt Donna passed away from it many years ago. She made trips to all the family members when she got the news. She wanted to make sure she got see everyone before the worst came. So she spent time with all of us and I look back on that time fondly. She was my father’s sister, but also one of his very best friends.

My Aunt Barb, my Dad and my Aunt Donna.

My Aunt Barb, my Dad and my Aunt Donna. Sadly all of them were taken by cancer of various forms. My Aunt Donna is on the right. She was a remarkable lady!

My hubs also has family members with Chron’s and Colitis. So this cause hits close to home for us on every level. I applaud Megan for doing this and once again I encourage you all to stop by Megan’s site on June 22 and 23 to help her raise lots of money. Big shout out to Beka who is just a shining example of how to live fearlessly with illness. You ladies inspire me, and I love seeing photos of you two. We should all be so lucky to have that kind of friendship in our lives.

I’d like to take a minute to give a shout out to all the bloggers who helped me make my Cancer and Hospice Awareness campaign a huge success. If you didn’t get a chance to read everyone’s personal stories and see the recipes I’m sharing the list again so you can take some time to visit. A huge shout out to Jen of Juanita’s Cocina for helping me plan the event and holding my hand through the tricky bits.

Chili Verde by Juanita’s Cocina

S’Mores Brownies in Jars by That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Dark Chocolate and Orange Muffins by The Dutch Baker’s Daughter

Boston Cream Pie by Pass The Sushi

My Fathers Day Recipe Round Up by Curry and Comfort

Tropical Smoothie by Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

Mini Gugelhupf by Masala Herb

Sauteed Strawberry and Sugarsnap Salad by Cook The Story

Cranberry Cashew Breakfast Muffins by In Fine Balance

Arugula Salad with Sundried Tomatoes and Mushrooms by Crazy Foodie Stunts

Spicy Beef Sliders by Katie’s Cucina

Thai Red Curry Soup by Damn Delicious

Suman (Sweet Rice and Banana Leaves) by Culinary Adventures with Camilla

Fresh Vegetable Salad by White Lights on Wednesday

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Sundae by The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

Cinnamon Chip Cookie Butter Bars by The Messy Baker

Berry/Cherry Fro-Yo Ice Cream by Cookistry

Honey Beer Bread by Hungry Couple

Cinnamon-Chocolate Chip Pancakes by The Spiffy Cookie

Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars by Sweet Remedy

Cookies and Cream Brownies by Cooking in Stilettos

Blueberry Lemon Cake by Roxana’s Home Baking

Angel Cake by Ninja Baking


Knit (or crocheted) Grey Brain Cancer Mustache Pin by Knit, Purl, Damn!

Today we held a PinChatLive event and announced all the winners for the prizes. Thank you to Carla and Christine for your amazing help. If you’d like to learn more about PinChatLive you can visit their website. I’ll also be sharing a post about their business this week. It’s been a pleasure getting to know these ladies and to work with them.

Winner of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer and Ice Cream Attachment is Ava Ann Chavez! Her winning entry was a facebook like for Katie’s Cucina!

Winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card is Ritika Sehgal!

Winner of the Meyer Lemon Gift Box Set is Pat Scalione!

Winner of the Vanilla Gift Box Set is Jennifer O’hara!

Congratulations to all our winners!

And a huge shout out and thank you to KitchenAid Canada for donating the Stand Mixer and Ice Cream Attachment. We’re so proud to have you involved in this amazing cause.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends and I look forward to returning to my normal posting schedule this week.

Now go get yer rumps over to all these great causes and make a difference people!

Toodles and smoochies! xx


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  1. says

    I have been following your son’s story via you on Facebook. How frightening for them and you while you were sorting his evacuation. We have been having storms and flooding here too but nothing on that scale. I am glad he is safe and you can breathe easy for the moment.

  2. says

    What’s going on in Calgary is awful! So glad your son (and girlfriend and kitty) are safe. And hope things will turn out well for everyone involved. Great causes that you’re writing about, too. Thanks for this.

  3. Marsha says

    I am glad to hear that your son, girlfriend, and pets are safe. You are an inspiration as well, by supporting all of these great causes. I have Crohn’s disease too. I am out of remission currently, but it doesn’t change the fact that you just always have to live day by day, and plan for nothing.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Awe, thanks Marsha. He just called to say he thinks he may be able to get back to his place tomorrow. His GF’s place is still in the wet zone but I’m sure they just want to get back to some normalcy. I’m just waiting on word his place is okay. The landlord said they didn’t take on water but until B checks for himself we won’t breath completely easy. Crossing fingers at this point.

      I can only imagine how difficult it is for you. I just have IBS and my life is a living hell some days. I think the breaking point for me was being hospitalized during a vacation and having to have my hubs fly out to save us and drive us home last fall. It’s a hard way to go through life. So I have much empathy for anyone living with these terrible diseases. Most days I can pretend to be normal, which is a blessing. I’m so relieved to hear you are in remission. I think you’re the inspiration. Living with illness is so stressful. I hope you have lots of people around you who support you and take good care of you. I know from personal experience it gets stressful and overwhelming. So many hugs to you. xx

      • Marsha says

        Hey Kim – thanks for those sweet words girl. I previously spoke wrongly. I should have said that I am not in remission currently. And I have a new issue this year in that I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes too. I am having difficulties adjusting to that bump in the road. Other health issues keeps homebound with mobility problems, but I have a saint of a husband and two boys who take very good care of me. I have always been a foodie. And your food just captures me. Then your personality, normality, and spunktivity, keep me smiling.
        ((HUGS)) to you to new friend.

        • Kim Beaulieu says

          Hey Marsha:

          Oh man, I’m so sorry. That just stinks. I hope they get it well in hand swiftly. I can’t even imagine how hard it is day to day. Big hugs to you. Stay strong.

          Do you follow a site called “All Day I Dream About Food”? Carolyn is a friend of mine and she blogs some really great diabetes friendly recipes. She is amazing, and her recipes are fantastic. You should check her out if you need some inspiration. I’m like a diabetic’s worst nightmare unfortunately. Total sugar whore most days.

          I’m so sorry you are so homebound. When I first got sick I was pretty much that way for almost 3 years. I think I left the house 18 times in those 3 years. Was really hard to acclimate to that. Now I can leave but it takes careful planning, lots of meds and lots of doing the sign of the cross most days. I’ve learned this year that we need to limit travelling as a family to 7 days max, and if I do conferences I need to fly and limit myself to 4. Beyond that I get loopy from all the medication then I’m useless to myself and others.

          I’m so glad you have a supportive family. It makes life so much easier when dealing with illness. My hubs and kids are amazing. We have some extended family that think “it’s all my head” and if I “just eat more wheat” I’ll be fine. Drives me crazy honestly.

          Glad you enjoy the site. I revel in being abnormally normal and just laying all my cards on the table. I figure why go through life unless your full on your own dang self every second of every day. It’s just a blast when people can relate and connect. Makes eating all that cold food worthwhile. Lol!

          Hugs right back at ya. xx

  4. says

    I am so glad your son and his girlfriend are ok, that is terribly scary!
    And your awareness of cancer seems to be such a success, it runs in my family as well, so it is very scary.


    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Thanks Uru. I am pleased the event went so well. It’s so nice to shine light on a great cause.

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      I know right. Life is way too messy lately. Giving me migraines.

      So far no word on his place, it borders two areas so it’s unclear if it’s on the re-entry list. He’s suppose to go peek today. His gf’s place was okay’d yesterday. So my sis and aunt drove them there and they’re officially back in the city. He said it’s freaky cuz there’s still water and it’s just a mess. I can’t even imagine. My sis said it’s surreal to see first hand. I can’t even imagine.

  5. says

    So glad B is OK…scary stuff…especially from so far away. I was so bummed I had to miss the PinChatLive…hope to join in some day. Now off to check out the bake sale :)

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      Thanks Liz. I was such a mess this weekend. Even now. I just want to hop on a plane and go help. The joys of being broke. If we had money laying around I’d have flown out the first day.

      No worries. We’ll be doing it again for ice cream week.

  6. says

    Oh! I didn’t know B was in Calgary!!! We have been chomping at the bit to help someone as we have been so lucky ourselves not to have lived in the evacuation zones. Other than school and work being canceled, we have been unaffected.
    Let us know if they need any further help please!

    • Kim Beaulieu says

      You are so sweet Bernice. Thank you so much. I’m waiting on word today about his place. His girlfriend was allowed re-entry yesterday. His place borders two areas so it’s confusing if he can get in or not. They’re going to check today and hopefully see for themselves if his place is okay. We think it is, so cross fingers.

      I’m so glad you were fortunate. My sis is visiting there right now and she said it’s just surreal to see it first hand.

      And I love your mayor, the press release about people not canoeing down the Bow River had me in fits. He was hilarious.

      Your city is amazing, I can’t get over how people have just come together for a common goal. It’s incredibly impressive.

      • says

        First call for volunteers to be at McMahon Stadium by 10am today. They needed 600 people and got thousands!
        We attended a memorial service for a dear friend this morning so we couldn’t go but I know there will be future opportunities. Hopefully not so far away as I don’t want to contribute to the traffic problems right now.

  7. says

    My best pal has IBS. It makes for the best conversations ever. She was diagnosed when we were back in high school, and now that she works for the UN, she sends us digestive stories from around the world. Some of the best have come from when she was living in the Middle East… Though we laugh about it often, I know how hard it can be to live with. Keep on keeping on, champ! We’re cheerin’ for ya…


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