The Bee Family Hits Universal Studios…chaos ensues!

Universal- Kids being silly 1

While visiting Florida for Food Blog Forum we decided to extend out stay and visit Universal Studios.  Enjoy some photos from our adventures in the park!   Toodles and Universal smoochies! xx … [Read more...]

Food Blog Forum 2013

Food Blog Forum Group Pic 2013

I wish I could show you how much fun Disney was. I wish I could show you all kinds of photos of me hanging with my blogging buddies. I wish I had all those photos to share with you. But....we forgot the memory card was not in the camera so there's no actual photos to share. I know right. So be forewarned if you have a DSLR there's no internal memory on it so you need to format your camera so this does not happen to you. Want to know how? On your camera, find the menu button, hit that. You need … [Read more...]

I Had the Time of my Life at Mixed (Giveaway Closed)


I have to tell you all a little secret.. but promise you won't tell a soul... pinky swear? Duff is completely in love with me. There I said it. … [Read more...]

Farm Fresh Fridays takes a trip to Toronto

So I bought 2 to appease mini-me!

Last weekend I took a trip to Toronto to attend Techmunch. The conference itself was incredible. I learned so much and met some wonderful people. Since the trip is 4 hours there and 4 hours home it did not leave much time for scouring the city for Farmer's Markets and cute little shops. I did however get to hit Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma and browse around the Hot & Spicy Food Festival while there. I also made a quick trip to Sephora. And when I say quick I mean it. We had 20 minutes at … [Read more...]

Conference 101 with the Lunatic and a Giveaway!


Hi folks. Been crazy busy. Doing stuff. Really important stuff! Like... … [Read more...]

How to have fun and make complete tools of yourself at Disney or aka The Bee’s Trip to Disney!

This is the beginning of the end for Disney. The Bee family descends.

Hi folks! Ya... So... The title says it all! This is us at the parks, no holds barred. Thank you again to Food Blog Forum for this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. As you are about to see we do not get out much. When we do its complete chaos! For those of you who complain you never see pictures of me, this should make you want to never ask again. It's not a pretty sight after a week of no sleep due to snorers r us! Okay so I snored too... Whatever!!! … [Read more...]

Road Trip 101 with the Bee Family: Part 1 of 3 from FBF’s Orlando Conference


Okay... So... Have you ever wondered how NOT to travel? Well I have some tips for you! We'll call them life lessons. This is pure fiction. There is no truth to any of it. Seriously... … [Read more...]