My Other Loves

So I thought a page dedicated to the people, pets and hobbies that make the lunatic less nutty would be a good thing to have. Without these people and pets and hobbies I really would be a raving lunatic for realz! They keep me sane, they keep me happy, and they keep me writing and cooking. So they keep you reading if you really think about it.

The dude below is Hubs. Here’s what you should know about hubs:
He is an engineer.
He washes a lot of dishes.
He runs to the store a lot.
He can eat his weight at dinner and not gain a pound.
He snores extremely loud.
He thinks he’s really funny.
He teaches all the animals bad habits.
He claims to not want more pets.
Yet he spoils the pets rotten.
Wait till he finds out about the next horse…

The dude below is my son B-Dude. Here’s what you should know about B-Dude:
He is wicked smart.
He has his Masters in English Literature. He’s now getting his PHD.
He moved  away in Fall of 2012 to go to school.
He is incredibly kind.
He is a little crazy like his mom.
He will eat anything.
He cannot go 5 seconds without checking his phone.
He hums…like obsessively.
He used to be obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
He calls me often for cooking advice which I sort of love.

Pictured below is my daughter Mini-me. Here’s what you should know about Mini-me:
She is in University for Anthropology.
She is a Registered Equine Massage Therapist. Seriously, horses get massages.
She loves animals so we have a lot of them.
She is tough as nails.
You can never tell what she is thinking.
She likes to poke me in the arm constantly.
She never cleans her room, unless I offer to buy her a sword for her wall.
We tend to talk like the Gilmore Girls, only we swear a lot.
She buys way too many comic books.
She makes better pizza than I do. No joke.

Pictured below is our horse Ginger. Here’s what you should know about Ginger:
She is a pretty, petite Arabian horse.
She is feisty and full of fire.
She takes good care of Mini-me.
She is my therapist.
She keeps both of us sane.
She burps more than I do.
She got really chuffed the first time Mini-me rode another horse.
She tosses her head a lot.
I call her the love of my life.
She is my heart.

Pictured below is our oldest cat Spike. Here’s what you should know about Spike:
He will be 13 years old this year.
He is a blue colorpoint Ragdoll.
He whines constantly.
He cries for water about 12 times a day.
The bowl has to be replaced and fresh water put down every time.
If the dog drinks out of it first he won’t touch it.
He likes cold Brita water the best.
He has lump in his mouth from a tooth issue they can’t fix.
He follows me around like a puppy.
He likes to cuddle but only when no one is around.

Pictured below is our middle cat Spark. Here’s what you should know about Spark:
He is 9 years old this year.
He is a blue mitted Ragdoll.
He is weirdly attached to hubs.
He talks to hubs when he comes in the door.
He is massive, that is not all fur.
He gets weird mats and I’m convinced he’s not all ragdoll.
He has a bladder condition that has cost us a small fortune.
He is the demon spawn of Satan.
He plays dead often and it freaks me right the heck out.
He might just be the most annoying cat on the planet.

Pictured below is our youngest cat Castiel. Here’s what you should know about Castiel:
Castiel is 2 years old.
He is mini-me’s kitty.
He follows her around and is super attached to her.
He used to be able to flip and do somersaults when he was little.
He forgets he can’t do that any more.
He likes to freak us out by running by with toy mice in his mouth.
He likes to “help” me make the beds. It takes me all day because of Cas.
He can be seen travelling around the house slung over mini-me’s shoulder.
He is a total sweetheart of a cat.
He is also the most gorgeous kitty I’ve ever seen.
Castiel Portrait 2

Pictured below is our dog Malia. Here’s what you should know about Malia:
She will be 2 years old this summer.
She is a Westie.
She is the most hyper dog we’ve ever had.
She barks more than any dog in the world.
She bugs the crap out of the cats.
She has boundless energy.
But she sleeps like the dead.
She does not like to be clean…ever.
She gets jealous of anyone hubs pays attention to.
She drives me crazy but I adore her.

Malia Portrait 3

Pictured below is mini-me’s bird Terror. Here’s what you should know about Terror:
We cannot remember how old Terror is but I’m guessing about 15 years old.
She is a lovebird.
Her original name was Tarragon but after biting hubs got the name Terror.
The first year we had her she was so nasty you could not touch her.
Now she’s a cuddle bug.
She likes to take showers and baths.
She likes to make sure she is louder than anything or anyone else in the house.
She loves to sit on mini-me’s shoulder.
She can imitate any sound.
She likes to play peekaboo with the cats.


More updates coming soon…