My Personal Top 10 Favourite Recipes of 2014

My Favourite Recipes of 2014

My Personal Top 10 Favourite Recipes of 2014 I love cooking. I mean I really, really love it. Most days my job does not feel like a job. When you love what you do it's a total joy to do it every day. I also love to eat. I mean I really, really love to eat. I'm endlessly thinking of new recipes I want to try, things I want to experiment with. So I'm never bored. I spend an enormous amount of time thinking about food. And I love every minute of it. Loving your job is a beautiful … [Read more...]

Top 10 Recipes of 2014

Cravings of a Lunatic's Top 10 Recipes of 2014

Cravings of a Lunatic's Top 10 Recipes of 2014! Okay, I swear I am always the last blogger to do these types of lists. I'm a procrastinator. Always have been, always will be. I could tell you it's my new year's resolution to be on time for things. But I haven't gotten around to making that resolution list yet. In fact I'm not sure I ever made the previous year's either. If procrastinating was a sport I'd win the gold medal. Although I'm sure I would be late for the ceremony. Or … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves | November Edition

November Recap from Cravings of a Lunatic

November was fabulous. Looking forward to a fun-filled December! November comes to a close, and December looms. I am not a big fan of the cold weather that comes with December. I love being a Canuck, but I need to be honest here, I hate winter. I feel like I was born in the wrong place. Somehow I think I was misplaced from Hawaii. Life man, it's just not fair some days. The one good thing about cold weather is cold weather food. I tend to do a ton of roasting and braising. I adore anything … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves | October Edition

October Recap Collage for Cravings of a Lunatic

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Halloween filled with laughter and lots of candy. Looking back on October I realize you must be wondering why I've barely posted. I'm usually a postaholic. This month and last month were very slow. I apologize for that. Life happens and sometimes work takes a back seat. Everything is okay. It's just been a hectic couple of months. Hubs is adjusting to the new job. Mini-me has been crazy busy with school and various projects. B-Dude moved into a new … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves September Edition

September Recap | Cravings of a Lunatic

Hey folks. I thought I'd start posting a lunatic loves post once a month. Sort of a what I've been up to all month type of deal. I used to do them once a week but I just don't post as much as I used to. Although that may change with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Some quick life updates: Me: Busy with work. I love my job. Who knew I'd grow up to play with my food for a living. For anyone who may not be aware I also have a new grilling site called Kiss My Smoke. I love to … [Read more...]

Top 10 Dessert Recipes Dads Will Dig

Top 10 Desserts Dads Will Dig by Cravings of a Lunatic

With Fathers Day approaching quickly I just had to put together a list of dessert recipes the men in my life dig. I already posted a Top 10 Main Course Recipes Dads Will Dig and a Bacon Recipe Round-Up (with over 70 recipes!) to help you prep for Fathers Day. It seemed only fitting that I point you in the direction of my dessert recipes. Any one of them is sure to impress your pops. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves | March 20 | Happy Birthday Mom

Cravings of a Lunatic Recipes

  Today I get to share recipes I've made over the last two weeks. A little recap of what's been happening here at the B household. I've been playing around with meyer lemons after hubs brought home a few bags. You would think three bags would be enough to make me happy. I only have 2 lemons left and asked hubs to hit the jackpot again on his way home from working out of town. This trip was a swing and a miss. Two stores, no meyers. I am seriously sad. Hopefully we can find some more … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves | March 6

Cravings of a Lunatic Recipes

  Keeping the update short and sweet today. Recovering from the flu is the pits. I did actually cook today. Like 8 things. But only ate 2. least I'm standing and eating again. Yah me! … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves Feb 20 Happy Birthday Bro!

Valentine's Day Recipe from Cravings of a Lunatic

The first thing I'd like to do today is wish my older Bro a very Happy Birthday! For one month each year we are the same age. To the day actually. Our family has a thing with the number 20. Actually all 20's. We've got three 20's, one 21, one 22, one 24, one 27 and one 29. Wild right. My dad was the only one not born with a twenty something number. Anyhow, Happy Birthday Mister Magoo! Hope you party hard and have an amazing day! … [Read more...]

Mixed Berry Parfaits

Mixed Berry Parfaits by Cravings of a Lunatic

I'd like to welcome you to the start of Whipping Cream Week. I'm participating in a contest involving real cream which got me to thinking. I buy a big thing of real cream, aka heavy cream, aka whipping cream, at the store and it costs a good pile of dough. Then I use a little bit of it and then forget I have it. I use it up like mad in summer when I am constantly making ice cream. Yet winter months I tend to buy it and forget it is in the fridge. So I decided if I do this, there must be lots of … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves | February 6

Cravings of a Lunatic

Happy Wednesday! I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays is Supernatural day. It's Sam and Dean day. My favourite day of the week. Pretty boys. Then pretty food. Ah, life is good. I had all kinds of things planned for you this week. It was supposed to be my week to buckle down and get caught up on some things. Hubs was going to be home for almost 4 days straight which is rare. So I made all kinds of plans and then hubs came home from his job, out-of-town, wicked sick. I mean wicked, horrible, ugly … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves

Chili Teaser

One would think with the new year upon us I'd have lots of healthy food to share with you in this recap. Yet...not so much. I've been in birthday mode which tends to turn into a one or two week binge-fest. For some reason I go on these benders every year. My birthday turns into a free for all. I know I should feel bad but … [Read more...]

Top 10 of 2012

Trix Krispies by Cravings of a Lunatic

I have to say 2012 rocked. Except when it was kicking my ass. Which it did a lot of. But I wouldn't trade any of those lessons learned for anything in the world. You can never grow and learn if you don't have obstacles and challenges in life. Going through the hard stuff makes you appreciate the good stuff more. It also makes you grateful for the little things in life. So any lesson I was taught I am grateful for, it's brought me to the place I need to be. Moving forward, learning, and growing. … [Read more...]

Lunatic Loves These Links/ Giveaway Winners/ Pinterest Group Boards


Hi folks. Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I thought I'd do an update since I haven't done that in quite a while. I've got some link love for you. I'm also announcing winners for some giveaways. And some info on shared pinterest boards for all you food bloggers who read. So grab a cuppa and enjoy today's post. We'll start with giveaway winners.  … [Read more...]

Vacation Posts Recap

main course

Hi folks. We're back. Will share some photos with you in a few days. For now I thought I'd recap all the blog posts that went up while I was hiatus with my family. Hope you enjoy. Tomorrow you actually get a new recipe from me. And it's a doozy! Cannot wait to share it with you.  … [Read more...]

Lunatic’s Top 10 Frozen Treats

frozen desserts

Today we are spending the day as a family. It's our last official day with all 4 of us living of under one roof. Hubs is not coming on our road trip with us. He has to work and since he's a contract worker he can't get time off. So today is our last day to hang out, maybe take some family pics and let's be honest Mom is probably going to bawl like a baby a whole bunch. Tomorrow we hit the road for our adventure to the wild west. So it's B-Dude's farewell to his dad and our last day to enjoy … [Read more...]

Lunatic’s Top 10 Slow Cooker Recipes

slow cooker

Another top 10 post for you all today. This one is one of my faves. Slow cooker recipes, I love my slow cooker. So much that I think I have 5 now, 4 once B-Dude leaves as I gave him one of my smaller ones. As most of you know we are headed off soon on a cross-country trip. So I needed to free up some time to pack for our trip and help B-Dude pack for his big move out west. We also wanted to lighten the load to spend more time together during our last week all living under one roof. So for … [Read more...]

Lunatic’s Top 10 Snack Recipes


Hi folks. So the week of top 10's rages on. We're only days away from impending vacation. The vacation in which one of use will not be returning home from. We will be leaving our son out west to start his new life out there. He will be finishing his schooling out west, working toward his PHD. So this week we have been packing and spending some much needed time together. Our last fleeting moments with all 4 of us living under one roof. I just want to soak it all in before life changes. As life … [Read more...]

Lunatic’s Top 10 Grill Recipes

recipe for the grill

Welcome to day 7 of the top 10 extravaganza. We are enjoying our down time, trying to spend some time together. There's also lots of prep for a trip like this. Just organizing the animals is like planning a summit. We have 1 horse, 1 dog, 3 cats, and 4 birds. So travelling poses lots of issues and lots of people to watch them all. Horsey will be cared for at the place we board her. Mini-me is friends with the owner's daughter so we've hired her to make sure Gingy gets worked every other day. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday B-Dude and Lunatic’s Top 10 Recipes Chicks Dig

Clearly you will understand why B-Dude is moving so far away after you read this post!

  Okay so I have a wicked twisted sense of humour, what can I say. First: Happy Birthday B-Dude! The big 2-4, there's got to be some huge significance to that one in Canuck culture I would think. Any Bob and Doug fans out there? Honestly the theme song is now stuck in my head. I love those hosers way too much. Take off eh! … [Read more...]