Red Velvet Fudge

Red Velvet Fudge. This heart-shaped Red Velvet Fudge is incredibly easy to make! It uses marshmallow fluff so you can have fudge without all the fuss! Get the recipe at !

This heart-shaped Red Velvet Fudge is incredibly easy to make! It uses marshmallow fluff so you can have fudge without all the fuss! I think that secret is out. I love fudge. I am always playing around with new ideas and experimenting with recipes. I think my favourite fudge is a classic chocolate old fashioned fudge. The kind that requires a candy thermometer. I'm old school. However I know a lot of folks prefer easier recipes. So I also enjoy experimenting with no bake fudge recipes, or … [Read more...]

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns | Blundstone Boots Rock my World

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns | These Chocolate Hot Cross Buns are so simple to make. These are my daughter's personal favourite. She requests them as often as possible.

These Chocolate Hot Cross Buns are so simple to make. These are my daughter's personal favourite. She requests them as often as possible.  These chocolate hot cross buns are my daughter's favourite recipe of all time. She is a total spaz when it comes to these buns. She asks me to make them often. Occasionally I oblige. Not often, because they are so good I feel like it's not fair to all the other hot cross bun recipes out there. They were a happy accident the first time I made them. I … [Read more...]

Balsamic Roasted Baby Carrots

Balsamic Roasted Baby Carrots | So simple to make yet so complex in flavour. A family favourite!

So simple to make yet so complex in flavour. Baby carrots drizzled in balsamic vinegar, the roasted in the oven and sprinkled with parsley and coarse salt.  This one is a family favourite. My family loves this recipe. We're such suckers for roasted vegetables. I think it's because we all have a sweet tooth, and roasting brings out the natural sweetness of vegetables. This is something I make often when we have roast beef or roast chicken. It just goes perfectly with either of those dishes. … [Read more...]

Bananas Foster French Toast #BrunchWeek

Bananas Foster French Toast by Cravings of a Lunatic

Welcome to Brunch Week. Today I have a special recipe for you. It's so incredibly delicious and sweet it will blow your mind. You all know I'm all about blowing your mind. And your taste buds. This is sure to do both. I would have never considered myself a French Toast lover. I make it all the time for the boys in the household, yet I never really cared for French Toast. Then last year I went to a conference and had Bananas Foster French Toast. My life has never been the … [Read more...]

Mini Meyer Lemon Pies #SundaySupper

Mini Meyer Lemon Pies by Cravings of a Lunatic

Have I told you how much I love Meyer Lemons? I do... I really, really do... They are natures little miracle. I realize that's pushing the envelope a bit, but seriously have you ever tried them? Like nature's candy.  … [Read more...]

Easter Bark: Two Ways (Creme Egg Bark & Jelly Bean Bark)

Easter Jelly Bean Bark by Cravings of a Lunatic

I love Easter. I love Chocolate. I love Easter Chocolate! Heck, let's be honest, I love any kind of chocolate. Any excuse to chow down on delicious chocolate is a good day in my book. Toss in some festive holiday candy and it goes beyond love, right into obsession. I love Creme Eggs. I love Jelly Beans. Add those to chocolate bark and it might be time for a restraining order. I may cross over the edge. It's been known to happen. I mean look at this stuff. It's yummy goodness inside more … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread for SRC


Hi folks. Today is reveal day for The Secret Recipe Club. It's a group of bloggers who once a month post a recipe they've been assigned from another blog. It's a great way to show blogger love and you all know how much I enjoy that. … [Read more...]

40 Cloves of Garlic Roast Chicken for The Shiksa’s Passover Potluck


Hi folks. Today you can find me over at The Shiksa in the Kitchen. I am participating in her Passover Potluck so I would love you to  head on over to check out my 40 Clove Roast Chicken. … [Read more...]

Strawberry Tarts: Guest Posting for the lovely Katherine Martinelli today!


Hi folks. Today I can be found guest posting at Katherine Martinelli. I got truly inspired by her cookbook, Puff Pastry at Brunch. So I thought I would try my hand at puff pastry in honour of her asking me to guest for her. … [Read more...]

Red Velvet Hot Cross Buns for our Vintage Recipe Swap


Hi folks. Yup, I did that. I had planned something else. Then saw it all over facebook and had to make a change of plan STAT. So out of the chaos comes this little beauty. You are so welcome! … [Read more...]

Banana Sticky Buns


    Hi folks. As promised I have this little treat for you. These are so amazing. Time consuming but oh so worth it. I've never made sticky buns before. I've made cinnamon rolls and I've made croissants but never these. To tell you how out of my element I am I'll share something with you. I had the most excellent (those too young that's from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Keanu Reeves, holy yummy) phone conversation with a fellow blogger the other night. … [Read more...]