Conversation Heart Cakelette #‎LoveisintheBaking‬

Conversation Heart Cakelettes | | These Pink Velvet Cakelettes with Pink Cream Cheese Frosting are perfectly easy to make. Bake them to celebrate any special occasion with your famiglia and friends.

Pink Velvet Cakelettes with Pink Cream Cheese Frosting are perfectly easy to make. Celebrate any special occasion with your famiglia and friends. Are you ready for cuteness overload? You sure? These little conversation heart cakelettes are made with pink velvet batter, then topped with pink cream cheese frosting, then finally layered with conversation hearts. But that's not all folks!!! Before they get sealed up with frosting I filled the middle of each one with conversation … [Read more...]

#ChristmasWeek Recap and #Giveaway Links

Christmas Week

  Hi folks. This week was a whirlwind of Christmas goodies. Christmas Week was a huge success and I hope we inspired you all to get into your kitchens and start your holiday baking. There are so many amazing recipes to get your creative juices flowing. I thought I'd recap the week for anyone who just tuned in or missed it. Hope you enjoy. I know I sure did. I may have to wear stretchy pants for the next month the way things are going. … [Read more...]

Cherry Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes, BDTK/Chocolate Moosey and Foodie Penpal


Hi folks. I took a hiatus from Burning Down The Kitchen recently. After the vacation of doom I just was not up to doing them. Plus I'm not going to lie, I've had a couple of interviews get forgotten about by the interviewee. So for a while there I was questioning whether I wanted to continue doing these interviews. But I'll be darned if I'm going to let someone else control my world. Yes they are a lot of work to organize but for me the payoff is awesome. I get to know other bloggers so much … [Read more...]

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cupcakes

red velvet ice cream

  Hi folks. Today is a very special day. We are celebrating Megan Pence's upcoming wedding by throwing her a virtual surprise bridal shower. … [Read more...]

Burning Down The Kitchen with Movita Beaucoup while making her Classic Cupcakes


Hi folks. Okay I need a brief "mommy" moment before we begin today. As many of you know my son is in school getting his Master's Degree. Well today he had to defend his thesis. He called a little while ago saying there are no revisions so whoo to the hoo! He made it through with his sanity intact, well, mostly. So congrats to B-Dude on a job well done. He was also accepted to Calgary for his PHD so we'll be saying goodbye to him this summer. Going to be so weird without him here eating all my … [Read more...]