Mini Pizza Sandwiches: Guest Post for It’s a Keeper

Mini Pizza Sandwiches- These adorable little Mini Pizza Sandwiches are perfect for game day, or for an afternoon snack. Grill them for the full tailgate experience. You'll thank me for it!

These adorable little Mini Pizza Sandwiches are perfect for game day, or for an afternoon snack. Grill them for the full tailgate experience. You'll thank me for it! Okay folks, these little sandwiches are going to knock your socks off. They are absolutely delicious. The added bonus is they are super easy to make. And quick. You can have these ready so fast you'll think you made a mistake. But trust me, you didn't. They are meant to be that quick to make. These are born of necessity. … [Read more...]

Steak Sandwiches | Remembering Dad

Steak Sandwich | Amazing steak sandwich layered with caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese and barbecue sauce.

Amazing steak sandwich layered with caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese and barbecue sauce.  Just to be clear this is a steak sandwich, it is not a Philly Cheesesteak. I make those too, but the cooking process differs slightly from this one. So just for the record for all you purists, this is in no way a Philly Cheesesteak. It's just as damn good as one though. I think by now you must realize how much I like steak. I'm a beef girl. I was brought up that way. My Dad was a beef guy. I … [Read more...]

Mini Meatloaf Sandwiches with Red Pepper Pesto

Mini Meatloaf Sandwiches with Red Pepper Pesto | Cravings of a Lunatic | Perfect for game day!

These mini sandwiches are amazing. First you start with a meatloaf packed with roasted red peppers and spice. Then you make mini sandwiches topped with Barbecue Sauce, Provolone Cheese and Red Pepper Pesto. Perfect for game day.  These sandwiches are freaking amazing. I cannot even begin to tell you how scrumptious they are. Plus they're just cute. I love meatloaf but let's be honest, it's not overly pretty. Pop  it inside tiny little sammies and it looks adorable. Cute, tasty food is just so … [Read more...]

Meatball “Crunch” Grinders

Meatball Crunch Grinder by Cravings of a Lunatic

I love a good meatball sub/grinder/hoagie. They just make me happy. But I have a confession... I prefer them with barbecue sauce instead of marinara sauce. Don't get me wrong. Marinara ones are welcome in my world too. But my true love will always be one made with barbecue sauce. This grinder is topped with mozzarella cheese. I've done them with provolone as well. I really like mozzarella and provolone mixed together on a sandwich like this too. Just that added kick with two different cheeses. … [Read more...]

Mini Pulled Beef and Shallot Sandwiches


Hi folks. Want a bite? It's really good. I ate three just while I took the photos. Let's not even talk about how many I ate after. … [Read more...]

Easiest Sandwich Ever! Ham and Smoked Mozzarella!

Ham Sandwich and Malia

Hi folks. Yah, yah, I know everyone uses swiss with ham but I love mozzarella so I used it. So sue me. Or the mozzarella company who got me addicted to their cheese. It's not my fault. I have no control over it. I am a mozzarella junkie and I do not care who knows it. You can try to change me but your efforts will be futile. Many have tried before you and failed. Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm slapping mozzarella on a taco or anything. That would go against the laws of nature. I am … [Read more...]

Smoked Meat Sandwich and Memories of Childhood

Smoked Meat

Hi folks. Still sick but thought I'd pop this up really quick. I grew up spending a fair bit of time in Quebec. We had lots of family there. Both my folks spent most of their childhood there. So both sets of my grandparents lived there. We used to go down for visits and family functions. Spent tons of time with cousins who I adore so much. One of the perks of spending time in Quebec is the food. … [Read more...]