Bloggy Birthday Giveaway | $350 Amazon Gift Card or Visa Gift Card

Today we get to celebrate Blog Birthdays for myself, and Liz of That Skinny Chick Can Bake! We’ve got $350 in gifts cards up for grabs! Spread the word!

Bloggy Birthday Gift Card Giveaway | $350 Dollar Amazon or Visa Gift Card | Open to U.S. and Canada | Cravings of a Lunatic

I could not be happier to celebrate my 3 year blog birthday with my bloggy bestie, Liz of That Skinny Chick Can Bake. Liz is the most amazing individual. I adore her completely. We’ve been buddies for years and have even travelled to conferences together. We do a Thelma and Louise weekend for Mixed each year, no cliffs involved though. We also had the pleasure to meet up at Food Blog Forum. Liz was able to meet my family and even hung out at Disney with us. She tolerated the Bee family and came on rides with us. The girl kicks butt at shooting games too. We always have so much fun when we’re together. I consider her one of my dearest friends. Not just a blogging buddy, but a lifelong friend.

We joined forces with our very special friends to bring you a great giveaway today. These girls are my heart. I’m so lucky to have such a great group of gals as colleagues, and friends. They are such a special group of ladies, and I’m honoured to have them celebrate with us today. I love this girls and encourage you to get to know them. You will adore them as much as I do.

 The winner can pick either a $350 Amazon Gift Card….

$350 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, winner can pick either Amazon or Visa | Cravings of a Lunatic

….or a $350 Visa Gift Card…

$350 Visa Gift Card Giveaway | Winner gets to choose between $350 Visa Gift Card or $350 Amazon Gift Card | Cravings of a Lunatic

Winner’s Choice!

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Disclaimer: Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada. Winner must be 18 years of age, or older. The winner will be notified by email within 24 hours, and a second winner will be selected if there is no response within 48 hours.

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Toodles and smoochies! xx

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  1. 1

    Oh, you are too darn sweet! I’m thrilled that we’ve gotten to be such good friends, too, and it’s such fun to share our anniversary celebrations this year! xx

  2. 3

    Happy Birthday to you and your blog! :)

  3. 4

    How exciting to have a joint birthday!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. 5

    Oh man my Amazon wish list is a mile long. We need a Miter saw for the house, I want a cask iron skillet, my favorite pancake mix. Much much more!

  5. 6
    Mary Happymommy says:

    I would buy homeschool books for my kids.

  6. 7
    Lisa Brown says:

    i would buy a tablet

  7. 8
    Crystal Miller says:

    WOW! What a great opportunity! Thanks for gifting us on your birthday!

  8. 9
    Crystal Miller says:

    WOW! What a great opportunity! Thanks for gifting us on your birthday!

    If I won I have a few bills to pay! As a college student and a single mom who’s son is graduating high school this semester – there are LOTS of place some “extra” could go!


  9. 10
    Linda K. says:

    I would use this for a new purse. ;)

  10. 11

    First of all: YAYYYY! Blogaversaries for 2 of my favorites!!!!!

    Secondly: Honestly….probably groceries would be bought with this lol.

  11. 12
    Colleen Boudreau says:

    I would buy a new desk.

  12. 13

    Happy bloggy birthday to you both. Love your blogs and follow you both on Facebook. Hope you have a great day.

  13. 14

    I would buy all of the cooking things I need…like more Le Creuset…because it’s a horrible addiction.

  14. 15
    Tamara B. says:

    I would buy a new digital camera

  15. 16

    I would like some new chairs for my bedroom seating area!

  16. 17

    Well -0 I had better get one entry in here!

  17. 18

    I would buy “cheer me ups” for my parents. They aren’t doing so well and derserve some spoilinng ;-)

  18. 19

    I adore all of you ladies too! I had the pleasure of meeting Liz at IFBC and she is truly awesome. I’m not surprised at all she’s good at shooting games ;) Happy third year blogiversary, Kim! I’ll enter the contest when I get home tonight. Fingers crossed – $350 could buy this gal a ton of baking stuff!

  19. 20

    a new set of cooking pans from

  20. 21
    stephanie wiggins says:

    I think if I won this contest, I’d either give the amazon gift card to my kids for a special treat or give the visa gift card to my husband for his birthday in May.

  21. 22

    Hi Kim!
    Congrats on 3 years!!! woot woot!!! so happy for you!

  22. 23

    Happy 3rd Birthday !! Love this blog.

  23. 24
    Sally Tews says:

    Many things that I do need~but first things first~some things to make crafts,some pans to make
    special things like cheese cakes,and some herbs and flowers for my little garden.

  24. 25

    KimmmmmmBeeeee, your blog is my secret indulgence for lil moments of me-time. Congrats, doll! xoxo

  25. 26
    kelly rae says:

    odds and ends for our house

  26. 27
    Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I Would Buy Some Cookware And Clothes For My Family

  27. 28

    What a nice give away. Congratulations to you both!

  28. 29
    merry z. says:

    I’d get books. Many, many books!

  29. 30
    Yvonne McGowan says:

    I would buy a new digital camera to take pictures of the wonderful things I cook!

  30. 31

    I am always buying things on Amazon – it would be great to win!

  31. 32

    I would buy gardening supplies !!

  32. 33
    Marcia S. says:

    It would help me buy new flooring for my bedroom. My carpet is quite old!

  33. 34

    I would buy some new clothes and shoes and gift for my best friends birthday.

  34. 35

    I would buy cookbooks and a printer.

  35. 36

    Hey Kim Bee, I heard your blog turned another year older. Congrats on three immensely successful years. May you enjoy many, many more my friend!

  36. 37

    Happy Blogaversary!!! I would have to get some super cool kitchen gadget that has been out my price range. It would be amazing. Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  37. 38

    Happy Bloggy Birthday! I would use it for every day expenses.

  38. 39

    Happy Bloggy Birthday! It’s a … bloggy darn good time? Blog-a-licious? The choices are endless! Just like an Amazon gift card. What would I buy, cookware? Shoes (so hard to find a heel that is not just narrow but twice-narrow). Something, anything for mom though she would say she doesn’t need anything (of course!).

  39. 40

    I am so happy to be able to celebrate with you both! You know, each year that your blog turns a year older I am amazed at how beautiful it still looks. ;) Happy Blogaversary, my friend.

  40. 41

    Kitchen stuff…..

  41. 42

    Happy Bliggity Blog Birthday! I would buy food and pay bills. Thank you for the chance to win.

  42. 43
    Donna Jones says:

    I would start buying birthday gifts and Christmas gifts! Thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes and giveaways all of you rock.

  43. 44

    I would buy new laptop

  44. 45

    Congratulations on the blog anniversary! I just celebrated my second one in January but I didn’t even have a giveaway, let alone one as awesome as this. :)

    If I won the gift card I’d spend it on Amazon buying lots and lots of books. I am a book blogger, after all.

  45. 46

    G’day! I BIG, BIG Happy Blog Anniversary from me!
    You both are very inspiring to me!
    Well done and wishing you many, many more blogs that I look forward to read!
    Cheers! Joanne

  46. 47
    Danielle says:

    I’d use the money to buy a new printer which I really need. Congrats!

  47. 48
    Birdiebee says:

    Wow, I have a long list of items I would like from Amazon with the first being a Breville Juicer that has been sitting in my shopping cart at Amazon for almost a year.

  48. 49

    Lots of k-cups and books!

  49. 50

    what a nice giveaway…Congrats! i love love a laptop.

  50. 51

    What a nice giveaway….Congrats! I would love a laptop.

  51. 52

    an elliptical machine

  52. 53

    I cannot believe 3 years has passed. It can’t be possible! Congratulations, Kim. Looking forward to many more years to come and to hopefully meet up at a conference somewhere, sometime!

    • 54
      Kim Beaulieu says:

      Hey lady. Thanks so much. It’s been a wild ride.

      I know with 100% certainty I’m going to blogher food in May. Ticket is booked. I think it’s highly likely I’ll be at the sunday supper one in July, I think it’s called food & wine. A bunch of friends are going and I love the SS crew so I may hit that one too.

      On the fence but may attend EWR and FBC as well. Working out deals first since I can’t afford to foot the bill.

      You should totally come to blogher food. It’s going to be so much fun.

  53. 55

    Happy Blogging Birthday, hope you have enjoyed your years of blogging just as we have all enjoyed your many fabulous recipes!

  54. 56
    Debbie Bray says:

    kitchen aide mixer

  55. 57
    sally c. says:

    i would buy a camera.

  56. 58
    Vicky Carlson says:

    Happy Birthday! I would buy a Vitamix or food!

  57. 59

    Happy Blog-Birthday Kim! (And Liz too!) I’ve been a fan since day one! :-)

  58. 60

    I would put it towards a laptop.

  59. 61

    Congratulations on your “Bloggy Birthday”!!

  60. 62

    Happy Birthday!

  61. 63

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!!

  62. 64
    Nichole N says:

    I would put it towards new furniture for my new house!

  63. 65

    happy birthday!!!

  64. 66

    Happy birthday! I’d buy a new kettle and shelving for a new pantry!

  65. 67

    I’m saving up for a dSLR, so this would put me super close to being able to afford one!

  66. 68
    Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I would get a Kindle Fire!

  67. 69
    Angela franklin says:

    New kitchen fund!

  68. 70

    Happy blogiversary, Kim! I can’t wait to see how you kick ass this coming year.

  69. 71

    My list is miiiilleesss long! hahaha

  70. 72


  71. 73
    Deb Seely says:

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!!! To you and Liz!!! … amazing that it is your Blog Birthday and you give a gift!! we should all do that on our birthdays! The world would be a better place!

  72. 74

    If I won this I would put it towards my future in my savings account. It would mean a few less days of weekend work which would be wonderful.

  73. 75

    I’d buy a new cloth diaper stash

  74. 76

    Congrats on 3 wonderful years! I would give it to the college kid in my life, so she can buy books and supplies and horsey stuff! Thanks for a great giveaway! ~Marion

  75. 77

    Happy blog anniversary event!! I knew it would be a success. :)

  76. 78

    I’d buy a couple more hours of my lawyer’s time in an attempt to try to get my son home.

  77. 79

    Happy Anniversary….May you continue to grow and grow..either card would let me start early Christmas hopping

  78. 80
    Ariana B. says:

    Happy Blogoversary! I would probably use the money to buy groceries.

  79. 81
    Erin Higgins says:

    I’d buy stuff for the house. :) Or more books. lol

  80. 82

    Mother’s Day gifts galore, and a foreign plushy for myself! =D

  81. 83

    my sons bday is coming up and i have no money for a party, so this would give him a great 1st birthday

  82. 84

    I would buy baby clothes I have a 3rd due in September, being a single parent is HARD!

  83. 85

    It would go toward our Christmas present fund for this year.

  84. 86

    Hi there. I would buy a new coach purse. :)

  85. 87
    Laurie Lunn says:

    I would buy a new kindle & books

  86. 88
    Emily Swanson says:

    I would use the $350 Visa Gift Card to pay off some college debt, buy a mother’s day gift for my mom, and a new outfit for me.

  87. 89
    Helen Stockwell says:

    a Keurig

  88. 90
    Sweta Sonulkar says:

    My march birthday is too coming soon and well I would buy stuffs for me and my arriving baby

  89. 91
    Amanda Aspling says:

    I’d buy baby gear :)

  90. 92
    Sarah Duehr says:

    I’d buy a new sewing machine.

  91. 93

    I would love the Amazon card – I do a lot of shopping on for my household and this would help a lot. Happy Bloggy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  92. 94
    ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    I’d buy a kindle they look so fun and would love to have one to read and play games on.

  93. 95

    I would buy my husband a gift for his birthday.

  94. 96

    I’d probably contribute this money towards an elliptical or treadmill

  95. 97

    My husband and I are very young newlyweds just starting out. A gift card could really help us pay for a lot of things right now.

  96. 98
    Patrick Miller says:

    I would buy a new digital camera!

  97. 99

    I would by myself a swimsuit and summer clothes and buy my brother a nice birthday gift :)

  98. 100

    I would buy new clothes and toys for my girls! :)

  99. 101
    Thia beniash says:

    I would buy a cricut explore for me and a sewing machine for my kids!

  100. 102
    Lee Wei Liao says:

    I will buy books

  101. 103

    ~ Happy, Happy, 3rd Year Bloggy Birthday and many, many more :)

  102. 104

    clothes, phone cases, movies

  103. 105
    Ouida Lampert says:

    An Excalibur dehydrator.

  104. 106
    Mandy Shannon says:

    Happy Happy Happy Bloggy Birthday! ! I’ve loved delving into your blog and am so excited for you and your “bloggy buddy”!! Can’t wait for the many years to come, congrats!
    I’ve got my eye on a couple of color variations of a new pair of shoes I just recently bought with MEMORY FOAM soles that have me in heaven while on my feet for a few hours in the kitchen! Or maybe a new ceramic cast iron something lol

  105. 107

    Some Le Creuset pieces…they are SO expensive, though!

  106. 108

    Congrats!! I would by Disneyland tickets my girls are begging to go again.

  107. 109
    Katie Contests says:

    I’d buy a Kinect and games!

  108. 110

    Happy blog birthday! This is a great blog!

  109. 111

    Congratulations! Love your blog! I’m in great need of some new bake ware and would buy some desired kitchen gadgets too….thanks in advance…just in case I win!!!!!

  110. 112

    Happy Birthday…here’s to many more!!!

  111. 113

    Congratulations! A nice achievement. I would probably buy a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

  112. 114
    Debbie Lind says:

    Happy Bloggy Birthday! I would buy some new clothes. I am losing weight with the medicine i am on.

  113. 115

    If I won this, I would buy some new flooring and sub floor for my bathroom. Not fun, but it has to be replaced. :/ Happy birthday to you both! :D

  114. 116

    I would buy a running shoes, TomTom Runner GPS Watch, and a lot of blogger’s cookbooks! Eat and Run!

  115. 117

    Happy bloggy birthday Kim!
    One of these gift cards would go towards my new Mac :)

  116. 118

    ipad mini

  117. 119
    Jodi Schulman says:

    happy birthday to the blog.

  118. 120

    I would spoil my kids and husband.

  119. 121
    Ellen Gray says:

    Please pick me,I want to win!

  120. 122

    I would buy gifts for my daughter for her birthday and things for our home

  121. 123
    Ellen M. says:

    I would put it towards either new counter tops or new blinds for my kitchen. Many thanks for sharing this goodness with us!!!

  122. 124

    Mama needs a new pair of boots

  123. 125

    I would put it towards my account. I am saving up for a new laptop.

  124. 126
    Lynne T. says:

    I would put the money towards a new desktop computer.

  125. 127

    I would buy a new couch. My couch is 19 years old.

  126. 128

    Congrats and Thanks for your generosity!

  127. 129


  128. 130
    Beth Jones says:

    A tablet so I can use pinterest in the kitchen for a “cookbook”

  129. 131
    Kiki Corcoran says:

    Happy blog birthday! How nice of you to share the joy with this great giveaway. I would use either gift to help my soon to be college freshman be comfy when she moves into her dorm apartment in August….and buy myself some tissues…wahwahwah!

  130. 132
    Janice Dean says:

    I would use it to start my Christmas shopping. Thanks

  131. 133

    Happy Blogiversary :) I would spend it (guilt free) on a keurig and a kindle for my kids so I could have mine back :)

  132. 134
    Margaret Schmidt says:

    books and shoes, shoes and books

  133. 135
    Sue Sattler says:

    Happy Blogging Birthday!! I would get my grandson a bike. And then we would just have some fun. :D

  134. 136
    Kelly Maxwell says:

    I would buy a laptop.

  135. 137
    wen budro says:

    I recently adopted a dog from the animal shelter so this would go towards vet bills, shots and food.

  136. 138
    Diana Corlett says:

    I would get an iPad mini!

  137. 139

    Let’s see, I would buy a pannini grill,and some cloths! I’ve lost 50 PDS!

  138. 140
    Jeane Kennedy says:

    What would I buy????? INGREDIENTS TO BAKE WITH!!!!! YAY! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS BLOG! Thanx for sharing so much! <3

  139. 141
    barbara corbitt says:

    i would buy fabric so i could continue to make charity quilts

  140. 142
    Rita Leonard says:

    i would buy new drapes for the living room

  141. 143

    Dear Kim,
    Congratulations on your third Birthday,I think I’ve been following you for about that long.You have taught me numerous things–more than the culinary professor.If I won the gift card I would stalk my newly built commercial kitchen with the necessities like cookie sheets,spatulas and the such.Please let “That skinny chick can bake”my heartfelt congratulations also.I’m looking forward to another three years..Great going Kim.Talk to you soon…………………………..Alana

  142. 144

    Happy Bloggy Birthday! I would buy some kitchen and baking supplies :-)

  143. 145

    I would use it on baby stuff for my granddaughter due this summer.

  144. 146
    Ellen Gray says:

    PICK ME!

  145. 147
    Lisa Kubin says:

    I would buy something for each of my family members!
    Lisa K.

  146. 148
    Mary Withrow says:

    I would finally buy that laptop I check once a week to look at, lol – That would be so Awesome! Thank you and Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  147. 149

    I would buy a high-powered blender!

  148. 150

    I would by a Kindle! :)

  149. 151
    Kristin Welch says:

    I would either get an Amazon card and buy my girls winter clothes for next winter or Visa and take it on vacation with us in May!

  150. 152
    Jennifer Speed says:

    would buy a new phone or go on a cruise

  151. 153

    books, vitamins, groceries

  152. 154
    Stephanie Lane says:

    If i won the $350 visa gift card i would use it for live theatre because I love attending live performances, or I would use it to save up for something bigger.

  153. 155
    Sally Tews says:

    Please~keeping my fingers crossed. :-)

  154. 156
    Sally Tews says:

    Oh~what would I spend it on?I would share with my family and make a Family decision
    on what we need.

  155. 157
    Danielle says:

    Congratulations! We would get some much needed outside toys for the kids!

  156. 158

    Happy Birthday! I would buy lots and lots of cookbooks!!! You would totally be feeding into my obsession! Great giveaway!

  157. 159
    Kelly O'M says:

    I would buy some plastic covering for my greenhouse, some garden tools, organic treats for my puppy and treats for my chickens.

  158. 160

    Congrats! I would love to win and take my hubby out on special date night.

  159. 161
    Ashley Edwards says:

    I would buy more household things ( my apartment is not even a year old & i need things still) buy lots of ebooks, shop for my nieces and maybe splurge on something just for me. I appreciate this opportunity

  160. 162
    Jill Hartley says:

    Lots of diapers for our 3 month old!!!

  161. 163
    ChristyS says:

    happy birthday!

  162. 164

    What a fabulous way to celebrate! If I were to win, I would put the money toward a stand mixer. Several of my family members have become intolerant to wheat/gluten in recent years, so I’ve started to do a LOT of home baking, and I would like to try my hand at baking gluten-free bread.

  163. 165
    Michelle Ahrens says:

    I would get a new digital camera!!!! Or a mixer. Can’t decide! Congratulations

  164. 166

    anything and everything! lol! idk. i’ll pick something practical i guess?

  165. 167

    I would buy garden supplies!

  166. 168

    If I won, the first thing I’d do is go on a Kindle book shopping spree.

  167. 169
    Kim H in GA says:

    Hmm, my Wish List on Amazon always has items, so I’d check those off…especially homeschool curriculum!

  168. 170

    I would choose the visa card, and would put it towards hotel expenses when my son goes to camp this summer.

  169. 171
    Christine M says:

    I would buy new baby stuff. Thanks.

  170. 172
    ghassan alsaleh says:

    If I win I would like to buy iPad mini

  171. 173

    A treadmill!

  172. 174
    Sally Tews says:

    Not long now~here is hoping that I win.;-) There are many things that I would
    like to have,but,I would want to share with my daughter,husband,son-law,and the loves
    of my hubby and I~ our gran-dogs.One thing is, I would like to help my daughter with is that one of the dogs
    has terrible allergies,been to every Vet possible (even a Vet Dermatologist) and no one can figure her problem out.
    The other is~she had a fire 1yr.ago and lost just about everything,so I would want to help her with that.It has been
    difficult for all of us,but we just have to take 1 day at a time.

  173. 175
    Mayank Bhasin says:

    Need a Moto G and a good sounding headphone. So probably if I win, I’m gonna get those two. Anyhow, best of luck to all the entrants.

  174. 176

    Happy Blogiversary!! I’d buy a new camera,,,or maybe an ipad,,,or a kindle,,or….Well,,,I’d have fun choosing!

  175. 177
    Tracy Spangler says:

    Let’s see- I there are so many items I would like to get. I’d start with placing our order of 25 Silkie chicks to add to our smallish bakyard farm, I’d get some started veggies to grow, water kefir grains, larger glass mason jars, beeswax, cod liver oil (not sure how my kids will like that one!), and a new window to replace the one our dog broke while trying to jump through it to get to a stray cat. I love her, but this is the second window that’s been broken in pursuit of that darn cat. Thankfully the last was just screen. I am thankful she wasn’t hurt- I’m not thankful for the expense of having to replace a window! Thanks so much!

  176. 178
    Kimberly Teel says:

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  177. 179

    I’d catch my phone bill up and save the rest for car insurance.

  178. 180
    Kelley Galyen says:

    I’d maybe buy a Keurig or a Kitchenaid mixer. Thanks for the opportunity!

  179. 181
    Kamla L. says:

    Happy Bloggy Birthday! Wishing you many more years of success and fun!! If I won I would use it to get a new vacuum and spend the remainder on other household needs. Thanks!

  180. 182

    I would get a new sink for my kitchen!

  181. 183
    Ana Gega says:

    I would buy Ipad mini :)

  182. 184

    I would buy an Ice Cream Maker and a vegan foods that I can’t get locally! I would have a blast!!!
    Thank you SO much for an Awesome Giveaway!!!

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