Professional Inquiries:

Please feel free to browse my media page to learn more about my work. You can also read the about me page to get to know me on a personal level. If you would like to work with me you can email me at cravingsofalunatic (at) gmail (dot) com. We can discuss things like recipe development, media appearances, sponsorships, conferences, advertising or other food related projects. I look forward to connecting with you.

Reader Inquiries: 

Blogging is a very personal way to share recipes. I figure the people who read blogs are not just looking for a recipe. They are looking to connect with the person who shares the recipe. My readers become like family. We develop a relationship and it’s one of the great joys of blogging. With that relationship comes the desire to reach out. It’s okay to contact me,  I love hearing from you. Some people hesitate to email as they think I’m too busy or maybe I won’t answer. That could not be further from the truth. I read every single email I receive, and quite frankly it brings me absolute joy to have you reach out to me. I’m a geek and even save some of my favourite ones. It’s how I roll. If I’m having a bad day I whip out an email to feel right as rain again. I try to answer every single one. It may take me a little while to reply, but rest assured I will get back to you.

My Email:

cravingsofalunatic (at) gmail (dot) com

Snail Mail:

If email freaks you out and you prefer to write a letter you can reach me at:

Cravings of a Lunatic,

P.O. Box 2,

Essex, Ontario

N8M 2Y1


p.s. Please remember I’m a married woman so no marriage proposals please! Hubs might not take kindly to that kind to thing. Bags of pistachios are totally cool though! xx

You can also connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Pinterest.

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