Real Housemoms Celebration | iPad Mini and Canon EOS Rebel T3 #Giveaway

Welcome. You could not have picked a better day to stop by. We’re celebrating today with the Real Housemoms. Today we’re whooping it up for Aubrey’s Birthday and to celebrate her reaching 200,000 likes on on Facebook. Both are monumental occasions so I’m thrilled to celebrate with Aubrey and her crew today.

We have two prizes up for grabs. We have an iPad Mini which I can assure you is amazing, I have one and love it. We’re also giving away a Canon EO3 Rebel T3 Camera. Also an awesome prize, I have a different version of this camera and swear by it. You’re going to love this giveaway!

Keep scrolling for more info. First I’m sharing all the bloggers involved today. Happy to be among them to celebrate Aubrey’s special day!

SayNotSweetAnne {i love} my disorganized life Real Housemoms White Lights on Wednesday It's a Keeper Call Me PMc Beyond Frosting A Family Feast The Brunette Baker Mandy's Recipe Box Life Tastes Good Persnickety Plates Dolen Diaries Lady Behind The Curtain Frugal Foodie Mama Cooking with Curls Cupcakes & Kale Chips Juggling Act Mama Busy Mom's Helper Yours And Mine Are Ours Flavor Mosaic The Freshman Cook Cravings of a Lunatic My Own Blog Review Organized Island Sweet Twist of Blogging Julie's Eats & Treats rick•a•bam•boo theBitterSideofSweet The Kitchen is My Playground

Be sure to enter to win one of these amazing prizes.

Real Housemoms Celebration Group Giveaway |Cravings of a Lunatic | Enter to win either an iPad Mini or a Canon EO3 Rebel T3

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Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. 1

    Awww thank you for sharing the celebration with us! Happy Birthday Aubrey and congrats on reaching 200,000!

  2. 3

    Great giveaways!

  3. 5

    I always celebrate with Chocolate of course!

  4. 7

    I celebrate with cupcakes. Always with cupcakes! :)

  5. 9

    Celebrate with CAKE!!

  6. 11

    With family and friends gathered for any occasion, and of course a little cava.

  7. 13
    Colleen Boudreau says:

    With lots of friends & drinks! :)

  8. 15

    Wow, happy birthday, congratulations and another WOW for the prizes. :)

  9. 17
    Christy Spurlock says:

    I love to celebrate at home with a fire outside enjoying time with my husband.

  10. 19
    Paula Contreras says:

    I celebrate with family and wonderful food.

  11. 21

    I like to celebrate with squeals and jumping and, obviously, food!

  12. 23
    Joana Rodriguez says:

    With a Kahlua cake!

  13. 25

    going out to a nice dinner!

  14. 27

    I love celebrating with a meal of favorite foods and cake.

  15. 29
    Alice Faris says:

    When family and friends are around, I always celebrate with food and drinks. Good times!

  16. 31

    I celebrate with good food and lively music

  17. 33
    Kiki Corcoran says:

    We celebrate whenever we get the chance…..that’s what life’s all about! The “celebrant” gets to
    choose a favorite meal, beverage, or treat and we ALL get to enjoy it! Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday, Aubrey!

  18. 35

    Celebrating around here, weather permitting usually involves a BBQ with all the fixins….but my personal favourite for me anyway…is travelling, especially Disney, and let them cater to me…lol…..

  19. 37
    Lindalinda S. says:

    Celebrate with family, friends, and good food!

  20. 39
    Lorelei Mason says:

    Family gatherings were often celebrated around the fire pit with plenty of marshmallows. I really miss those days! Hopefully I’ll move closer to home soon so we can start doing it again!

  21. 41

    I like to celebrate with good food and a night out.

  22. 43
    LISA MILLER says:

    Family and friends and food

  23. 45

    with good food and drinks!

  24. 47

    I celebrate with cupcakes….and lots of frosting!

  25. 49
    angela clifford says:

    with good friends and good food

  26. 51

    My favorite way to celebrate is with something sinfully sweet, usually containing chocolate and love.

  27. 53

    Hey Kim,
    When we celebrate,I’m usually the one that does all the prep plus all the food then when it’s over I’m the one that cleans up.I’m not comfortable letting others do it .I’m gratified when I see that everyone else is having a good time.So ,when I celebrate it’s getting a rush from the people having a good time and unwinding.Thanks Kim for the help

    • 54
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      I love this. I tend to be the same way. Total control freak and prefer to do everything myself. Glad I’m not alone.

  28. 55

    My favorite way to celebrate is (oddly enough) with peanut butter cups and bbq fritos!

  29. 57

    Happy Birthday Aubrey, and congrats on 200K!I like to celebrate with…cake.

  30. 59

    I like to celebrate either by experimenting with a new recipe or enjoying an old favorite.

    Happy birthday, Aubrey!

  31. 61

    My favorite way to celebrate is a b-b-q.
    Congrats on200k

  32. 63
    Sally Tews says:

    great giveaways~I hope to win one of them. :-)

  33. 65

    I like to celebrate with a good meal.

  34. 67

    Enjoying good food and friendship

  35. 69
    Elizabeth Roby says:

    With cake!

  36. 71
    Jill Hutchison says:

    Celebrate with family, friends and food!

  37. 73

    I like to celebrate with a bottle of Asti!

  38. 75

    I like celebrating with good food, good friends and family and a margarita!

  39. 77
    Jefferson Svengsouk says:

    Drinking saké with friends and family!

  40. 79

    Good food and friends!

  41. 81

    With friends, drinks, and a fancy dessert!

  42. 83

    I like to celebrate with a drink

  43. 84
    Sally Tews says:

    A drink(martini) and appetizers~and friends and family. :-)

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