Chocolate Caramel Pecan Candies aka Turtles | Huawei Ascend Mate 2

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Candies | Toasted pecans topped with melted caramels, then layered with two kinds of chocolates. Very similar to Turtles only they use white chocolate as well! Absolutely addictive!

Toasted pecans topped with melted caramels, then layered with two kinds of chocolates. Very similar to Turtles only they use white chocolate as well as milk!  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Huawei Mobile Devices USA. More details at the bottom of this post.  There are two things in the world I love the most. Well, maybe three, but for the purposes of this post we'll focus on two of them. I love Turtles Candies and I love electronics. Why do I love Turtles Candies? If you have … [Read more...]

Chunky Turtle Ice Cream | Review of Scoop Adventures

Chunky Turtle Ice Cream | Salted caramel ice cream loaded with toasted pecans and chocolate. This ice cream has become a family favourite.

Salted caramel ice cream loaded with toasted pecans and chocolate. This ice cream has become a family favourite.  If you are a regular reader you know how much I adore anything "turtle" related. I think I have at least a couple of dozen "turtle" recipes on the blog. It's a serious addiction. So I can say with serious conviction I know a good "turtle" recipe when I try one. This isn't just good, it is spectacular. As a self-professed ice cream addict, with dozen of ice cream recipes on my … [Read more...]

Turtle Recipes Round Up

Turtle Recipes Round Up | Cravings of a Lunatic | #turtles #chocolate #caramel #pecans #recipes

I love Turtles Chocolates. There's just something about them that makes my heart go all gooey, just like the caramel inside them. I'm obsessed with recipes that "turtle" other things. Ice Cream, Brownies, Bark, Banana Splits, you name it, if it can be "turtled" I'm all in. I asked some of my blogging buddies to hook me with some of their Turtle Favourites and then tossed in my own collection for a fabulous Turtles Recipe Round Up. Hope you love it as much as I do. … [Read more...]

Turtles Hand Pies: Guest Post for Go Bake Yourself

Turtles Hand Pies | Cravings of a Lunatic | #turtles #chocolate #caramel #pie #handpies

So.... whatcha been up? Me? well.... just these.... … [Read more...]

Turtles French Toast #BrunchWeek

Turtles French Toast by Cravings of a Lunatic

Welcome to Brunch Week. Today's recipe is a personal fave of mine. It's seriously over the top, decadent, and dripping with all kinds of things you probably shouldn't eat for breakfast. But it's for Mother's Day.... so who gives a flip about right and wrong. Mother's Day is all about being a rebel, doing all the things you shouldn't do all in one day. No? That's not what Mother's Day is about... hmm, that might explain some things. I wonder if my parole officer knows … [Read more...]

Tiny Turtle Cheesecakes (No Bake) #SundaySupper

Tiny Turtle Cheesecakes (No Bake) by Cravings of a Lunatic

I can hear the collective gasp of surprise now... Kim made something Turtley... Shocking right! I think you'll forgive my obsession when you realize how flipping cute these are. They are also the easiest little cheesecakes in the world to make. We'll call them "cheater cheesecakes". And we won't even feel a little bit bad about it. Trust me, these will make those of you who like to spend hours prepping your desserts change your tune. They take about 3.57 minutes to make... and … [Read more...]

Turtle Krispies: Guest Post for Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker

Turtle Krispies from Cravings of a Lunatic

  Happy Valentine's Day my friends! I love you more than turtles. Okay that's a lie. But you're a close second I promise! … [Read more...]

Turtle Thumbprint Cookies #SundaySupper


  Hi folks. So happy to be here today with a fabulous cookie recipe to share with you. You all know how obsessed I am with all things "turtle". It's really gotten out of hand to be honest. I have far too many turtle recipes in my recipe index. Okay that's a total lie, when can you ever have TOO many turtle recipes. There can never be too many turtles recipes in the world for my taste. I've made oodles of them. … [Read more...]

Turtle Truffles: Guest Post for Magnolia Days


Hi folks. So happy to share this little goodie with you. It was so much fun to make. Even more fun to eat. You know how much I adore all things Turtle. My list of turtle recipes is lengthy. I've made Turtle Bark, Turtle Ice Cream, Turtle Banana Splits, Turtle Ice Cream Pie, Turtle Popcorn, Turtle Popcorn Gone Wild, No Bake Turtle Cheesecake, Turtle Brownies,  Turtle Waffles, Turtle Tailgate Mix, and Turtle Apples. I've had guests on the blog take my love of turtles and run with it. … [Read more...]

Turtle Apples

caramel apples

Apple meet Caramel... Caramel meet Chocolate... Chocolate meet Pecan... Turtle Apples meet Lunies' Bellah!!! … [Read more...]

Turtle Tailgate Mix

snack mix

Hi folks. Okay it's confession time... this cannot be keep secret any longer... it needs to be shared... before it drives me! … [Read more...]

Turtle Cheesecake Pizza: Guest Post by Crumb

dessert pizza

Hi folks. Okay so this is the last day of guest post mania. I asked my wonderful friend Isabelle of Crumb to make your jaws drop today. Let's just say the woman delivered in a big way. … [Read more...]

Turtle Waffles and Lunatic’s Top 10 Turtle Recipes

chocolate waffles

I have a special treat for you today. A new recipe and some old ones. Hope you enjoy the turtle extravaganza. You know me and turtles. It's a love affair like no other. Well except chocolate. And ice cream. And popcorn. And... … [Read more...]

Ultimate Turtle Brownies: Burning Down The Kitchen with That Skinny Chick Can Bake


Welcome to another edition of Burning Down The Kitchen. I started this weekly series after I realized I had bookmarked a ton of recipes from fellow bloggers but had not been making the recipes. So I thought a fun way to make it more interactive would be to interview the person whose dish I wanted to make. One thing led to another and I started this series. It's a riot to do each week. I love learning more about the folks behind the blogs. It's incredibly fun to peek inside their minds and … [Read more...]

Turtle Sweet Rolls…Yah Baby! Guest Post by Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker

Turtle Buns

Hi folks. Okay so yes you read the title right! No I am not kidding! I think Kristen should guest post here every single day! That's totally doable right Kristen? Yah I thought so! … [Read more...]

No Bake Turtle Cheesecake and My 1 Year Blogiversary!


Hi folks. Today is a very special day. 1 year ago today I entered the blogosphere. I was encouraged to open a cooking blog by a very dear friend named Amy Valentino. I met Amy online playing a game called Mousehunt. After playing the game together for some time we became buddies. I was always posting what I was making for dinner or what I was baking on facebook. Quite frankly I was making people drool on keyboards before even opening the blog. … [Read more...]

Turtle Popcorn Gone Wild

Turtle Popcorn Gone Wild

Chocolate Popcorn covered in Homemade Caramel Sauce and tossed with Pecans and Toffee Bits. This stuff is wildly addictive. It's a chocolate lovers dream.  Yah baby! Chocolate = good! Caramel = good!! Toffee = good!!! Pecans = good!!!! Popcorn = good!!!!! Chocolate + Caramel + Toffee + Pecans + Popcorn = Turtle Popcorn Gone Wild!!!!!! Turtle Popcorn Gone Wild = "Well smack my ass and call me Judy" kind of good!!!!!!! … [Read more...]

Turtle Popcorn

chocolate popcorn

Wonderful easy, and quick chocolate popcorn recipe. Great for snacking on for parties, movies or game day. You're going to love this one.  Okay let's all sing along now.... "MMM I Love Turtles!" Okay for those of you living under a rock, or who don't often read my blog (why the h...e ...double hockey sticks have you not been reading??) Turtles are a very special treat here in Canada. They are little chocolate delights that will drive you to madness. Well, maybe not you. But me … [Read more...]

Turtle Ice Cream Pie


Hi folks! Okay if you're new... I love Turtles! If you're not new.... … [Read more...]

Turtle Banana Split | More Birthday Shenanigans!!!

Turtle Banana Split by Cravings of a Lunatic

Turtle Banana Split | Super easy to whip together for an indulgent treat.  Hi folks. Yes you are reading the post title correctly. I, being the Lunatic that I am, made a banana split with the ever popular Turtles candy I love so much. You may have read the post where I talked about stealing Turtles last year from hubs and B. You  may have read about my Turtle Bark. You also may have read about my Turtle ice cream and the fact that we ended up with a gazillion boxes of it this Christmas. I … [Read more...]