Whiskey Sliders and a Note for Hubs for Fathers Day #SundaySupper

Whiskey Sliders by Cravings of a Lunatic

I thought I'd do something a little different today. First you get these amazing Whiskey Sliders, cooked with lots of caramelized shallots and onions. They are amazeballs and you are going to love them! I guarantee they will become a family classic you make over and over again. Second you get the distinct, or horrifyingly way too personal, pleasure of me letting you into my personal life. Hubs is out-of-town for Fathers Day so I thought I'd share this here as a surprise and homage to him. … [Read more...]

Road Trip to Alberta aka “Vacation of Doom”

The Badlands

We'll start with my "happy place"! The Badlands. This was the place I was most excited to visit on the way out west! It holds fond childhood memories for me. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday and Happy 20th Anniversary to Hubs

Check yourself Daisy! I'm watching you!

Happy Birthday Hubs! Happy 20th Anniversary Hubs! From out west... … [Read more...]


My beautiful picture

Hi folks. Today marks 5 years since my Dad passed away. It feels like a lifetime. Then there are days it feels like it happened yesterday. Loss is like that. Some days you move through life unburdened by it. Other days it cuts you to the core and the memories are strong. I've written about my father before. You can read about … [Read more...]



Hi folks. Today there is no recipe. No giggling, crazy Lunatic. Today marks the anniversary of my Mom's passing. I thought sharing some words and pictures with you to mark the occasion would be a nice way to share a bit more about my life with you. … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Dinner and Memories of Dad

So Father's Day has come and gone. Ours was the usual busy day. Our daughter had soccer this morning. She plays on a ladies league. After a 2 year absence due to a torn Achilles she's finally able to play again. Not competitively like she used to yet. My hubby usually works Sunday mornings but he was off this week so he actually took her . Which was nice for them since he loves soccer and they don't get much one on one time these days. The bonus for me was getting to go back to bed. Which sounds … [Read more...]