How to Toast your Nuts #GrabSomeNutsDay

How to Toast Pistachios. It's easy and quick, plus it brings out the flavour.

How to Toast Pistachios. It's easy and quick, plus it brings out the flavour.  Welcome to the blog. Today is a very special day. We're celebrating Grab Some Nuts Day. It's an actual food holiday. Who knew? When I found out Grab Some Nuts Day was coming up I knew I had to celebrate with some of my nutty friends. So I put together a small group of bloggers who wanted to grab some nuts with me. I mean who wants to grab nuts all by themselves right? We all came up with some nut packed … [Read more...]

Cherry and Pistachio No Bake Cheesecake with Animal Cracker Crust

Cherry and Pistachio No Bake Cheesecake with Animal Cracker Crust | This recipe will impress your friends and family. That is, if you share it with them.

This is a delicious no bake recipe for layered cheesecake. The base is made from animal crackers, then there is a layer of cherry cheesecake, followed by a layer of pistachio cheesecake. Today we celebrate National Cheesecake Day. The event is being hosted by the lovely Roxana of Roxana's Home Baking. Make sure you head over to her site to say hello! I could not decide what kind of cheesecake to make for this event. Then my Pink Lemonade Cheesecakes were featured on Buzzfeed. After I … [Read more...]

Marble Bark with Pistachios and Fleur de Sel

Marble Bark with Pistachios and Fleur de Sel | Ridiculously easy to make, seriously addictive to nosh on!

This marble bark is so simple to make. It has chopped pistachios tossed in it, then topped with fleur de sel. Everyone you share it with will think you spent hours on this recipe. It will be our little secret it only takes minutes to make! If you are a regular reader you know how much I adore chocolate. I have a whole category devoted to chocolate recipes. That is how deep my love for chocolate goes. So it seemed like a great idea to me to join the Food Fanatic team as one of their … [Read more...]

Farro with Dried Cherries and Pistachios

Farro with Pistachios and Dried Cherries | This recipe is simple to make, and is perfect for a side dish.

This recipe is simple to make, and is perfect for a side dish. You can also add greens for an amazing salad recipe. Enjoy! Today I am teaming up with some fellow bloggers and Kitchen IQ to bring you great recipes and a fabulous giveaway. This recipe is super simple to make. It's healthy and nutritious, plus it's filling. I like to throw in fun bites when making farro. It has such a cool texture on it's own but adding some crunch and some chew to it just takes me to my happy place. I love … [Read more...]

Crostini with Ricotta, Fresh Cherries and Pistachios

Crostini with Fresh Ricotta, Fresh Cherries and Pistachios

This crostini recipe uses fresh ricotta, fresh cherries and chopped pistachios. The flavour combination of cherries and pistachios is my ultimate favourite. I cannot get enough dishes that include them both. Try it for yourself. It's super easy to make and something you can whip up in a snap! I love cherry season so much. Cherries are my favourite fruit by far. I can eat them all day long and nothing else. I love any kind of cherry. My personal favourite is Rainier Cherries but it can be hard … [Read more...]

Pistachio Cannoli Filling

pistachio cannoli

  You all know how much I love pistachios. I mean it's a love like no other. It surpasses my love of turtles even, and you all know how crazy I am about turtles. Pistachios are my go to snack. My favourite thing to munch on while watching a t.v. show or a movie. I love using them in baking. Any excuse to crack open some pistachios is a good day in my book. … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Cookies & Swerve Giveaway #worlddiabetes

Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Cookies

Hi folks. Okay so some of you may be scratching your heads right now. For multiple reasons. First you are looking at this cookie and thinking there's no way its healthy. Well I am here to tell you as far as cookies go this is a healthy alternative in a big bad way. Plus it's delicious. In a big bad way. Secondly those who know me are now wondering if they have come to the right blog. I am usually Miss Sugar Pants. But today calls for Lunie to put away her sugar jar and help support World … [Read more...]

Strawberry Cannoli Parfaits with Pistachios

Strawberry Parfaits

Okay so I made Paula Deen's Strawberry Cannoli Parfaits. Can you say yummilicious? I know I can. Especially after eating these things. So good. The downside.... I now know why she put the pistachios in the cream. To avoid the parfait glasses looking like they are dusty from the pistachios bits. I laughed my butt off when I looked at all my photos and realized it looks like I used unclean glasses. Live and learn. And I mean if hitting my learning curve means eating copious amounts of things … [Read more...]

Pistachio Chocolate Frozen Mousse

Pistachio Chocolate Frozen Mousse | Cravings of a Lunatic | Super easy to make. Uses jello pudding for the layers!

Hi folks! Welcome to another edition of ICE CREAM SUNDAYS. It is my fave day of the week. I mean who doesn't love ice cream. Any day you get to eat ice cream is a great day in my book. … [Read more...]

Burning Down The Kitchen with Isabelle from Crumb while making her Brownie Biscotti


Hi folks. Welcome to another edition of Burning Down The Kitchen. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series or new to the blog, this is a weekly series where I make another blogger's recipe then interview them. It's just a light-hearted, fun way to get to know other bloggers. It's also a way for me to work my way through lots of bookmarks I've made doing my other series Lunatic Loves These Links. I hope you enjoy this. … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Bites for Ice Cream Sunday


Hi folks! Welcome to another Ice Cream Sunday. My fave day of the week. Any day where I get to make and share ice cream is a great day in my book. I had some fun with this one. It is a tad messy to make these but I'm not going to lie, that was half the fun. … [Read more...]

Marble Pistachio Bark

Marble Bark | Cravings of a Lunatic | Super simple and quick to make. Absolutely delicious!

Two kinds of chocolate swirled together to make a marble bark with pistachios in it. Absolutely delicious and easy to make. Hey folks. I am in a huge rush so I am going to make this super quick. I am spending the rest of the day with mini-me. We're going to see a movie, either Harry Potter or The Help, not sure which one yet. Probably the one we are on time for. That happens a ton, we plan to see one movie, run late then see something else. Hey I can rock it in the kitchen but being on … [Read more...]