The Bee Family Hits Universal Studios…chaos ensues!

While visiting Florida for Food Blog Forum we decided to extend out stay and visit Universal Studios. 

Enjoy some photos from our adventures in the park!

Universal Studios

If only this had happened and we could have stayed forever!

Universal Studios

I mean look at this place. Who would want to leave?

Universal Studios- Cute Places Everywhere

There’s cuteness everywhere you look!

Universal Studios- Cute Places Everywhere

See… more cuteness!

Universal Studios- Cute Places Everywhere

There’s even some cute people I know. That’s B-Dude, Mini-Me and Boytoy posing in this one!

Universal Studios- Fun with Statues

B-Dude with Batman and B-Dude & Mini-Me with The Terminator!

Universal Studios- B-dude Pics

B-Dude being, well, B-Dude!

Universal Studios- B-Dude Pics

More B-Dude being himself! Love it!

Universal Studios- B-Dude Being Crazy

And sometimes when I dare him to do things he actually does. I love gullible hooligans. Priceless!

Universal Studios- Mini-me Hiding

Mini-me tends to be more subdued.

Universal Studios- Mini-me Hiding From Camera

She tends to hide and shy away from the camera!


Universal Studios- Silly Minions

Sometimes she just needs to be dragged along for the silly moments!

Universal Studios- Kids being silly

The boys hamming it up!

Universal Studios- Kids being silly

And they’re determined to drag Mini-me into it!

Universal Studios- Kids being silly


Universal Studios- Kids being silly

And she had a blast!

Universal Studios- Boy Toy being silly

Look who else is having a blast. Boy Toy gets into the act!

Universal Studios- Boytoys Silliness

Boy Toy is a lot like B-Dude, he’s seriously willing to do anything I dare him to do! Which I totally dig!

Universal Studios- B-Dude being silly

I mean who else’s hooligans do things like this?

Universal Studios- The Hooligans

I love these hooligans. They make me super happy!

Universal Studios- Hubs

Love this guy too. Hubs gets in on the act!

Universal- Fluffy Unicorns Abound

And for anyone who knows my fluffy unicorn obsession, no universal post would be complete without a “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die” unicorn!

Universal Studios- castle

If you ever get a chance to visit Universal Studios you have to jump on it! This place is freaking amazing!

Toodles and Universal smoochies! xx

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  1. says

    Isn’t Universal Studios the BEST? And did you try the butterbeer? It’s my favorite!
    Love the pictures, friend…. but you need to get in the picture more often!

  2. says

    What a great collection of photos of the kids enjoying themselves. I went to Universal studio many, many years ago. It looks very different now. I’m glad you all had a great time.

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