Chocolate Hot Cross Buns | Blundstone Boots Rock my World

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns | These Chocolate Hot Cross Buns are so simple to make. These are my daughter's personal favourite. She requests them as often as possible.

These Chocolate Hot Cross Buns are so simple to make. These are my daughter's personal favourite. She requests them as often as possible.  These chocolate hot cross buns are my daughter's favourite recipe of all time. She is a total spaz when it comes to these buns. She asks me to make them often. Occasionally I oblige. Not often, because they are so good I feel like it's not fair to all the other hot cross bun recipes out there. They were a happy accident the first time I made them. I … [Read more...]

Banana Coconut Sweet Bread: Guest Post for Food Babbles

Banana Coconut Sweet Bread | This Banana-Coconut Sweet Bread is incredibly easy to make. It uses coconut in each element to really give it a tropical twist. Enjoy!

This Banana Coconut Sweet Bread is incredibly easy to make. It uses coconut in each element to really give it a tropical twist. Enjoy! This sweet bread recipe is one of our favourites. It's one I've been making for about 15 years. It takes my Mom's Banana Bread recipe and changes it up a little bit. The addition of coconut comes from my extreme love of all things coconut. I am a coconut recipe fiend. I can never get enough of it. I made this recipe for my friend, Kate. She blogs at … [Read more...]

One Hour Bread Recipe: Burning Down The Kitchen with Cookistry

One Hour Bread Recipe | Cravings of a Lunatic | Crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. It will become a family favourite!

This bread recipe can made in one hour, but don't let that fool you. It's delicious, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. It will become a family favourite! I am pleased as punch to welcome you to another edition of Burning Down The Kitchen. It's a series near and dear to my heart. One where I get to know my blogging friends a little better, and have the pleasure of sharing that experience with my readers. Today I have the distinct honour of sharing an interview with a very … [Read more...]

Momzie’s Banana Bread | Remembering Mom

Momzie's Banana Bread | Super easy recipe for banana bread. Absolutely delicious!

Simple and easy recipe for banana bread. My Mom used to make this for us all the time! So many great memories of this banana bread.  I love Banana Bread. Any time I make it I feel nostalgic. It was something my Mom made often. We loved her Banana Bread so much. So any time I want to remember my mom, or I'm having a bad day I make it and instantly feel better. Today marks 30 years since my Mom passed away. Every year I write about her on this day. It helps me feel better. It reminds me that … [Read more...]

Pull Apart Pizza

Pizza Pull Apart Bread | Cravings of a Lunatic | Easy and delicious pizza pull apart bread. Plus an amazing @OXO giveaway!

An easy and quick version of Pizza Pull Apart Bread that is perfect for those busy nights where you want something delicious fast! Welcome to Day #1 of Appetizer Week, a multi-blogger event co-hosted by myself, and Kristen from Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker. With the big football game coming up, we wanted to make sure you had plenty of ideas for your game day spread. Each day we will be dishing up a different set of appetizers. We hope you enjoy this fabulous group of recipes. I was … [Read more...]

Raspberry Sweet Rolls with Meyer Lemon Glaze #BrunchWeek

Raspberry Sweet Rolls by Cravings of a Lunatic

Welcome to Brunch Week. Today is the last day in this series. I'm a little sad it's ending. Yet I'm super stoked to share these Raspberry Sweet Rolls with Meyer Lemon Glaze with you. Like wicked happy. Like I may have gotten carried away... and eaten ten bazillion of these little suckers. Oddly, I don't even feel bad. Like at all. Not even a little! *whips raspberry off her face and smiles wildly* … [Read more...]

Apple Pull Apart Bread with Caramel Drizzle #SundaySupper

Apple Pull Apart Bread with Caramel Drizzle | Cravings of a Lunatic | #apple #pullapartbread #caramel #dessert

There is just something about the smell of fresh bread wafting through your house on a weekend. Add some apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and caramel sauce and it's almost sensory overload. Notice I say "almost". To me there is no such thing as "too much of a good thing". When I make things with cinnamon and nutmeg I just want the food to practically swim in it. I cannot help myself. I find myself dashing on a little more spice, then a little more. Luckily my family shares my obsession with cinnamon and … [Read more...]

Chocolate Bread & Burning Down The Kitchen with Roxana’s Home Baking

Toblerone Bread 500 4

  I could not be more thrilled than I am today. The incredibly talented Roxana of Roxana's Home Baking agreed to let me interview her for my Burning Down The Kitchen series. Roxana is one of the hardest working bloggers out there. She puts so much care and thought into her posts. Every recipe is impeccable and each photo is more remarkable than the one before it. She excels at everything she does. So I'm beyond touched she is joining us today to let us peek into her world a little bit. … [Read more...]

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Challah: Guest Post by Roxana’s Home Baking


Hi folks. I have a wonderful treat for you today. The talented Roxana of Roxana's Home Baking is visiting the asylum today to share a recipe with all of us. I love Roxana's blog, she is so creative and knowledgeable. We met through Foodbuzz back when it was the place for us food bloggers to connect. I am so grateful to Foodbuzz for introducing me to some amazing bloggers, people like Roxana who share a passion for cooking. There is nothing better than a common bond to form a friendship. … [Read more...]

Harvest Bread: Guest Post by Cooking in Stilettos

HarvestBread-Final (1)

Hi folks. I have another special guest for you today. I'm still out west enjoying some time with the family and quite likely plotting so we can just stay out there.  I may never want to go home. In the meantime I have some lovely guests helping me out, like the lovely Aly from Cooking in Stilettos … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread for SRC


Hi folks. Today is reveal day for The Secret Recipe Club. It's a group of bloggers who once a month post a recipe they've been assigned from another blog. It's a great way to show blogger love and you all know how much I enjoy that. … [Read more...]

Red Velvet Hot Cross Buns for our Vintage Recipe Swap


Hi folks. Yup, I did that. I had planned something else. Then saw it all over facebook and had to make a change of plan STAT. So out of the chaos comes this little beauty. You are so welcome! … [Read more...]

Turtle Sweet Rolls…Yah Baby! Guest Post by Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker

Turtle Buns

Hi folks. Okay so yes you read the title right! No I am not kidding! I think Kristen should guest post here every single day! That's totally doable right Kristen? Yah I thought so! … [Read more...]

Banana Sticky Buns


    Hi folks. As promised I have this little treat for you. These are so amazing. Time consuming but oh so worth it. I've never made sticky buns before. I've made cinnamon rolls and I've made croissants but never these. To tell you how out of my element I am I'll share something with you. I had the most excellent (those too young that's from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Keanu Reeves, holy yummy) phone conversation with a fellow blogger the other night. … [Read more...]

Killer Spicy Pizza Dough

Killer Spicy Pizza Dough | Cravings of a Lunatic | Easy to make spiced pizza dough.

Hi folks. Ya, ya, I know. Where the heck have I been right. I'd like to tell you I've been sailing around the world or laying on a beach in Hawaii drinking fruity drinks with umbrellas served by hot pool boys. Yet that would be such a lie. I mean those are fantasies not reality folks. Reality bites. Seriously...they even made a movie about it once. … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Garlic Bread

Easy Garlic Bread | Cravings of a Lunatic | Easy to make garlic bread. cooked on the grill.

Hi folks. Another quick post as we need to head to the barn to visit horsey. Mini-me has not ridden her much this week as horsey's feet needed to be done then once they were done we gave her a couple days off. Her toesies were a bit long so good to give her a break as it was a good trim. Let her have time to adjust. So today we need to haul butt and get mini-me's butt in the saddle before she goes to work. … [Read more...]