Happy Birthday to Me | Surprise Birthday Cake from Movita Beaucoup | Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

My Birthday Cake Courtesy of the Talented Movita Beaucoupl!

Well Happy Birthday to me! And what a birthday it is. Cake, prezzies, sleeping in, and a cake surprise that is bound to blow my skirt up. I am one lucky birthday gal! … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday To Me! Caramel Apple Torte From My Special Guest, Chef Dennis!!!

Caramel Apple Tarte by Chef Dennis

Yah baby, you read that right. It's my birthday. Today is mah birthday! Your favourite Lunatic was born on January 20th, 19- *mumbles and covers her mouth* something or other. The day the world was rocked by my presence in it. Yup, no ego here folks. *grins from ear to ear* As you know I guest posted for the wonderful Dennis *foodie rock star* at A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis last month. I made eclairs for the first time evah! So good and shockingly easy. Or beginners luck I think. I … [Read more...]